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Znanstveni kutak Genetika, antropologija, psihologija, biologija, ekonomija, tehnologija, oružje, okultno... Neka se zna da smo i pametni.

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The New Rules

The Phora is an open discussion forum for individuals of all ideological, religious and intellectual persuasions. The Phora's Administrative staff do not discriminate by ideology, sex or race in permitting discussion on the Phora. However, there are rules in place to encourage and promote civil and intelligent debate and certain conduct is prohibited.

Personal attacks against the character of another member of the Phora are strongly discouraged, especially in the High Brow forums, and repeated or egregious examples will be deleted by moderators and may result in temporary or permanent bans. Information relating to a member of the Phora, including, but not limited to photos of any member of the Phora that has not been volunteered to the public domain by that member, is prohibited on the Phora. Distribution of private information on any member of the Phora, regardless of wherever that material is disseminated, is prohibited and will result in either a temporary or permanent ban at the discretion of the Phora's Administrative staff. The Phora's Administrative staff will undertake whatever means are reasonably necessary in order to preserve the privacy of its members, as well as the privacy of members and staff of like-minded forums. The Phora and its staff reserve the right to take legal action to enforce the right to privacy of both its staff and its members.

The posting of vulgar material (whether of a sexual, ghoulish nature or otherwise) within the Highbrow section of the Phora known as 'The Academy' is prohibited. Posting priveliges and access to the Phora's shoutbox may be curtailed in response at the discretion of the Phora's Administrative staff.

The posting or dissemination of pornographic material on the Phora is prohibited. Posting priveliges and shoutbox access may be curtailed at the discretion of the Phora's Administrative staff.

The posting of threads or responses to threads not conducive to intelligent and civil debate within the Academy is considered trolling, and posting priveliges and shoutbox access may be curtailed at the discretion of the Phora's Administrative staff.

The advocacy of violence against person or property is prohibited on the Phora and may result in either a temporary or permanent ban, at the discretion of the Phora's Administrative staff.

The employment of racial or sexual slurs outside of the forums collectively known as 'The Pub' constitutes trolling and is prohibited. Posting priveliges and shoutbox access may be curtailed at the discretion of the Phora's administrative staff in response.

The use by an individual of more than one profile on the Phora constitutes sockpuppetry and is prohibited. Where sockpuppetry is identified, permanent bans may be instituted on all profiles used by the sockpuppeteer and that member may be banned by IP address.

If disciplinary action has been taken against you for conduct on the Phora which you believe to be disproportionate or inappropriate, you may appeal the decision or its validity according to the rules by sending a Private Message or email to a member of the Phora's staff.
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General Rules and Suggestions

General Rules

-- No trolling.
-- No spamming.
-- No threats.
-- No flaming*
-- No pornography.
-- No profanity*
-- No advertisements.
-- No sock puppet accounts.
-- No gossiping about other forums.
-- No links to explicit, lewd, or inappropriate content.
-- No posting of explicit, lewd, or inappropriate content.
-- No posting of copyrighted material. Observe fair use.
-- No posting of another member's personal information will be tolerated.

General Suggestions

-- Post only to appropriate forums.
-- Show respect for other users.
-- Keep discussions civil, clean, and productive at all times.
-- Make an effort to use proper spelling, grammar, and capitalization.
-- Keep on topic: responses to a particular thread should be on-topic and pertain to the discussion. Threads that are off topic may be closed or split by the moderator.
-- Do not register a stupid username. Usernames that carry a message or meaning that may be interpreted as inappropriate are not allowed and will be either changed or deleted. Administrator decision in this regard is final.
-- Use common sense and decency when selecting an avatar or signature. Avatars and signatures that are inflammatory, vulgar, inappropriate, rude or otherwise against community guidelines will be removed.

** Light flaming and profanity is permissible in the Lounge.

The enforcement of these rules is the responsibility of the staff, whose decision in these matters is final.


Please note the following updates regarding the rules here:


Regarding the use of one's personal information by another:

1. The posting of any personal information whatsoever regarding any other member of The Phora, or of their families, is forbidden.

exception 1A: This does not apply to one's own personal information willingly divulged in any public forum viewable by unregistered guests.

exception 1B: This does not apply to information which is part of the public record, provided that their true name has been willingly disclosed as per section 2, below, by themselves.

2. In the event of whether personal info is disputed to be publicly available or not, the info is assumed to be private unless it can be proven that said info was willingly divulged by it's rightful owner on a public site viewable by the general public (i.e., unregistered guests).

3. Addresses, place of employment, photos, private information and/or phone numbers of any person may not be posted unless the poster also provides proof of that person having willfully disclosed such information into the public domain.

exception 3A: This protection is forfeit if such material is relevant to bona-fide intellectual discourse (i.e., not gossip)


Regarding the [mis]use of the reputation system [repsys]:

1. use of the repsys to transfer personal information regarding other members or other member's family is forbidden.

2. use of the repsys to threaten other members or another member's family is forbidden.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules
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message to the newly registered users (and their friends)

Attention to all new registered users:

As of now, all accounts who join us will be manually validated. It may take a short while for us to allow your account in, but rest assured: we didn't forget about you. The reason for this is the security of the forum.

If you know somebody who is trying to get in, please communicate this message to them in case they haven't read this.

We trust that you understand this and would like to thank you for your patience.


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