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  1. There is a genocide going on in South Africa
  2. Mugabe Moves Against City Whites
  3. White farmers killed in South Africa
  4. Boers Demand a Separate Nation in SA
  5. South Africa: Belgian student tells of gang-rape ordeal
  6. LDS missionaries raped in South Africa
  7. Crime Exposed South Africa
  8. South African whites learn to fight back. A lesson to be learned here?
  9. White slaughter in South Africa?
  10. South African Author Nadine Gordimer Assaulted
  11. The Future of South Africa
  12. Afrikaner speakers
  13. Questions about crime in SA
  14. The lights are going out
  15. South African Farm Murders
  16. The Afrikaners are starving - pictures
  17. Walmart gets first foothold in Africa
  18. 'White kids taught racism'
  19. Fuel shortages due to strike
  20. Lauritz Strydom: Rivonia unmasked!
  21. Documentary On Zuma, 15 minutes
  22. Gang-raped Cape Town woman dies
  23. Trial in white supremacist leader's death to start in South Africa
  24. Words that offend (1998)
  25. AIPAC-style lobbying group launched in South Africa
  26. Churchill on killing to make love
  27. Reverend’s ‘kill whites’ tweet a shocker
  28. Number of whites in South Africa in steady decline
  29. F. W. de Klerk on nation-states
  30. S. Africa's rebranding as tourist destination pays off
  31. Two blacks drowned white child in boiling water
  32. South African teacher in racism row for remarks over Hindu thread
  33. Farmers are like Nazis! - MPs
  34. The beautiful beaches of Durban
  35. Afrikaner Boy undergoes traditional African circumcision
  36. Whites Dying from Unhappiness - Statistician General of SA
  37. Afrikaner Genocide Museum
  38. White Destitute family in Potchefstroom
  39. Russian TV media's video about 4 000 farm murders
  40. Apocalypse V The dawn of the cannibal warlords in SA
  41. Racist Hatecrime By SA Government: Afrikaner poverty timeline: the genocide of an ent
  42. Election murder: Woman beaten and hacked to death by black mob, some wearing ANC tshi
  43. Too many whites are still advocates, attorneys
  44. Zuma's victory cattle slaughter doubtful
  45. Expropriation of land without compensation a priority - Malema
  46. Illegally arrested: young white male, knocked of bicycle by 4 blacks in a car, was ar
  47. How your South African tax money is wasted by the ANC government
  48. Mozambique’s Black Game Rangers Betrayed The Last 15 Rhinos They Were Supposed To Pro
  49. Editors Review: Mandela’s Funeral……what A Muck-UP
  50. Alleged racism at police station
  51. North West Miners attacked, one found hanged
  52. Petition To UN give boere Afrikaners their Independence
  53. ‘Killer hospital left our father to die’
  54. South Africa elephant park accused of 'horrific' cruelty
  55. The South African Police- 10 000 Guns “lost?”
  56. Dehumanisation, sadism: Afrikaner Berg family attacked, tortured, brutally beaten in
  57. SAPS Capt Morris KGB Tshabalala (with top-secret security clearance in crime-intellig
  58. Another killed in mob justice attack
  60. South Africa- Black Related Crime Pushing For A Immenent Civil War?
  61. Parole recommended for Derby-Lewis
  62. Food security greatly jeopardised by unprecedented livestock-looting by criminal gang
  63. Farm Invasions: Three Afrikaner-owned farms were torched by large mob from Gamalakhe
  64. Video: cyclist Malcolm Fox of Somerset West filmed being robbed at gunpoint by three
  65. Anc To Push Through Ultra Left Racist Labor Law Excluding All Whites From The Labor M
  66. White families warned: Land-invasions planned
  67. South Africa Black Economic Empowerment and the German Nüremberg Law
  68. When Apartheid was good enough: SA mercy flights
  69. Rhino poaching continues to rise
  70. Afrikaners to hold talks for own state
  71. Govt rethinks foreign land ownership
  72. Video footage show Centurion robbery in progress
  73. Rightwingers take Derby-Lewis case to UN
  74. Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old – South Africa
  75. Racial propaganda on the resurgence in South Africa
  76. 75% of directorships still held by whites – survey
  77. The Truth About South Africa (video)
  78. Progressive Afrikaners must isolate and reject those spreading racial venom - ANCYL T
  79. Death through ANC-regime neglect: Elderly dad of Donovan Armstrong had heart problems
  80. Dangerous health hazard: decomposing corpses in wards, patients and doctors walking t
  81. Rioting among MPs in South African parliament: four MPs assaulted by Police in chambe
  82. She boasts of supernatural powers and plunders Zimbabwe's diamonds to buy designer sh
  83. Killers guilty of farm murder
  84. Anti-White Communists Go Nuts Over All-White South African Town [Video]
  85. The Death Of Johannesburg
  86. Hammer killer jailed for 30 years
  87. EU expected to lift Zimbabwe sanctions this month
  88. Names of white South Africans murdered 1 October 2013 - Sept 30 2014
  89. UPDATE: Mom and daughter recall brutal attack
  90. FF Plus takes minority concerns to UN
  91. Riots in Cape Town by hundreds of black asylum seekers who were chased from Home
  92. ANC hatespeech in geography test-paper shows fat white man being spoonfed by thin bla
  93. Derby-Lewis in urgent court bid
  94. Anti-white hatespeech and death-threats increase in black community: latest examples
  95. 200 white people murdered from 5 December 2013 to 5 December 2014 by black militants
  96. Incitement to Genocide: EFF-leader Malema should be tried; SA pres Jacob Zuma should
  97. Farm murders, last 20 years up to May 2014 – NORTH WEST district
  98. 694 murder suspects arrested in KZN since October
  99. PAC and New Black Panther: Proof of orchestrated murder gangs, killing whites in Sout
  100. Video – Hatespeech against Afrikaner activists Sunette Bridges and Steve Hofmeyr
  101. Bheki Cele misleads the public about farm murders - AfriForum
  102. Petition for formal charges of incitement to commit genocide etc against SA President
  103. Call to wage war against whites: Zulu King calls on all Nguni tribes to wage war agai
  104. List of South African government corruption (so far)
  105. SAHRC wants Sunette Bridges to apologise
  106. Video: Tanith Molliere, a white woman, was assaulted by black female Durban
  107. FULL VIDEO: White owner jewellery store Andreas Salver robbed
  108. Murder: Vincent Enslin 32, Middelburg rugby-player, stabbed to death in his holiday f
  109. white Homeless accuse cops of taking cash
  110. Where even street sweepers are white
  111. White Baby cut during C-section
  112. Murdered farm couple tortured for hours, court hears
  113. Think again before you call yourself a supporter of the ‘New’ South Africa
  114. Armed men invade family’s home
  115. Worst food crisis since 1992 looms
  116. Elderly Glen Anil couple thwarts armed robbery
  117. Update: Double murder case opened
  118. Horror destruction of Elandslaagte battle memorial
  119. Newcastle Advertiser journalist attacked on Valentine’s Day
  120. National team medic among farm murder suspects
  121. Man’s hand slashed in scuffle with burglar
  122. Leslie farmer critical after being shot
  123. Fed up with crime and police
  124. Armed youths rob sisters in Red Hill
  125. Elderly couple burgled
  126. South African students protest British colonialist statue
  127. "Why Whites don't want to Apologize for Apartheid"
  128. Con men targeting Durban’s pensioners
  129. Teens violently attacked at Pongola service station
  130. Knife-wielding men threaten German visitor
  131. Westville residents terrorised by armed gang
  132. Baby held at gunpoint
  133. Alleged drunk black cop caught on camera
  134. ANC Criminality On City Streets a New Low for Morally Bankrupt Party
  135. Missing Boksburg man , Wayne Alberts, found dead
  136. EFF claims responsibility for Uitenhage war memorial fire
  137. Heritage site to house SA’s historical statues
  138. WATCH: Durban riot police use water cannon on protesting foreign nationals
  139. Steve Hofmeyr objects to statue vandalism in Church Square
  140. Suspects on the run following Durban house robbery
  141. Attacked by EMM imposters
  142. EFF land invasion at Ballito “Jan van Riebeeck took this land from our people.”
  143. Parking lot road rage attack under investigation
  144. Police impersonation on the rise around Joburg (video)
  145. Update: Help Horizon Trust Farm replace stolen tack
  146. Northcliff businessman murdered while protecting family
  147. House burgled while occupants sleep
  148. WATCH: CCTV footage shows mugger plucking cell phone from scholar
  149. Locals survive three-hour robbery ordeal
  150. Eskom fights illegal connections
  151. Genocidal Attacks & Murders In Sa: 1 - 30 March 2015
  152. Elderly men beaten and robbed
  153. bunch of useless black army officers "mistakenly" shot a farmer
  154. UKZN students deface King George V statue
  155. Father fights for life following hit-and-run
  156. Boko Haram Arrives Zimbabwe on Mission to South Africa
  157. Attacked on N12, boy still in coma
  158. Video: Merlewood Primary targeted by criminals
  159. Elderly lady thrown from car
  160. SPCA inspectors hijacked at gunpoint
  161. White ZA mercenaries destroy Boko Haram
  162. Molewa eyes white game farm owners
  163. Sign The "Demand For Independent Afrikaner State" !!
  164. South African Court Orders Sudanese President Bashir to Stay in Country
  165. Zimbabwe 'a serious threat to regional stability'
  166. Uhuru danger in South Africa
  167. Zimbabwe: New Miss Zimbabwe Assaulted and Robbed in Apparent Kidnap Bid
  168. Robert Mugabe says: ‘South Africa needs another liberation from from the whites'
  169. Two KZN farmers shot in ambush
  170. A 'White State' should be in S. Africa
  171. Rogue police, soldiers attack white farmers in Zim – reports
  172. Mugabe is asking back the white farmers he chased away
  173. ‘Snake prophet’: charges withdrawn
  174. White South Africans are worse than Hitler, says suspended Wits SRC president
  175. It’s whites living better lives in SA, says Mugabe
  176. South African TV Adverts From The 1980’s
  177. South African beaches during apartheid and today (17photos)
  178. Springboks coach denies racism claims
  179. Mugabe attacks South African whites
  180. Zimbabwe to Compulsory Acquire More White-Owned Farms
  181. SAfrica: Mandela's grandson accused of rape, granted bail
  182. Pics: Residents turn hostile over hostels
  183. Students at Rhodes University continue their protest against racism
  184. It will take 1‚000 years to finalise land claims: TAU SA
  185. South African students rebel against language that defined apartheid
  186. Farmer shot in drive-by attack
  187. Limpopo farmers locked in cold room overnight by attackers
  188. Arboretum man shot during struggle with robbers
  189. Zimbabwe's villagers skip meals to save food
  190. UPDATE: 10 year sentence for Arboretum armed robbers
  191. South Africa leads the way on Israel
  192. South Africa: White students barricading themselves against black rioters outside
  193. White Afrikaner Students Stand Up for Themselves AT LAST
  194. Woman goes in with rash walks out with hole in arm
  195. Afriforum Trailor for "Tainted Heroes" Documentary
  196. South Africa farm attacks intensify
  197. Zulu King: Blacks Destroy S. Africa
  198. Hate speech activist must apologise
  199. Nazi flags, ammunition, found in raid on Cape Town flat
  200. Thousands call for South Africa’s Zuma to step down
  201. Province concerned about negative perception of police
  202. Paul Kruger statue protected with wire
  203. New U.S. rules to restrict South Africa's lion hunting industry
  204. ANC propose new laws to combat racism
  205. Mayor may act against ‘whites only’ village
  206. South Africans react angrily to Facebook post deemed racist
  207. Zuma's wives cost you R54.6-million in his first term
  208. Land claim turns cemetery into squatter camp
  209. AfriForum Youth urges UCT vice-chancellor to lay charges against vandals
  210. Afrikaner Resettlement to Hungary
  211. Help White Farmers facing the Drought in South Africa
  212. North West Univ closes Mafikeng campus after black students burn down buildings
  213. Weekly journalist stabbed while following England cricket team
  214. White privilege gives birth to racism, says Zikalala
  215. White South African judge in Facebook racism row
  216. I will not be silenced anywhere, says Steve Hofmeyr
  217. Folkert Wilko Hesse
  218. Herkoms van die Afrikaner
  219. #TshwaneUnrest: eNCA news crew robbed
  220. Between Heaven and Hell - The True Story of Whites in South Africa
  221. Jacob Zuma calls for confiscation of white land without compensation
  222. Nazi inspired posters at Stellenbosch Uni cause public outcry
  223. White South African farmers guilty in 'coffin assault'
  224. Bell Pottinger expelled from PR trade body after South Africa racism row
  225. On Arya in Africa