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  1. Thomas Nagel Critiques Dawkins: The Design-Cannot-Possibly-Be-True Argument
  2. On the stupid anti-ID "bad design proves no design"-argument
  3. pro-creationism/ID argument crib sheet
  4. "Collins Whups Dawkins in TIME Debate!", opines evolutionist writer
  5. Atheists Confess: We Can't Make Sense of the World
  6. When creationists were falsely accused of citing Richard Dawkins out of context
  7. God vs. Science
  8. Is Peer-Review the Be All and End All of Science?
  9. Bushes in the Tree of Life - Darwinian model falsified?
  10. The End of Science? ("Skeptical Inquirer" on the philosophy of Feyerabend and Kuhn)
  11. Acclaimed Genius Scientists on the Inadequacy of Scientific Reductionist Naturalism
  12. My God Problem
  13. "Theistic Evolution"
  14. Schism! AnswersInGenesis Crack Up
  15. Letter to a Christian Nation
  16. Beyond Belief 2006 (Videos)
  17. Kent Hovind Update
  18. AIG's Anti-Racism Crusade
  19. Less Faith, More Reason
  20. The New Atheism?
  21. Does God Believe in Richard Dawkins?
  22. Creationism vs. Evolution Debate
  23. Question for atheists- the paradox of simultaneous consciousness
  24. Atheists Agonistes
  25. Anti-evolutionists raise their profile in Europe (article in "Nature")
  26. Talk.Origins: Deception by Omission
  27. Sam Harris vs. Dennis Prager
  28. Junk DNA and Science-Stopping
  29. Materialism run mad: Co-operating with nature is "anti-science"?
  30. @Macrobius
  31. American Spectator reviews Dawkins' "God Delusion"
  32. The new creationist tactic?
  33. Dawkins interviews Watson (1998)
  34. A Deluded Scientist
  35. Talk in Class Turns to God, Setting Off Public Debate on Rights
  36. Christians in modern Christendom
  37. The Idiocy of Hermeneutics/Apologetics
  38. The origin of life?
  39. Intelligent Design Added to Primary School in Britain
  40. PZ Myers attacks historian of science Ronald Numbers
  41. Scientist Fights Church Effort to Hide Museum's Pre-Human Fossils
  42. Exposing the Copernican Myth
  43. Orthodox Christianity and Science
  44. Stanley Jaki, Religious Apologist
  45. Scientist Says His Peer-Reviewed Research "Adds to the Case for Intelligent Design"
  46. Accept the implications
  47. Tall creationist tales from the Grand Canyon
  48. Commentary: The Transformation of the Roman World
  49. Timeline: Transformation of the Roman World
  50. Resolution of issues
  51. Charles Darwin had more intellectual integrity than his modern followers
  52. Believing Scripture but Playing by Science’s Rules
  53. Nigger Demolishes Dawkins' Darwinian Worldview
  54. Anti-Science Activists Oppose Teaching Science in Science Classes!
  55. Creation Museum
  56. Kurt Vonnegut on Darwinism and Intelligent Design
  57. PZ Myers Bashes Theistic Evolutionists
  58. Religion, a false flag to hide the pains of reality
  59. Creation Museum grand opening
  60. 'Irreducible Complexity' is Reducible Afterall
  61. Islamic Creationist pinpoints Darwinism as source of world's evils
  62. ID and the Death of the "Junk-DNA" Neo-Darwinian Paradigm - secular media reports
  63. Teleology and ID in physics, ID-inspired least action principles
  64. Behe backs down
  65. The Dawkins Delusion - Alister McGrath
  66. Liberalism, Calvinism, Positivism, and the Religion of Science
  67. Science Does Not Lead to Atheism, says new study
  68. Big science mags as mouthpieces for the materialist lobby
  69. St. Augustine on Science
  70. Is Richard Dawkins getting soft?
  71. Romanian creationist who would have deserved the 1923 Nobel Prize in Medicine
  72. Dawkins' "The Enemies of Reason" now online
  73. Intelligent Design, eastern style? The Dalai Lama kisses Darwin goodbye
  74. Illegitimacy of Christianity
  75. @Petr
  76. Young Earth Creationism
  77. Geologists caught red-handed fudging data to fit Darwinian schemes
  78. EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed (flag to Petr)
  79. Anti-Creationism Group Flip-Flops on Intelligent Design in Schools
  80. Does Belief in Evolution Lead to Atheism?
  81. Science vs Wisdom
  82. Darwin Day In America: How Our Politics and Culture Have Been Dehumanized...
  83. Some falsified predictions of materialism (and successful ones of Theism)
  84. Swiss Evangelicals Heat Up Creationism Debate
  85. Paul Davies: Taking Science on Faith
  86. What Your Brain Looks Like on Faith
  87. Creationism: Auster's Folly
  88. Interview: 'Big Science' in America is Killing 1st Amendment, Says Ben Stein
  89. Why are dogmatic Darwinists so delusionally self-confident?
  90. All of Darwin's Big Ideas are dead or dying
  91. Bill in OK: "Science conflicts with your Religion? You don't have to learn it!"
  92. Lying for Jesus?
  93. Dinosaur Expert Criticizes Uber-Darwinists More than Biblical Creationists
  94. Is religion a threat to rationality and science?
  95. Fred Reed is an example of how one does not need to be religious to doubt Darwin
  96. The Turning of an Atheist
  97. Ken Miller on Expelled
  98. Public Acceptance of Evolution
  99. Video about the "Dissenters from Darwin"
  100. Creepy! Creationism in School (in the United States and Turkey)
  101. Creation vs. Evolution; what do you choose?
  102. Ohio teacher preached in class, branded students with crosses
  103. Leading scientist urges teaching of creationism in schools
  104. Atheists more likely to believe in the paranormal
  105. Richard Dawkins: Enemies of Reason
  106. Why Current Publication Practices May Distort Science (hidden Darwinian censorship?)
  107. a theological-philosophical discurs about Faith + Rationalism
  108. The Similarities In Mystical Theology And Science
  109. Atheism: The Jewish Way of Subverting Western Fellowship
  110. GW Bush: Bible "probably not" literally true and evolution has "scientific proof"
  111. Natural History of Sin
  112. Enemies of Reason - Richard Dawkins
  113. All Aboard the Atheist Bus! - Atheist Bus Tour to spread from UK globally
  114. Jews pay for anti-Christianity slogans on hundreds of buses worldwide
  115. Dramatic Increase in Support for Teaching Evidence Both For and Against Darwinism
  116. Do you believe in the Theory of Evolution?
  117. Clarence Darrow v G.K. Chesterton on evolution, science, and religion
  118. Yo, Petr, lunch time, soups on!
  119. Richard Dawkins admits that we cannot actually see evolution happening in the present
  120. 'Saint' Joseph Stalin
  121. "What has theology ever done for science?"
  122. Human Genome “Infinitely More Complex” Than Expected
  123. The New War Between Science and Religion
  124. A Struggle for the Soul - A neuroscientist imagines life beyond the brain
  125. Competing Explanations of Treachery
  126. Charles Darwin, Theologian: Darwin's Use of Theology in the Origin of Species
  127. Religion and Science by Lord Northbourne
  128. "Richard Dawkins, the Protestant atheist"
  129. The Strongest Arguments in Support of the Belief in God and/or Religion?
  130. Doubts about radioisotope dating
  131. The Science Delusion
  132. On the Origin of Everything
  133. Are some interpretations of Quantum Mechanics incompatible with Christianity?
  134. free speech prize nomination stirs row in Lutherstadt
  135. Turkey's science state council halts publication of evolution books
  136. Why "Noah" (film) Doesn't Hold Water
  137. Big Bang: Moment of Creation and Proof of God?
  138. Which is the Truth about Earth? (POLL)
  139. Rupert Sheldrake Thread
  140. Saudi Arabia to develop new 'Islamic City' in Egypt
  141. Turkish schools to stop teaching evolution, official says
  142. Reality is Computed