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  1. Consolidated Moose Thread
  2. Europe Criticises Copenhagen over Cartoons
  3. Iceland has highest birthrate in Europe
  4. Muhammad cartoon row intensifies LOL YES
  5. Cartoon row: Danish embassy ablaze
  6. We must show our opposition to Islam, says Danish queen
  7. Norway Criminalizes Blasphemy
  8. Finland Squirms as Its Latest Export Steps Into Spotlight
  9. Faroe Islands
  10. Viking Traditions
  11. Norway 'Nazi cartoon' irks Israel
  12. Mini baby boom - 60,000 babies could be born in Finland this year
  13. Israeli-Finnish love story
  14. Some pictures of my trip to Iceland
  15. Danes' growing hostility to mixed-race couples
  16. Sweden Democrats: pay immigrants to leave
  17. Flag Needed
  18. Norway: Oslo Immigrant rape statistics shock
  19. What should be the flag for the Scandinavian section?
  20. The Phora - Scandinavia
  21. Where the hell is our flag
  22. old Scandinavian written language
  23. Multiculturalism in Sweden
  24. Info to immigrants: No Norwegian name, no job
  25. What Do I Need To Know About Iceland?
  26. Rape in Oulu
  27. another school shooting in finland.
  28. Muslim Rape Epidemic in Oslo, Norway
  29. Anti-racism campaigners slam Finnish colour-coded ID cards
  30. Youth party fights for the rights of whites
  31. Government to provide anti-Semitism teaching courses
  32. VK: Kriminelle asylansøgere må ud hurtigt
  33. Danish lawmakers approve border controls
  34. Norway charges radical cleric for death threats
  35. The Swedish Resistance Movement hold town fair recruitment drive
  36. Hate-rap Against the Native people of Sweden
  37. Swedish child given swastika tattoo with fast food kids meal
  38. Assange: Police interrogator Irmeli Krans personal friend with Anna Ardin 3/10/2011
  39. Two men charged for Breivik 'tribute' attack
  40. Bildgalleri, publicerade artiklar om Sex miljoner judar fram till 1945
  41. Amerikansk skønhed protesterer mod systematisk folkemord på hvide mennesker
  42. Holland - Micha Kat populær jødisk journalist: afliv gaskammerløgnen først - derefter
  43. Clashes during far-right march
  44. Wrong persons found in King´s tomb
  45. Voldelige riddere frygtede posttraumatisk stress
  46. Should the Nazi flag have a place in Sweden's Christmas traditions?
  47. New Government ‘Mythbuster’ Website to Fight Racism in Sweden
  48. EJC president: Sweden a center of anti-Semitism
  49. Norway offers long-delayed Holocaust apology
  50. Jewish group wants police to record anti-Semitic incidents
  51. Finland Committing Suicide
  52. U.S. anti-Semitism envoy Rosenthal to raise Malmo mayor’s remarks
  53. RFSU Sexual education for youth
  54. Niggerjay ikke for hvide mennesker
  55. Swedish Police Baffled by Explosives Near Nukes
  56. Denmark’s past viewed from above
  57. 'Sweden must do more to combat racism'
  58. Swedish Volunteers In Finland During World War 2
  59. So is Finland successful or not?
  60. OSCE scolds Norway for intolerance
  61. Iceland's Ongoing Revolution
  62. Kurds shut down a street - finnish police capitulates
  63. Norway police apologise for Oslo Jewish WWII deportations
  64. Tintin i Kongo inte rasistisk
  65. Norwegian British WWII bombing victims still waiting for compensation
  66. Finland: Ministry report warns of neo-Nazi and religious radicalisation
  67. 'Ogooglebar' ... and 14 Other Swedish Words We Should Incorporate Into English
  68. Swedish man arrested for being too muscley
  69. Swedish Politicians Try To Criminalize Urination Whilst Standing
  70. Biggest Viking exhibition in 20 years opens – and this time they're angry
  71. Holocaust Center wins more funding
  72. TMB Copenhagen
  73. Swedish police confirm illegal registry of Roma
  74. Swedish restaurant slammed for racism of its ‘Gypsy Soup’
  75. Two Norwegian state media hosts say white people deserve to be attacked by immigrants
  76. ‘Norway unwilling to confront war crimes’
  77. Swedish police detain 28 after neo-Nazi attack
  78. Antifa explode bomb at the home of Swedish conservatives
  79. Book lists 16,000 Nazi collaborator suspects
  80. Sweden jails Nazis for 'obvious' instigation
  81. Strict Immigration Laws 'Save Denmark Billions'
  82. Ban Nazis from school visits: Björklund
  83. Russia warns russofobiske Finland against joining NATO and "starting WWIII"
  84. SDU : Salute to the European youth
  85. Church fights neo-Nazis with picnic and bells
  86. Race to Be Scrapped from Swedish Legislation
  87. Pagan Chief Says Racists Co-Opt Elements Of Ásatrú
  88. Swedish Elections: Hard Left & Populist Right Win Big...
  89. Swedish store probing 'Sieg heil' receipts
  90. Toy Store Catalogues In Sweden Criticized For Being “Too White”
  91. Vienna's Muslims 'to double in 30 years'
  92. Denmark paid benefits to IS
  93. Swedish store sweeps shelves of Nazi toys
  94. Das Soziale Gesicht Dänemarks (1942) - For Folkets Frihed
  95. How do you deradicalise returning Isis fighters?
  96. Danish People's Party Support Hits Historic High
  97. Un Slams Sweden Over Increasing ‘afrophobia’
  98. Sweden: Russian aircraft nearly collides with passenger jet
  99. Swedish mosque hit by arson in Eskilstuna, injuring five
  100. Finland charges four with funding al Shebaab
  101. Accused terrorist told comrade suicide bombings against civilians were a 'forgivable
  102. Syrian men brave North Karelia’s freezing cold in asylum bid
  103. Sweden suffers third mosque arson attack in a week
  104. Sweden: Protesters rally against mosque attacks in Stockholm
  105. New bomb threat against Swedish mosque
  106. ‘Anti-Islamization’ demos spread in Europe as PEGIDA voices agenda
  107. Swedish mezzo-soprano attacks Birgit Nilsson banknote
  108. Three-fourths of Norway’s Somali refugee children live in poverty; why we should stop
  109. Muslims honor Palestinian gunman shot dead in Copenhagen
  110. Swedes rally in bizarre handbag protest
  111. Denmark: Muslims Surround and Beat 23yo Girl and Dog
  112. Norwegians among top ISIL commanders: Norway intelligence agency
  113. Three Norwegian men accused of terrorism
  114. Swedish language class teacher in Holocaust row
  115. Denmark tightens asylum rules, sees dramatic decline in ‘refugee’ applications
  116. Norwegian Islamist Mullah Krekar arrested for Charlie Hebdo comments
  117. Obama team in Sweden to study anti-Semitism
  118. From Sovereign Nation to Fly-Blown Corpse: How Sweden Dies
  119. Norway 32-year-old man is accused of threats and racist comments
  120. Norway to pay reparations to Roma for racist policies and suffering under Nazis
  121. 75 year anniversary for the invasion of Norway and Denmark
  122. Norway to pay reparations to Roma for racist policies and suffering under Nazis
  123. Sweden: Government to invest in anti-racism centre
  124. Warnings: Sweden is Headed Toward "a Cliff"...
  125. Finland coalition partner says Grexit would make sense
  126. Swedish peace group uses gay sailor sign to fend off Russian submarines
  127. Hunting the Hunters
  128. Info on Finnish History?
  129. Norway: Government mulls another apology
  130. Denmark’s elections to focus on immigration policy
  131. Danish theme park in racist row
  132. Norway's mass murderer Breivik sues government for human rights violation
  133. Jump in solo children seeking Swedish asylum
  134. Immigrant to Sweden Rapes 12-Year-Old Girl, Gets Community Service
  135. Swedish politician slammed for suggesting Halal food 'turns people into Muslims'
  136. 'Nazi hunter' wants Dane charged for war crimes
  137. Malmo hit by multiple blasts amid surge in ethnic & gang-related violence
  138. ISIS fighters laugh at the Swedes - promise to bring the war to Sweden
  139. Snoop Dogg got tested for drug use in Sweden and says he's never going back
  140. Sweden's Folk Musicians Against Racism join chorus against far right
  141. Swedish Pharmacies Skin-Deep in Band-Aid Racism Row
  142. Eritrean asylum seekers to Sweden stab two shoppers to death at an Ikea store.
  143. Sweden: Muslim enclave of Malmo shaken by a suspected grenade attack in ‘ wave of vio
  144. Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik has dozens of female fans
  145. Anti-immigration Sweden Democrats country's largest party - poll
  146. Migrant crisis Inside Sweden immigration camp
  147. Fresh Political Arrests in Denmark for Opposition to Muslim Immigration
  148. Europe on alert and defend yourself: demonstration for IS in Denmark
  149. Sweden the only European country with a majority favourable towards non-EU immigratio
  150. Finland's Prime Minister Juha Sipila offers to share his house with refugees
  151. Norway billionaire offers 5,000 nights to refugees
  152. Refugee crisis: Danish yachtswoman smuggles refugee on her boat from Copenhagen to Ma
  153. Sweden: Rape Capital of the West
  154. Report: Sweden's Pro-Refugee Policies Aren't Working Out So Well
  155. EU Jewish Congress Could Sue Iceland Capital over Israel Boycott
  156. Finns form "human wall" against refugee tide
  157. 10 000 unaccompanied children seek asylum in Sweden
  158. Six more sentenced for Stockholm Nazi attack
  159. Danish police officer stabbed at asylum centre
  160. Morocco blocks opening of first Ikea store amid reported diplomatic rift with Sweden
  161. Police act against huge Swedish shanty camp
  162. Norway Deports Radical Muslims; Violent Crime Down 31%; Liberals Cry "Islamophobia"
  163. Finnish protester who dressed in KKK outfit may face charges
  164. Finland raises asylum seeker forecast to 50,000
  165. More refugee protests at Sweden-Finland border
  166. Pro-, anti-immigration protests staged in Finland
  167. Finland Swamped by Migrant/Refugee Tsunami
  168. Danish youth group accused of 'racist' skit
  169. Plane carrying 19 Eritreans leaves Italy bound for Sweden under EU’s redistribution p
  170. "Refugees" invading northern Norway via Russia
  171. Finland lowers asylum seeker forecast to 30,000-35,000
  172. Sweden Housing Invaders in Ski Resort - North of Arctic Circle
  173. Åkesson: ‘Stay away, refugees, Sweden is full’
  174. Nazi hunters zeroing in on more suspects in Denmark
  175. Sweden Close to Collapse
  176. Some Swedish Municipalities are at 10% Migrant
  177. Protesters in Sweden chant ‘slaughter the Jews’
  178. Lone refugee kids in Sweden to top 30,000
  179. Migrant crisis: Sweden doubles asylum seeker forecast
  180. First 50 Eritrean asylum seekers arrive in Finland
  181. Every fourth Danish Muslim wants the law to be based on the Koran
  182. Denmark: Muslim mob attacks police car, shots fired at Shia march
  183. Sweden 'too cold' for migrants
  184. Sweden to keep shelters for asylum seekers secret
  185. Journalist Stoned by Muslim Gang on the Streets in… SWEDEN?
  186. Refugees refusing to leave bus in 'too cold' Swedish village to be removed
  187. Vadstena kloster
  188. Norwegian school brutally kicks out students, reopens as immigration center
  189. Arrival of migrants prompts running battles in streets
  190. Sweden plans to CLOSE Oresund bridge due to the country's record migrant influx
  191. Sweden: It Is Considered Racism Only If the Victims Are Not White
  192. Sweden is at war with Israel
  193. Must see video from Oslo, Norway in 2011
  194. Denmark: Jihad, migrants stretching police resources to breaking point
  195. Post-migrant Sweden: “For the first time, I feel scared to live here now”
  196. Refugee crisis: Denmark wants to seize jewellery and cash from asylum seekers
  197. Sweden could take in more migrants: Official
  198. Breivik case against Norway over prison conditions to be heard in jail
  199. In Norway, migrants get courses on respecting women
  200. Mass migrant sex assault covered up in Sweden
  201. Norway Security Chief Warns of Cultural Dangers of Muslim Diaspora
  202. Norway deports record number of immigrants in 2015
  203. ADL demands Swedish PM 'respect' Israel
  204. Swedish Police Instructed to Withhold Suspects Ethnicity to Avoid Being called racist
  205. Video shows Swedish woman being harassed and groped by migrant men
  206. Nordfront logo tape surrounds two Swedish schools
  207. Denmark Bounces Migrants From Nightclubs
  208. Europe Refugee Crisis: Sweden Says EU Can ‘Easily’ Accept Millions Of Refugees
  209. Norwegian State Television ridicules "Refugees Welcome" Crowd
  210. Scandinavian Rape-a-rama!
  211. Danish girl Lisa Borch who murdered mum after being radicalised by ISIS is jailed
  212. The lawless asylum centre where migrants rule in Sweden
  213. Soldiers of odin & Dailymail article.
  214. Migrant centre banned from holding memorial to Swedish social worker 'stabbed to deat
  215. Neo-Nazis warn of 'year of violence' following attacks on child migrants in Sweden
  216. Denmark: Police arrest Syrian asylum seeker carrying 18 laptops and 11 iPhones
  217. 'Soldiers of Odin' anti-immigrant group spreads from Finland to Norway
  218. Denmark's Crown Princess Refuses To Bow To Islam And Wear Headscarf On Saudi Visit
  219. Sweden: Stowaway found in cargo hold of Ethiopian airliner
  220. In Sweden, Sanity Continues to Reign
  221. Anders Breivik will 'fight to the death' for Nazism amid trial in Norway
  222. Sweden: Town cancels Earth Hour over fear of Muslim migrant sex attacks
  223. I am the Immigrant F**king Your Daughter
  224. Immigrants Riot in Stockholm Suburb, Vehicles set Ablaze for 2nd Night
  225. Arabic overtakes Finnish to become the second most common language in Sweden
  226. Anders Behring Breivik, Norway murderer, wins human rights case
  227. All aboard! Nordic Viking ship ready for Atlantic voyage
  228. Jewish leader urges Sweden to prioritize anti-Semitism fight
  229. VIDEO: Sweden's Migrant Rape Epidemic
  230. Furious Danish politicians demand Syrian refugee with 20 CHILDREN take DNA test
  231. Migration Board refused to report sex crimes
  232. Father says government evicting his family in public housing to give way for migrants
  233. ‘Sweden wants to be leader in fight against anti-Semitism’
  234. Förlåt, mamma! Jag hade fel om förintelsen!
  235. Norwegian youths who 'ruined' 5,000-year-old rock carving could face prosecution
  236. ""Expert" Blames Rape Epidemic on Global Warming
  237. National Police Board to examine outlawing extreme right wing groups
  238. BREAKING: Explosion Rocks Malmo, Sweden Hours After Gun Attack
  239. Swedish MP accused of anti-Semitic attack on media
  240. Four acquitted of smuggling refugees to Sweden
  241. Sweden blows tax millions on 'feminist' trucks
  242. Swedish City to Offer Returning Isis Fighters Housing and Benefits in Reintegration P
  243. Dane accused of murdering Jews during WWII won't face trial
  244. Sweden's 'gender equal' snow clearing causes chaos
  245. Welcome to Norway, the West’s most anti-Semitic country
  246. Right Wing Extremist Group Puts Stickers with Gallows on Doors in Norway
  247. Stolen Dachau 'Arbeit macht frei' gate found in Norway
  248. A Fairytale Kingdom Faces Real-Life Troubles (seto people)
  249. Three Women Shot Dead in Finland
  250. Swedish nationalists sack MP accused of anti-Semitic slur