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  1. what are you currently reading ?
  2. What is the value of art?
  3. Asterix verses the USA
  4. Minister Livnat denounces conductor Barenboim as 'real anti-Semite'
  5. Confessions
  6. A Few Examples of Medieval Orthodox-Christian Fresco Wall Art
  7. The Futurist Manifesto
  8. A surreal 17th-century Chinese poem
  9. Art in Crisis
  10. Shakespeare's Coined Words Now Common Currency
  11. Librarian stumbles on lost Byron work
  12. Austria Loses Ruling On Art (stolen by Nazis)
  13. Prophet of doom - Stefan George
  14. The art and ideas of Wyndham Lewis
  15. Literature: The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft
  16. The Seven Ages of Man
  17. Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
  18. Literature: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
  19. Solyaris (1972)
  20. Personal purity and bad literature and art
  21. France Prešeren
  22. Edward O. Wilson interview (video)
  23. Yeats' "The Second Coming"
  24. Defining the Postmodern through Brett Easton Ellis's American Psycho
  25. Beautiful looking books
  26. The studio audience invariably moaned, “Oooooooooooooooooh!”
  27. Haute cuisine penis restaurant opens in Beijing
  28. The exploration of ideas
  29. John William Godward
  30. J.C. Leyendecker
  31. Kepler And The Heyday of Political Cartoons
  32. The Dream of a Ridiculous Man
  33. Wilfred Owen
  34. The Plant Of Joy - "God's Own Medicine" - Sir William Osler
  35. Life in Mexico - Fred Becomes Hacendado!
  36. Seminal nonfiction
  37. Short Story Contest
  38. Houellebecq: my favourite living French author
  39. H.P. Lovecraft - Michel Houellebecq
  40. Fine Art? With Colored Pencils?
  41. A Norman Rockwell mystery
  42. What is the point of poetry?
  43. Why Nigeria’s Literature is the best in Africa
  44. The Amazing Chris Bliss Video
  45. Devil Lore in "The Raven", and other short essays on Edgar Allan Poe's works
  46. The death of satire in the modern world
  47. Poetry Wars - Wordsworth and Shelley on French Revolution and liberalism
  48. Recommend books
  49. The Dot Com Crash of Modern Art
  50. von Hildebrand: Culture vs. Civilization
  51. Your favourite art/artists
  52. Choose a poem to represent...
  53. Poetry on Jews -- Kipling, Byron
  54. Modern culture and the creative element
  55. Crabwalk by Gunter Grass
  56. Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race
  57. the Song of Roland (in English)
  58. Perhaps the best TV Drama ever made.
  59. Roman Frescoes & Mosaics
  60. WOTANSREICH - poem by Thulean Conquistador
  61. Your favorite poem
  62. Lucifer in Starlight by George Meredith
  63. JacksonCam
  64. Leonard Cohen
  65. Defend Nazi Art
  66. The Health of Poetry.
  67. Good, modern and innovative : real artists ignored by elitists
  68. Opera MP3 blog/linkfarm
  69. Cult of impersonality
  70. Van Gogh painted perfect turbulence
  71. Greatest Classical composer of all time?
  72. Which is your favourite Wagner Music-Drama?
  73. Count John McCormack.
  75. Underground Metal for Non-Metal People
  76. Tolkien, Hitler, and Nordic Heroism
  77. Books you have most recently bought
  78. Will to Power as Art
  79. H.R. Giger
  80. Books you have most recently borrowed from a library
  81. Great Lesser-known Works of Classical Music
  82. Distribution of the Swastika Symbol in Ancient Cultures
  83. Ancient Music
  84. Best National Literature
  85. KD Rebel by David Lane
  86. "The monumental is my sickness" - 1979 Interview with Arno Breker
  87. Cultural promotion: neoclassical MP3s
  88. James Barry
  89. George Orwell archive
  90. Your favourite book of all time...
  91. The Shakespeare and Co.
  92. On the Road - on the road.
  93. What is your personal...
  94. Cultural heroes.
  95. The William A. Coulter exhibit in San Francisco
  96. The plays of Anton Chekov
  97. Classic music
  98. Forest Poetry - creative writing
  99. Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained
  100. Profound thoughts
  101. Jean Jacques Rousseau
  102. Hitler's Paintings on Auction
  103. The Yellow Wallpaper and Fight Club.
  104. Aesthetics and Philosophy: A Match Made in Heaven?
  105. Moral fables
  106. Forget 'isms' — except eclecticism
  107. Dürer´s Rhinoceros
  108. John Milius-mystical Hyberborean reactionary-last worthy mainstream film artist
  109. Older Translations
  110. Beowulf read aloud in Old English
  111. Style!
  112. Louis-Ferdinand Céline on the Jews
  113. The Beauty of Creation
  114. Subliminal advertising: The voice within
  115. Bring back the castrati
  116. Hitler's artwork
  117. English version of The Man in the Panther's Skin
  118. Weisse Rasse Soldaten
  119. Martin Amis: Greatest Living Author?
  120. Omega City
  121. Collective puts Marx's Das Kapital on stage
  122. Hedonistic Culture and the Global Market
  123. New Kazakh Film a "Braveheart of the Steppes"
  124. American "Culture": MADE IN ISRAEL
  125. Cleanthes' philosophic Hymn to Zeus
  126. JRR Tolkien quotes
  127. The Aryan Language Family
  128. All Mozart, all the time
  129. C.S. Lewis
  130. Arthur Schopenhauer - On the Study of Latin
  131. The Disappearing Choirboy
  132. The War on Christmas
  133. What should Collegiate Assessor Kovalev have done to get his nose back?
  134. Closing sequence from Paul Schrader's "Mishima"
  135. Beethoven: Lesser known works
  136. Friedrich von Schiller
  137. The Nazis and modern art
  138. Favorite quotes
  139. Classical guitar
  140. Favourite Operas
  141. Great Free Classical Music Archive
  142. Where are the Negros?
  143. Video : Julius Evola
  144. Heidegger And The Future: The 'Task Of Thinking'
  145. Post your music
  146. Race Watchdog Forces Ethnic Prize To Admit White Writers
  147. All about Opera
  148. Favorite Literature
  149. Surrealism
  150. "Admit it - you really hate modern art"
  151. We watched...
  152. To the Provincial Poet!
  153. Huckleberry Finn to be dropped; not politically correct
  154. Mr. Mojo Risin'
  155. Why are all of the greatest contemporary science fiction writers Jewish?
  156. Blood Meridian
  157. Volksleider
  158. What works of Speculative Fiction do you recommend?
  159. War and Peace becomes shorter and sweeter
  160. Drug Use Amongst Philosophers and Artists
  161. Harry Potter And The Childish Adult
  162. The Negro Notion Of Infinity
  163. Metrical regularity in Poetry
  164. [split] Strom's art collection
  165. Finnegans Wake
  166. Sheeple, My Sheeple
  167. Robert Musil and the other condition
  168. Movie Review: THE STENDHAL SYNDROME
  169. Gustave Doré
  170. Manifesto of Futurist Women
  171. Evrasia Over All!
  172. Opera I am writing
  173. Maldoror
  174. Can we learn from literature?
  175. Beethoven's "Missa Solemnis" Mass in D Minor
  176. Rome versus Greece
  177. Post Your Original Work
  178. Just what is wrong with "Christian Rock"? - musical antinomianism
  179. Kurt Vonnegut Dead
  180. Robert W. Service 1874-1958
  181. Neoclassical Compilation Vol. 3
  182. Irish Music (download)
  183. Military & Politic Marches
  184. A letter from Saul Williams
  185. Handel's 'Hallelujah' chorus: A malice toward Judaism? (oh the humanity!)
  186. Russian maestro Rostropovich dies
  187. Schubert - name the tune
  188. Franz Liszt
  189. Before Oi! there was Oy! Punk’s Jewish roots
  190. Spengler's sequel to "Admit It - You Really Hate Modern Art"
  191. The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Mishima Yukio
  192. The Music of Middle Earth
  193. Anton Bruckner
  194. Roy Campbell (South African poet, fought alongside Franco's Loyalists)
  195. The Solitudinarian
  196. Arabian/Islamic Music
  197. To Catch the Sun
  198. Achilles or Hector?
  199. Summer Story
  200. Futurist music
  201. The Odradek
  202. How Ike Dropped The Cat
  203. Hesiod vs. Homer
  204. The Thunder, Perfect Mind
  205. H.E.E.R.- Vondel's Lucifer - First Movement
  206. HOME ALONe (OST)
  207. Loreena McKennitt- An Ancient Muse
  208. Symphonies of the Planets: NASA Voyager Recordings
  209. Lord of the Rings and Judenfrage
  210. Nightmares in a sentence and a little more
  211. Gregorian Chant
  212. Neoclassicism
  213. "Geometrical Fundamentalism" - criticism of modernist architecture
  214. 1940s sex kidnap inspired Lolita
  215. My Modern and Abstract Art Collection
  216. Nancy Cunard
  217. Of the Wand and the Moon- Sonnenheim
  218. SPIEGEL Interview With Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  219. Der Spiegel interviews Alexander Solzhenitsyn - 'I Am Not Afraid of Death'
  220. Thorn Agram
  221. Collision Course
  222. Blitz In Estaires
  223. Master and Commander Soundtrack
  224. Who Was The Greatest Wit?
  225. The uniqueness of Western art and consciousness
  226. The Louvre
  227. Spear me down, Heaven
  228. Yeo portrays Bush
  229. Anthology of Georgian Poetry
  230. Skull Art Sells for $100 Million
  231. The denouncer-A meeting with Stalin's music man, who outlived them all
  232. Ossian
  233. A Review of Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age
  234. Finnish comedians parody Andrei Tarkovsky and German detective series
  235. LAIBACH in Moscow
  236. Life After Man: Alexis Rockman
  237. Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry
  238. Expo in Ahmadinejad's Iran showcases avant-garde art
  239. 'Dumbledore is gay' says Rowling
  240. Da Vinci's 'Last Supper' Goes Online
  241. Chesterton and Belloc vs. the modern university
  242. How sexual revolution makes all male-bonding & friendship seem gay (Julian Lee ping)
  243. Is Philip Roth America's 'Greatest Living Novelist'?
  244. Berlin Alexanderplatz
  245. Chopin or Liszt?
  246. Hitler: Ein Film aus Deutschland
  247. Pipe Organ
  248. The Music Genome Project
  249. Beowulf
  250. Classical Culture Is Dead