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  25. Benoit Mandelbrot passes away
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  56. Humanities students get their revenge against Alan Sokal?
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  60. Largest known prime number - 17M digits long - discovered
  61. Inserting LaTeX expressions with the [MATH] tag
  62. Can a non-event be accurately described as a "high point"?
  63. The math of folds and wrinkles
  64. Males who aren't Black, Hispanic or Native American Need Not Apply
  65. What have boys who are smart at math and science ever done for humanity?
  66. Criticism of fashionable nonsense in academic journals devoted to math education
  67. The Mathematics of Grade Inflation
  68. Fisherian Statistics, and the non-case Against Smoking
  69. Epidemiology and the SIR Model
  70. 7 Animated GIFs That Will Make You Instantly Understand Trigonometry
  71. Купить Платье
  72. Infinitely Many Pairs of Primes
  73. Douglas Adams's question (for which 42 was the answer)
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  78. Encryption is less secure than we thought
  79. 'Love and Math' (Review)
  80. Mathematical Genius Chinese Jew Terrence Tao
  81. How to win rock-paper-scissors
  82. If the kid can't do math, a sharp blow to the head might help...
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  84. What does the Earth really look like?
  85. Kepler Conjecture formally proved
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  92. Platonism in mathematics - a (new?) argument against
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  95. Why 5+5+5 doesn’t always make 15: Maths exam question divides the internet
  96. The Bicentennial of George Boole, the Man Who Laid the Foundations of the Digital Age
  97. 728 and the Factors of the Year 2016
  98. Largest prime number yet discovered has 22 million digits
  99. A fifth of adults have forgotten how to do fractions or percentages
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  119. Are Facebook News Filter Algos Killing off the MSM?
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