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  1. Cincinnati police ask nigger Councilman to resign
  2. No place for Nazis in medicine
  3. Piggy banks may offend Muslims
  4. Guess who makes up 41% of the prison population?
  5. Contentment within multi-racialism?
  6. Race colour and chaos
  7. Lt. Governor Sambo
  8. Public Service Announcement
  9. Good genes beat good homes as guide to pupils’ school success
  10. Steve Sailer's Quiet Retreat From "Citizenism"
  11. Gene Variant Found to Triple Heart Risk in African-Americans
  12. Glenn Miller's letter to the Durham (NC) Herald Sun
  13. Why do white people love identifying with Aryans?
  14. Did you know? - Iran's fertility is already below the replacement level
  15. Black Panther rapist Eldridge Cleaver called Arabs "the most racist people on earth"
  16. School drops song about picking cotton
  17. Genes Contribute to Patriotism and Group Loyalty
  18. worst act of racism in the 21st century
  19. Momah convicted of rape, sexual abuse of patients
  20. Nine immigrants die trying to reach Sicily
  21. Low IQ racists
  22. The crime of being black
  23. Throwing The Race Stone
  24. charles Rigaud
  25. Who Gets the Organs? Experts say transplant medicine has a race problem.
  26. Does race exist?
  27. 88 Precepts.
  28. Death of the White Race?
  29. Interview with Tom Metzger.
  30. Close study of Black Culture.
  31. Bush tries balancing act on illegal immigration
  32. Are they Chinese-Japanese-Korean Quiz?
  33. Europeans Descended From Hunters, Not Farmers, Study Says
  34. white privilege is real, so come learn about it
  35. Corruption Looms Large as Israeli Campaign Begins
  36. In Desire to Grow, Colleges in South Battle With Roots
  37. Police trained in gypsy customs
  38. The Living Hell of Amerasians in Vietnam
  39. Christmas proclamation under fire from Jewish group
  40. Don’t Blame the Neocons (for al-Qa’eda)
  41. Muslim Students at Delta College Offended by Artwork
  42. Saddam's lawyers walk out of court
  43. Nigerian car plates: good news in a troubled land
  44. Central African Republic bans music of misogyny
  45. The world is becoming Jewish
  46. Tourist refuses to give up Rosa Parks' tribute seat
  47. An excellent Christian opinion piece on the Negro question (written in 1961)
  48. Red Cross Too White
  49. Russia’s Muslims Want Christian Symbols Removed From Coat of Arms
  50. niggers hit the jackpot
  51. Genghis Khan responsible for Russians' alcoholism?
  52. The adl guide for december holidays
  53. AZNs in blackface
  54. Poll
  55. Muslim leaders warn of terrorism 'crisis'
  56. The Arab world, Iraq and al-Qaeda
  57. No black people at all!
  58. racism a mental illness
  59. Why Do the Jews Hate Christmas?
  60. Police Captain's Pirate Radio Station Cleared of Racism Charges
  61. Christmas debate at Manhasset tree lighting
  62. racial tensions in town that prides itself on diversity
  63. Americas Settled by Two Groups of Early Humans
  64. Racial slurs that hurt India
  65. Katrina Death Stats Contradict Racial Complaints
  66. Woman Seeks $100,000 in Damages in Housing Bias Suit
  67. The New Berlin Wall
  68. NAACP Considers Boycotting
  69. Black-Oriented Museums Are Lacking Black Donors
  70. 22,486 Children Raped In ‘04 South Africa
  71. Man Laughed When Telling Police of Killing
  72. "End of the Rainbow" - Hispanics are overrunning Blacks in California
  73. The Pentagon Breaks the Islam Taboo
  74. Taki on Christmas
  75. the jewish grinch who stole christmas, written by a Jew
  76. black history month ridiculous
  77. Novelist goes on trial for insulting Turkey
  78. Tiny Malta feels pressure of immigrant traffic
  79. Hitler salute greets concentration camp visitors
  80. Polish man gets on his bike, ends up in London
  81. US Jews feel threatened by religious right
  82. House approves border fence
  83. Anyone heard of this? (Blatantly racist black radio host)
  84. UK commander warns of Iraq split threat
  85. Iraq’s election a victory for Iran, says Rafsanjani
  86. Taliban execute teacher in front of his pupils for educating girls
  87. Jews consider proselytizing to fight assimilation
  88. Hispanic literacy in U.S. shows troubling signs
  89. Indian men go tall, fair and handsome
  90. Pakistan to stand by Iran in case of US aggression: Kasuri
  91. New Jerusalem patriarch: No land for Jews
  92. Community Outraged After Menorah Is Destroyed
  93. Galloway supports Iran nuclear plans
  94. Border Patrol fears conflict with Mexican military
  95. Iran's president bans Western Music
  96. NA: A 'Jewish' strategy
  97. Jewish history month
  98. Viking Phenotype
  99. Sunnis decry Iraq election results
  100. Negro insult 'is not racist'
  101. Lindh asks for lighter prison sentence
  102. Americans retiring to Mexico
  103. Europe plans naval taskforce to stop illegal African migrants
  104. Foreigners risk kidnap: Indonesia
  105. Court backs Turkish headscarf ban
  106. Tsunami was 'God's revenge' on sinful women
  107. Love is no longer color-coded on TV
  108. Russia to take Syria's side if conflict with U.S. arises - Russian MPs
  109. Catholic Bishop Opposes Border Control
  110. Jews for Jesus sue Google
  111. Netherlands considers burqa ban
  112. Islamic terrorists shot aid couple as they watched TV
  113. war for Israel
  114. Decline of Jewish social conscience
  115. Disability: white male
  116. Crazy For Kosher
  117. Interfaith Families Blend Holiday Traditions
  118. the Belgian Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Acts
  119. Thousands protest over Iraq election
  120. Holohoax of the cow rib goy
  121. "Language of Closet Racism"
  122. Tracing socialism's role among Jewish immigrants - book review
  123. Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism
  124. Race and Human Evolution: A Fatal Attraction
  125. Sudanese Death Toll at 25 After Camp Raid
  126. 2 Chinese Men Illegally Cross Russian Border on Lawnmower
  127. Murders soar in wake of Katrina refugees
  128. "Bigfoot" fever grips rainforest
  129. Balkans: The Post-Oriental Condition
  130. The Race FAQ
  131. Italy warns Morocco on migrants
  132. A way to halt the third world?
  133. The black death via mixing
  134. Gay magazine calls Islam 'a barmy doctrine', endorses Pim Fortuyn
  135. "Offensive Search Results"
  136. Poverty and fear dominate life for Iraq's Gypsies
  137. Nationwide Protests Will Target Illegal Immigration
  138. jewmedia
  139. The Global Privileges of Whiteness
  140. Wal-Mart Web Site Makes Racial Connections
  141. Jew Megalomania Cascading Over Iran
  142. comedian hate mail
  143. Books dealing with racial differences.
  144. Refuting RIGHT-WING PC hagiography surrounding MLK and "Civil Rights" movement
  145. San Francisco’s schools resegregate after integration is no longer required
  146. Discussion at Open Debate
  147. holocaust survivors. Ever notice?
  148. The King Holiday and Its Meaning
  149. Europe should accept its Muslims
  150. Gambling pathologically rife among East Asians
  151. Race Essays and FAQ
  152. Black Racism Towards Albinos In Africa
  153. In Miami, Hispanic majority takes hold
  154. Brazil's slave descendants seek justice
  155. Has anyone seen this website before?
  156. Galileo's Heirs: The Scientific Defense of Segregation, 1954-1967
  157. New Orleans Mayor Says God Mad at U.S.
  158. Illegal Aliens Will March In Patriots Day Parade - Minutemen Denied
  159. 10 Questions for Elie Wiesel
  160. The Inferiority of Europeans
  161. Uniculturalism
  162. How Nations Die (In Microcosm)
  163. Are racial differences ...
  164. The Italian-American Radical Experience - book review
  165. For God's Sake, Please Stop the Aid
  166. Race variation?
  167. racist republicans
  168. Replaying the game of race science
  169. A Formula for Failure in L.A. Schools
  170. Racialism refuted
  171. LA Mayor derides White House in Spanish-language speech
  172. Does "the white race" even exist?
  173. Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis
  174. Those pesky race-related genes again
  175. Growth of hate Web sites has flourished, expert says in S. Florida
  176. Need book help
  177. Landmark cases relating to Affirmative Action in Higher Education
  178. Default Black worker wins race claim over size of desk
  179. 3,000 North American Jews Immigrating to Israel in 2005
  180. black man white women rape, the truth
  181. After Welcoming Evacuees, Houston Handles Spike in Crime
  182. Black AIDS stats in New york
  183. Universities Told: Balance the Racial Mix
  184. American Renaissance’s 2006 Conference: A Gathering of Thought Criminals
  185. Racism Associated with Disturbed Sleep and Depression in Latinos
  186. Great commentary by Steve Sailer on Middle Eastern chutzpah vs. Nordic shyness
  187. Mexican incursions inflame border situation
  188. New generation doesn't blink at interracial dating, but..
  189. Mohammed sculpture at top US court draws mild rebuke from US Muslim leaders
  190. Race and physical anthropology
  191. Africans in Mexico: A blunt history
  192. When the white man was a slave
  193. Stereotyping European Culture-- A quick opinion essay by me
  194. S.Korea`s mixed-race stigma
  195. Integration Later: Segregation Endures at University of Alabama
  196. Where Dawkins Fears To Tread: Ethnic Nepotism And The Reality Of Race
  197. Race Doesn't Matter In Adoption
  198. Heredity accunts for all of our kids’ behaviour
  199. Dalrymple: Viva Voltaire
  200. Race matters to 3-month-olds, studies find
  201. ADL Reports Resurgence of Racist Skinheads in U.S
  202. Bryant Gumbel - A Race-iss?!?
  203. Did Katrina evacuees bring more crime to Houston?
  204. "Armenia’s Jewish Scepticism and Its Impact" - Turkish scholars kiss Jewish ass
  205. black-latino tensions in C.A.
  206. Subliminal racism in Europe
  207. Fads and Fallacies In The Name Of "Race Does Not Exist"
  208. "The New Family and Race Improvement", 1925 Virginia Health Bulletin
  209. hate crime victims in the USA
  210. Affirmative Action in Brazil, as seen by Black nationalists
  211. Out of curiousity
  212. ‘Gifted’ Label Takes a Vacation in Diversity Quest
  213. White students call NAACP racist and get suspended
  214. Martin Luther King
  215. Inside the Klan (With Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa)
  216. Stop, Nigga(TM)!
  217. Black slavery museum
  218. A question to the racialist hatemongers and intolerant bigots-
  219. Promoting ‘Preservation’ of Whites in Suit and Tie
  220. The End of Tolerance
  221. David duke: a few thoughts on the Amren convention
  222. Ten Myths About Neanderthals
  223. Farrakhan spews hate
  224. Tales From The 'Kwa
  225. 'Racist' lecturer sparks furore - University declines to sack him (so far)
  226. Deconstructionist Responds To David Duke
  227. Looking Middle Eastern? You Are a Prime Suspect
  228. Crap.
  229. Dysfunctional Blacks
  230. Plains Indians
  231. Marzel to beauty queen: Don't marry a goy
  232. Boasian Anthropology
  233. More blacks deciding not to serve
  234. Reparations For Slavery
  235. Favorite Quotes
  236. Immigration Reading List
  237. Racially charged pornography
  238. Modern scientific slavery?
  239. CNN anchor ignores racism
  240. Post-reclamation "Amren Jews"
  241. we're so very sorry
  242. Belgium: Record Number of Repatriations in 2005
  243. Denmark's Intifada
  244. Barry Sentenced to Three Years of Probation
  245. The "Rising Cost" Of Whiteness Studies
  246. Day Of The Hero
  247. Symposium: To Rape an Unveiled Woman
  248. Race and Conflict
  249. 'Nigeria Could Feed Africa' (Courtesy of White Rhodesian transplants)
  250. Commentary: At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years, 1965-68