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  1. congratulations Brazil
  2. Singing Pillow Meant To Lull Soldiers To Sleep
  3. World War I in colour
  4. Somali pirates open fire on cruise ship
  5. Space-based radar
  6. The Winter War
  7. The last MiG-15 goes out of service
  8. USAF Proposes a C/B-17
  9. Russian - Afghanistan war photos
  10. Jujitsu vs Judo vs Aikido
  11. Web site offers Saddam uniform for sale
  12. Iraqi 9th Mechanized Division
  13. How to Take Down an F-117
  14. Bronze Star Abuse Reappears
  15. Indian Air Force aims for Mirage 4000
  16. East Asia allies doubt U.S. could win war with China
  17. World War Three seen through Soviet eyes
  18. Improvised weapons and Afghanistan
  19. UUV swarms to find submarines
  20. The Russian Front 1941-5
  21. Marines quiet about brutal new weapon
  22. High altitude airship
  23. The world's largest shotgun
  24. F-22 Raptor Declared Operational
  25. Race-targettable bio-engineered weapons?
  26. Su-35 promotional video
  27. Pentagon plans more V-22 Osprey cuts
  28. Saudi Arabia buys Eurofighter Typhoon
  29. Soldiers testing cooling vests in Iraq
  30. A car rigged with a VBIED blows up on bridge in Iraq.
  31. Rocket Launcher Factory Found; Bomb Hoax Unveiled
  32. Weapons Caches Found, Bombers Caught
  33. US to Launch Phased Iraq Pullout
  34. ZeaL
  35. Study shows Napoleon's army was ravaged by lice
  36. Sniper shot that took out an insurgent killer from three quarters of a mile
  37. Race-specific genetic bombs.
  38. Is it too late to change to a different army?
  39. killing for God
  40. The First World War
  41. Killer drone, dead; new bomber lives
  42. One for PZ fans.
  43. The Civil War Thread
  44. The Pacific War, 1941-1945
  45. New M-60 machine gun
  46. Explosions
  47. Gun battery unearthed in Normandy.
  48. USN considers Trident missiles with conventional warheads
  49. Melbourne firm develops recoilless gun technology
  50. Horses
  51. US Navy bids farewell to Sea King helicopter
  52. Katana vs. Rapier
  53. Tsar Bomba- Mother of all Nukes
  54. Pentagon Releases Defense Review
  55. Handguns 101
  56. Was the Allied Bombing of Civilians in WWII a Necessity or a Crime? - book review
  57. WWI Pics
  58. The Baghdad sniper (ABC report)
  59. Stalingrad
  60. Alexander, Piece by Piece
  61. Spielberger books on German panzers/AFVs.
  62. Atomic Cannon
  63. Horten Flying Wing
  64. Unmanned Mini-Helicopter Gets 'Weaponized' with AA-12 Shotgun
  65. Nazi plans for biological attack on Britain
  66. Insurgency Tactics Test Helicopters' Staying Power
  67. Eisenhower vs Monty
  68. Brewster Buffalo
  69. War Nerd: Women in War
  70. Canadian Air force to establish first all pilotless formation
  71. Low-flying bomber disperses mob
  72. No fix yet for Patriot system that killed friendly pilots
  73. CornerShot
  74. US to test missile-killing airborne laser
  75. Iran tests 'super-modern flying boat'
  76. Drone aircraft may prowl U.S. skies
  77. US to test 700-tonne explosive
  78. Waffen-SS live fire exercise c.1943
  79. Waffen-SS action!
  80. WW2 Air ace Johnny Checketts dies
  81. Remedial Truths for A Nation of Liars
  82. Father of neutron bomb says U.S. gave China nuclear secrets (1999)
  83. Fighting Terror With Kleenex
  84. No more AH-64 deep attack
  85. "Why We Fight" - BBC documentary about military-industrial complex
  86. Bush Administration Researching Anti-Satellite Laser Weapon
  87. Milking Cows in New Zealand. (I don't think so !).
  88. Hamburg 1943
  89. U.S. Military Is Split on Insurgency Strategy
  90. An Excellent, Pro-2nd Amendment Anecdote
  91. Armoured suits are 'too goofy' say US troops
  92. Malvinas Fatherland War
  93. Waffen-SS punished by Hitler
  94. USS Oriskany scuttled in Gulf of Mexico
  95. Japan and Germany in WWII
  96. Me262.
  97. Don't Trust Wikipaedia
  98. DARPA devises "Man Cannon"
  99. Mg-42.
  100. German Anti -Tank training movie
  101. B&W WW2 photographs from the island of Tinian (Pacific Theatre)
  102. Zarqawi and 'smart dust'
  103. Ever wonder what can turn up ??
  104. GlobalSecurity.org
  105. Why did Germany lose World War One?
  106. Defeating RPGs with air-bags
  107. women in combat units and military units
  108. CombatBots
  109. 5 more US soldiers killed in Iraq;4 more in Afghanistan
  110. your military service
  111. Iran-Iraq War Documentary
  112. Apaches In Action In Afghanistan
  113. Depleted Uranium + Gulf War Syndrome
  114. Over-confident men start wars but fare worst (Hitler comes to mind)
  115. Celaya: Machismo vs. Overlapping Fields of Fire
  116. Raven UAV
  117. New electronic countermeasures
  118. Die Deutsche Scharfschütze / The German Sniper
  119. Military pics- World War Two
  120. god bless America...
  121. Don't know much about strategy
  122. Dumbass Gangsta Style Reduces Shooting Deaths
  123. Military pics - modern
  124. the Iranian missile used by hizbala to hit the israeli gunship
  125. GrouchyMedia.com - Military Music Videos
  126. IAF foils rocket transports from Syria
  127. Israeli Battle Tank Merkava 4 (movie)
  128. A familiar looking flag?
  129. Hizbollahs Clever Plan for Victory
  130. Armenian schoolchildren get compulsory military training
  131. Suriving Panthers and Tigers.
  132. More Fearsome? Cossacks or Gurkhas?
  133. Bullet versus Samurai sword
  134. Military on the youtube
  135. 'Nazi aircraft carrier' located
  136. Hungarian Propaganda Video
  137. Su-33 drops into the drink
  138. An Embarrassment of Rockets
  139. What Weapon Would You Use On A Medieval Battle Field?
  140. Military History Link-o-rama
  141. Rueckmarsch - the German retreat from Normandy
  142. Excalibur 155mm 'smart' shell
  143. Brit military experiments
  144. Nuclear Weapon Test Atomic Nuke Bomb Explosion- Castle Bravo
  145. Tavor Assault Rifle
  146. Hezbollah: Surprisingly Fierce, Well-Organized and Elusive
  147. Olmert's War - Center for Strategic and International Studies
  148. Bu$h gives Mexico two free helo carriers
  149. A Knight (spiritual) Order in the modern world(?)
  150. Last of the Dreadnoughts
  151. Identifying All of the Hizbollah Rockets
  152. Armoured trucks vs. IEDs
  153. Hezbollah Propaganda Videos of the Lebanese National Resistance
  154. French Low Altitude Flying
  155. CUT THEM DOWN: The Barrett XM-109 Sniper Rifle
  156. Warnerd talks about the IDF
  157. Hitler footages
  158. JUST "assault" PISTOLS that civillians are allowed (for now) to own
  159. battle rifle
  160. Iranian "Thunder" F-18 rival comes into service
  161. Ethnic Patterns in the U.S. Army
  162. Recovered T34
  163. America revives the Assault Gun
  164. WW2 hobbyists extract (working!) T-34 from bog in Estonia
  165. 50 cal vs Katana
  166. Polish Armies 1596-1696
  167. Technology vs. Tradition in Military Thinking
  168. Brecher on Afghanistan
  169. What JDAM hath wrought
  170. U.S. Activates High-Powered Missile Radar in Japan
  171. Israel discontinues production of Merkava tank
  172. Swiss gun issue remains controversial
  173. China Attempted To Blind U.S. Satellites With Laser
  174. US Armor in Operation “Iraqi Freedom”
  175. RAF Typhoon gets gun
  176. Israel almost used nuclear weapons in the Yom Kippur War
  177. Armed Revolution in America: Possible, and Not so Difficult
  178. The Bijlmermeer Air Disaster & Israeli Chemical WMDs
  179. Self-Defence with a Walking-stick (1901)
  180. The best aircraft today
  181. North Korea Awakens the Sleeping Giant?
  182. Mythical North Korean Threat
  183. Small Diameter Bomb goes into service
  184. Discovery of 13 "Missing" German soldiers.
  185. Remember that Russian tank which came out of the lake ?
  186. Using an expandable/telescoping baton or ASP
  187. WW2 Colour Photography Archive
  188. No quarter .
  189. Stug MkIII
  190. Dutch army should take prostitutes abroad -mayor
  191. Army monitors soldiers' blogs, Web sites
  192. What Martial Arts do you practice/study
  193. Boomerang UAV bot
  194. Another tank recovery , Norway
  195. Interview(s) with Degrelle
  196. Six Arab states join rush for nuclear power
  197. Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle
  198. Fw190 Recovered.
  199. War Crimes in Normandy.
  200. Iraqi snipers fuel frustration of GIs
  201. Military Taking Another Look at Blimps
  202. Who stole the Indian Me-109?
  203. California's contribution to the Confederacy - The Los Angeles Mounted Rifles
  204. F-15 Loses Wing In Mid-air Collision - Lands Safely!
  205. Samsung develops machine gun sentry robot costs $200k
  206. Bizarre 1-or-2-man flying machines developed by US military
  207. Legion of French Volunteers photos
  208. Lost WW1 VC. might be of interst to some.
  209. USAF plays games
  210. Nikonov AN-94 "Abakan" assault rifle (Russia)
  211. "The Germans hide in their tents drinking beer"
  212. Racial quotas in the South African Air Farce
  213. Brecher: The Doctrine of Asymmetrical War
  214. Semi-auto copy of PPS-43
  215. World War Three?
  216. F-16 reported shot down by Iraqi Resistance
  217. Military pics, pre-WWII
  218. F15 C and MiG 29 dogfight 1999
  219. A major piece of coastal .
  220. Cold war bomb warmed by chickens (2004)
  221. Halifax bomber found in Poland
  222. .50 caliber Madness
  223. Warnerd: Somalia: Me So Horn-y
  224. James Baker: I am no longer asked why we did not remove Saddam
  225. Nonlethal Gun Makes You Wish You Were Shot with BFG
  226. Must see mujahedeen work
  227. Polish finds.
  228. Why Arabs Lose Wars (1999)
  229. Serious use for silly string
  230. Northrop Grumman outlines B-2 bomber enhancements
  231. Victors History ???
  232. False Flag Operations in Iraq
  233. Good article on Swiss military
  234. Swords...
  235. Selling Naming Rights for American Warships
  236. New Report Says Iraq Attacks Hit Record High
  237. JU-87 found in Greek waters
  238. Absurd German Tactics in The Battle Of Stalingrad
  239. Does America need a Foreign Legion?
  240. German war dead found in France.
  241. Turn your 12 gauge into a blunderbuss
  242. Horrific air show disaster in Ukraine *VID*
  243. Topol-M mobile ICBMs
  244. Merkava Muddles and Miracles in Lebanon
  245. American vs. Soviet Military Technology
  246. Dahlgren demonstrates electromagnetic rail gun
  247. Iranian EMP attack would cripple america...
  248. Improved Russian radar may level playing field
  249. Every man needs an AK
  250. Breton separatists in the SD