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  1. 'Thugs blinded my cat because he looks like Hitler': Woman claims pet was left for de
  2. At home with the KKK
  3. Only in Russia: Flood carries 'ballistic missile' into swamped village
  4. The Origins of Unlucky Friday the 13th
  5. Would you eat this?
  6. The most influential person on Wikipedia is a Swedish botanist, obviously
  7. Polish town erects statue of a urinating Lenin
  8. Did Frankish knights have sex with Avar women?
  9. Fifty Things Animals Can't Do
  10. Boycotting Israeli products is easy
  11. A 1949 ‘LIFE’ Magazine Chart of Highbrow and Lowbrow Tastes
  12. Africanus Americoonus Bling Genus Hollah Dat!!!
  13. Sluts go crazy over low life criminal
  14. The F-Scale: How Fascist Are You?
  15. Wyoming "Woman" Charged With Sexual Assault on Minor
  16. Fighting White Genocide
  17. Our Paki Chicks Hot?
  18. FreeTheNipple: This Bikini Top Sticks Two Fingers Up To Censorship
  19. Time Check Prank In Brownsville Housing Projects
  20. Mystery Postcard
  21. Rock Star "Pope" Francis in the News
  22. The Worst Demo Tape Compilation in the World - Ever
  23. Good Xian Goys Adopt 8 Blacks from Africa
  24. The Struggle (Kampf) to Understand
  25. Xian Slut Sleeps with 10,000 Men After Being Gang Raped
  26. Monkstadt House on the Isle of Skye for Sale
  27. What parts of David Duke's awakening aren't broadcast in the Middle East?
  28. 'Kim-Jong Sexy Beast': world's longest name?
  29. Spain snubs testicles for iconic lion statue
  30. Interesting Gaddafi Speech
  31. If there had been Japanese women serving in combat during WWII ...
  32. City Was Warned Illegal Party Would Trash Morningside Park
  33. Weird toilet exhibition opens at Tokyo's science museum
  34. Ukrainian Astronomers Named a Star 'Putin Is a D**khead'
  35. British girl filmed performing a sex act on 24 men in two minutes at Magaluf bar
  36. Joan Rivers Outs First Family
  37. Swede builds crossbow to fight vampires
  38. Allergy To Peanuts?
  39. Study: Smelling farts is good for your health
  40. Nazi Guillotine
  41. The Beta Male Who Apologized After Being Falsely Accused Of Rape
  42. McCarthy Doctrine in APPLEBASIC
  43. Drunken Peasants Animated - Kill Them Fagg**s!
  44. Chupacabra captured!
  45. Village toilet sign creates a wee problem
  46. Word Crimes
  47. What is your biggest non-emotional drive that motivates you?
  48. Should the law list occupations that stupid people are forbidden to practice?
  49. What's "Instagram"
  50. Doug Stanhope's Podcast Episode 26 - Jim Goad
  51. Is 30 old?
  52. 530 fatties
  53. Matriarchy or Patriarchy
  54. The Grave in the Middle of a Rural Indiana Road
  55. George Harrison Memorial Tree killed ... by beetles; replanting due
  56. Question for White Nationalists
  57. Shock German Move To Russia Spells Obama Doom
  58. Vladimir Putin employs a full-time food taster to ensure his meals aren't poisoned
  59. Phora Picture Thread III
  60. One couple found a creative way to counter-protest pro-lifers
  61. Coolest Dude At The Party Poll
  62. Video that sums up Modern Kwa
  63. Does this bring tears to your eyes?
  64. Meet The Racialists of Reddit
  65. The Native Indian Thread
  66. Would Hollywood laugh at Holocaust jokes if it really happened?
  67. Seville cracks down on noisy domino players
  68. How does this make you feel?
  69. Hot Female Singers
  70. Schoolgirl beheads classmate
  71. The most difficult job on the planet!
  72. Dear White People
  73. Gayle King
  74. Romanian watchdog outraged by ad for lampshade made of human skin
  75. How to slack off successfully at work
  76. Man whose girlfriend threw knife that lodged in hisforehead says it was a good throw
  77. ‘Cat gave me words from beyond the grave to pen poetry book’
  78. 40mm Machine Gun
  79. R U Kool with my banner/signature?
  80. Barack Obama Singing Fancy by Iggy Azalea
  81. Tightrope walking - between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre
  82. Despairing parents take son to COURT to force him to get a job
  83. Why You Always Wake Up Early After A Night Of Drinking
  84. School teacher has been absent for 23 years of her 24-year career
  85. 'Underwear-stealing ghosts made my life hell': Hull woman forced to move seven times
  86. What songs are you embarrassed to admit you like?
  87. Knife falls from sky into Chinese man's head
  88. From the shoutbox..
  89. Bishops Lydeard health spa defends 'no riff-raff' sign
  90. Heidelberg Studentenkarzer
  91. Was This The First Robot Ever Arrested?
  92. Cambridge University is looking for a 'doctor of chocolate'
  93. How to fix modernity?
  94. Common dreams website claims black VNN anti jew poster is a jew
  95. Swedish town on alert over toilet invader
  96. Why White Women Date Indian Men
  97. The Weirdest Album From 1964 Was From A Sleep-Talking Lyricist
  98. For writing about shooting a dinosaur, S.C. high school student gets arrested
  99. Landlord fined for renting room that could only be entered on all fours
  100. Size does matter in this case, rules judge
  101. Philadelphia Newspaper Calls Asians “Chinky Winky” and “Dinky Doo”
  102. Baby names
  103. FEMEN vs ISIS brought to you by Vaginus [split]
  104. Zara Removes Child's 'Holocaust Pyjamas' from Sale Following Complaints
  105. Mozzarella Is the Best Pizza Cheese, According to Science
  106. Ode to a F*cked Generation
  107. Italian race row senator blames voodoo curse
  108. A.L.S. Ice Bucket Bullshit
  109. Norwegian brewery pulls 'fart-smelling' beer
  110. Fowl Play As Villagers Punish Duck Rustlers
  111. [Poll] Indian Mars mission: Success or failure?
  112. Madame=KT McFarland
  113. Obummer "so fly"
  114. 'The Most Expensive GIF of All Time' Is Being Sold for $5,800
  115. South Chicongo Woman Killed by Gargoyle
  116. Reputation leader board
  117. Your drug usage
  118. Vladimir Putin and Mark Knopfler are "Aryans" who don't look alike
  119. Burger King Japan Unveils Black Burger
  120. What did ye have fer dinner tonight?
  121. Anti-dog poo offensive launched in French town
  122. The awkward personal questions asked in Korean job interviews
  123. Jewish dude caught rubbing his balls on customer's pizza
  124. A Good Talk about Philosophy
  125. Bedford Council bans 'hardcore' house name
  126. Proof That Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. This Is Priceless.
  127. Do You Maintain A Notebook?
  128. Police Vehicle Crashes into Donut Shop
  129. Indian TV news anchor fired after calling Xi Jinping 'Eleven'
  130. Kentucky or Virginia
  131. Too trusting: Pir kills follower for miracle of life
  132. Chinese are sick bastards
  133. feles mysteria --- cats are a mystery
  134. You’re Going to Die! So Buy Now!
  135. Pensioner unwittingly grows cannabis plant from bird seeds
  136. Kwap kars
  137. Isis Is Busted!
  138. Chinese restaurant owner laced noodles with poppy to get customers addicted
  139. Real estate agent fights poo charge
  140. Do You Deface Books?
  141. My 4,701 post
  142. Sex risks
  143. How do you react to someone farting in public?
  144. Am I a Pussy
  145. New York artist creates 'art' that is invisible and collectors are paying millions
  146. Is My Banner Iconic, Yet?
  147. Beer won’t make you smarter, but a compound found in hops might
  148. Well Facebook lectured me sternly!
  149. Masturbation (Hunchblack-style)
  150. Funny from the shoutbox
  151. Old Costessey couple use Sir Cliff Richard as a security measure
  152. Have you invested in CUNY?
  153. Man appearing in court for possessing marijuana arrested in court for possessing mari
  154. Rage Against the Machine Pig Gets Trolled
  155. The Real Old Testament
  156. Leighton Buzzard pub offers to 'nail' unruly children to tables
  157. Should the Phora reach out to this man?
  158. The Real Thread
  159. Ebola Hoax: 100% Revealed! CNN Caught PayingCrisis Actors -
  160. Popcorn Sutton
  161. @Petr Questions about Porridge and your Diet
  162. FREE IRC Shoutbox: Who's Inside?
  163. Father Killed Mouse
  164. The Most Useless Machine Ever
  165. Bacon Jigsaw Puzzle
  166. Russel Crowe Names the Jew
  167. Boo Hoo Palestine
  168. 'Hitler' Cream Leaves Swiss Retailer Red-Faced
  169. Wait, Americans Spend How Much on Halloween?
  170. This Cop Sweetly Calls A Dog To Him Before He Blasts It With His Handgun
  171. We Tried This Whiskey-Enhancing Stick of Wood So You Don't Have To
  172. Woman says she wishes she would have aborted her 47 year old down syndrome son
  173. You Can't Make this Sh!t Up
  174. Here comes honey boo boo's fat mother dating child molester
  175. How to deal with a WNist Clown -- in style!
  176. Lay Off the Artisanal Ice, You Ignorant Hipsters
  177. From kaniwa to cauliflower – we predict the top five food crazes of 2015
  178. “Beautiful Girl, Non-Speaking”: New Tumblr Documents Sexist Casting Calls
  179. Coconut Island
  180. Weapons of mass distraction: Ukrainian model named RUSSIA'S top 'natural beauty'
  181. How to completely fail with the opposite sex
  182. If you’re brave enough to trust a robot to mix your cocktail ...
  183. Explain GamerGate
  184. Edward J. Watts ?
  185. This Has Got To Be The Most Epic Divorce Letter Ever Written
  186. A bit about Roman Usury
  187. The Capitalism of Late Archaeology: Alamogordo’s Atari Games on EBay
  188. He is not poor anymore because:
  189. Computer Rage: Reported Acts of Rage Against Computers
  190. Obervation or Prophesy?
  191. Off topic nonsense (split from the liberal/Gnostic thread)
  192. Adorable Journalist Sara Firth Quits RT
  193. Is New York Cool?
  194. Chings Changing Chongily
  195. Terrible estate agent photos: horses, guns and 'wild mattresses'
  196. Breaking news: Fifa say Hell will host 2026 World Cup
  197. The Strangest Gifts Given to Government Bigwigs
  198. Did Kim Kardashian Break the Internet? How She Compared With the Comet Landing
  199. Westminster gardener ordered to remove autumn leaves one by one
  200. Man stages coffin protest against noisy neighbours
  201. Muslims found America first
  202. Wellington playcentre auctions off vasectomy
  203. Student had sex with sheep ‘because he was stressed about his exams’
  204. No Privilege...Pure God
  205. VNN shutting down
  206. VAPE is named Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2014
  207. German village plays prank on neo-Nazis
  208. Corning releases "racist" mobile phone ad
  209. Half Naked Winnie The Pooh Banned From Playground
  210. These Startup Dudes Want to Make Women's Private Parts Smell Like Ripe Fruit
  211. So You've Decided to Map Sidewalk Poop in San Francisco...
  212. AIDS is a male homosexual desease
  213. Dispute between a Catholic and Presbyterian Church across the street from each other.
  214. Beijing store sparks racism row... by banning Chinese customers
  215. Inside The First Audio Library of Alcohol-Addled Speech
  216. Diverse walmart trash fight over TVs in Houston
  217. HBO Legendary Nights - The Tale of Balboa vs. Drago
  218. Waiting For Godot
  219. A Persuasive Chart Showing How Persuasive Charts Are
  220. Trunk and disorderly: tree grows inside squalid, illegally converted house
  221. Billy vs. Petr [split]
  222. Danish hospital food made in a cement mixer
  223. Twitter Users Are More Likely to Follow Others With The Same First Name
  224. The Count counting pi to 10,000 places will drive you batty
  225. Nuclear War Killed All Life On Mars And Yup, There Were Totally Aliens On The Planet
  226. Guess the race: Washington School Shooter
  227. Mona Lisa may have been da Vinci's Chinese mother: Italian historian's comments spark
  228. Human ancestors developed a taste for alcohol 10 million years ago
  229. Upper Back Body Blues
  230. Will the real Agent Provocateur please stand up? [split/chimpout]
  231. Australia: Embassies Not There for Absurd Requests
  232. Shopkeeper 'placed in trance by hypnotist' during theft in north London
  233. Leonard Cohen: Good Jew?
  234. Could foods contain more antioxidants than we thought?
  235. Walgreens Pulling "Swastika" Wrapping Paper After SoCal Woman's Complaint
  236. Nazi education: Toy manufacturer insists on selling SS troops despite customer compla
  237. Boys May Actually Be Meaner Than Girls, Study Says
  238. Disabled vet thwarts home break-in, warns suspects not to return
  239. Police and firies called to a tyre fire being used to cook some eggs in a suburban dr
  240. Teesside's most prolific shoplifters to receive Christmas cards from Cleveland Police
  241. A nation is a home -- would you let illegals invade your home?
  242. The science of why magazines are always out of date in GPs waiting rooms
  243. Hand Cream Time
  244. Forgotten Grunge Masterpiece
  245. I'm Working Class...I Don't Hang Out With Yuppies
  246. Pensioner fined for slow street crossing
  247. Porn-wanking is soul-destroying cancer
  248. The GOP has betrayed the American People: Finally the treason is open!
  249. Man rings police after neighbour posts "creepy" picture of Cliff Richard in his windo
  250. Speed camera stolen as Italian traffic cops slept