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  1. Alcoholic Headphones
  2. The Magic of Beer and Magnets
  3. Instagram makes teens and celebrities angry by killing millions of spambots
  4. Possible Suicide Looming
  5. There is NO Nation based upon 'ideas'
  6. Retail Chicks With Christmas Things On Their Heads
  7. Homeowners Feel Trapped by Neighbor's Hostile Holiday Display
  8. Russia: Bailiffs seize cats over payments
  9. Mommy AND Daddy Issues
  10. Christmas tree aphids invade Derby couple's home
  11. The scientific reason you should put booze into your pies​
  12. Russia Shoots Down Santa’s Sleigh Near North Pole
  13. Don't You Guys Know How to Move The Phora?
  14. Ashwell villagers raise £3,000 for church bells to ring 'more gently'
  15. President of Argentina adopts Jewish godson to 'stop him turning into a werewolf'
  16. Anyone for ant tea? Hangover remedies from around the world
  17. Fitness tracker data shows who parties hardest on New Year's
  18. You’re more likely to die on your birthday
  19. Legal is just as bad as illegal
  20. Some pics
  21. Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014 || FailArmy Best Fails of the Year
  22. Play-Doh Frantically Deleting Toy Dick Pics From Its Facebook Page
  23. New Years Resolution!
  24. Tranny plays in traffuck, gets flattened by truck
  25. Who’s having a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day around the world
  26. "Pope Francis: There is No Hell Adan and Eve not real..." - Satire
  27. Thoughts on Nort Korea
  28. Unitary
  29. Cat hates coalburning owner
  30. African Ads Promoting Rape of European Women
  31. What happens when a software bot goes on a darknet shopping spree?
  32. Liability concerns prompt some cities to limit sledding
  33. Muh Dick Gangbanger Gets Castration By 38 Calibur
  34. Original Dissent forum
  35. The Surprise in Your King Cake Might Be No Prize at All
  36. Brewery apology over Gandhi beer can
  37. Pastor brags about punching ‘dangerously bright’ kid
  38. Hideous mammie stabs son over pork chops
  39. Human girl attacked and raped at school by 2 Homo Chimpanicus Africanus beasts
  40. The most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.
  41. Cher posts bizarre tweet about Nazis living in iCloud
  42. Ship Your Enemies Glitter founder sells company
  43. “Global Village Duluth” Uses Controversial Martin Luther King Day Marketing Tactic
  44. What is Your Favourite Colour?
  45. America Enters Its Darkest Days, as SkyMall Lands in Bankruptcy
  46. Streaky Bay Council wants to rename Love Shack Route because it’s just too rude
  47. Last McDonald’s Burger Sold In Iceland Unchanged After 6 Years
  48. What's in your fanny-pack?
  49. Putinomania thread, brought to you by Okie [split]
  50. Miss Ukraine speaks of war at Miss Universe, becomes second runner-up
  51. Should Bulan be banned?
  52. Retired Charlton Army captain defends his driveway with a cannon
  53. Finally! A Video Game About Building Ikea Furniture!
  54. Canadian man loses appeal after missing lottery jackpot by seven seconds
  55. Parent: Fourth-grader suspended after using magic from 'The Hobbit'
  56. Feminists to Trannies: Stay off our TERF [Jim Goad]
  57. Vegetarian restaurateur did not want to kill cockroaches on moral grounds
  58. TTC removes 'phallic-looking' sign from Downsview station
  59. Wyoming sheriff tells the department: No more cowboy hats
  60. Comic book fan has implants put in his face and part of his nose CHOPPED OFF
  61. Spain is still tops for European holidaymakers
  62. Blondi: On the Trail of the Last Nazi
  63. Charles Manson's fiance just wanted him for his corpse
  64. Muslim Imams forced to dance by China
  65. Red Bull Inexplicably Files Complaint Against Brewery Over the Word 'Ox'
  66. 'Obama alien' case man hit mother at her Telford home
  67. Getting My Ass Back
  68. Brian Williams Misremembers....
  69. How your posh silverware makes food taste bad
  70. Stopping at red lights could be slowly killing you
  71. Swedes confused over gender neutral toilets
  72. Romania, promoted as tourist destination at Milan’s Borsa Internazionale del Turismo
  73. Free car-parking for 'arrogant' Wizard
  74. Does this sound like it could be a true story?
  75. Why did Jews eat children?
  76. Droll Yankees Bird Feeders
  77. How common is it for families or parents to lie about their ethnicity?
  78. How can I feel more comfortable with being part Jewish?
  79. 'Ghost' captured on CCTV at former Nazi concentration camp blamed
  80. Nazi-era ‘Zyklon B’ poison gas found in Germany
  81. The PDX factor: Portland airport's carpet inspires microbrews, memes and more
  82. Manchester Police issue apology after horse leaves unwanted gift on man's trainers
  83. Native American outfit sells for €320k in Kilkenny
  84. Polish nightclub owner defends giant yellow swastika
  85. Flawidduh [split]
  86. Right Wing Nerd Infighting Update
  87. Phora Anniversary + Massive Rep Milestone
  88. How often do you bathe?
  89. French baker accused of selling 'racist' cakes
  90. FDCM comics
  91. The Reconquista has begun!
  92. The Apollo Moon Missions Were Faked in a Studio
  93. Were the Manson Killings a US Government Black Op?
  94. The Infection Runs Deep ...
  95. One Head Two Arms -- Same Ending.
  96. Planet Fitness cancels woman's membership after her complaints of transgender woman i
  97. American Imperialism
  98. Inside the Powerful Lobby Fighting for Your Right to Eat Pizza
  99. Pat Buchanan's Greatest Hits
  100. Delicious lamb potjie recipe to try
  101. Do these people look White?
  102. Where will they go?
  103. Easter Island: History, Beaches and – of Course – Moai
  104. Snow Is Delicious. But Is It Dangerous To Eat?
  105. Leftist Fantasy Facts
  106. Inside the horrific Mexican satanist 'Black Mass' with live sacrifices that shocked d
  107. What ethnicity does this guy look?
  108. CALIFORNIA - Two detained after small explosion prompts high school lock down
  109. Post your internet speed
  110. Why is my sister so attracted to Jews? Specifically Hasidic Jews
  111. 21 old advertisements that just wouldn't work in the 21st century
  112. The rise of luxury toilet paper
  113. Facebook’s new rules ban bare buttocks, breasts, and bias
  114. Gang tricks German into 'buying' US embassy
  115. Liberal Lies:
  116. A little secret ...
  117. Guess who's back
  118. Australia’s plain cigarette packets succeed in making smoking less appealing
  119. Restaurant sign featuring bull’s extra-large genitalia sparks outrage, city petition
  120. Happy birthday Ahknaton!
  121. Do Jews still eat people?
  122. Our Meat Obsession May Kill Us. But Not How You Think
  123. Gay Sweater challenges homophobic expressions
  124. The Atomic Individual VS Real Flesh and Blood People!
  125. 'Un-Swedish' paint job causes media swirl
  126. Emigration
  127. Adam Mark Smith still unemployed and on food stamps after being fired for berating C
  128. This drug, banned in Europe, Russia and China, may be in your lunch
  129. French job seeker given 26,000 years to pay €3k
  130. Transgender Pet Clinic opens in Portland
  131. The US Forest Service's Cocktail Construction Chart 
  132. Texas state trooper ordered to undergo counselling over Snoop Dogg photo
  133. It’s like a crime scene for poop:DNA used to link dog owners to their pets’ droppings
  134. Why you should not pick up a black prostitute
  135. MARs, AMeRika, RoMAN vs. HEllass, EVropa, VEnus
  136. A-u-r-a-s-i-a
  137. The people who ruined themselves on purpose
  138. East - Cats , West -Dogs ?
  139. Is holding hands GAAAAAY?
  140. Is there a theory that Rome is America and Teheran is Carthrige?
  141. Which is worse: Mike's Chimpin' or Bulan's Trollin'?
  142. Classify Me and Guess ethnicity, please
  143. Are you guilty of these 12 microaggressions?
  144. You Can Now Buy Spaghetti that Went to the Moon
  145. Helpful guide to handling moldy food
  146. "Fed Up" Colorado Man, 38, Busted For Killing His Computer In Cold Blood
  147. 10-tonne fatberg removed from west London sewer
  148. This Is Classic-NSFW
  149. Father Ted 20 years on
  150. Google Maps hides an image of the Android robot urinating on Apple
  151. After my Death!
  152. Mystery artist highlights Bury potholes with penis drawings
  153. HOW TO make a cocktail that looks like outer space
  154. The liberal chickens are coming home to roost.
  155. Russian MP demands probe over sex shops' use of WWII medal
  156. Future Slavegirls Say "No" to Family, "Yes" to Death or Slavegirlery
  157. Personal Facebook Posts
  158. More punishment for paratrooper who jumped with fish
  159. Mystery vandal bricks up Hamburg train door
  160. Refused Cigarette, Woman sets Petrol Pump on Fire in Jerusalem
  161. Attempting to pacify the unreasonable is expecting the irrational.
  162. Almost one third of London men are too fat to see their own genitals
  163. Greek court gives dead man six-month suspended jail sentence
  164. Middle Eastern States Debate Whether to Intervene in Baltimore
  165. Cow gets admit card for professional course test in J-K
  166. Why recipe-less cooking is the next big thing
  167. Happy 9th of May!
  168. Happy Mother's Day
  169. do white men need white women
  170. The Chemistry of Gin (And Tonic!)
  171. Mgtow
  172. Vegetarian flips out at smell of meat on train
  173. Purina Employee Arrested for Stealing and Eating Over 30,000$ of Dog Biscuits
  174. Tamworth charity calls for 'Peel pig' sculpture return
  175. Gin and Tonic Tastes Better with Ants
  176. Working Class Champion Sells Digs For $70MM
  177. Cuckold Fetishist produces children's show for Nickelodeon
  178. Capitol police get more training after leaving guns in bathroom stalls
  179. Chaos at the Compound
  180. Alien Settler is not Jewish, can we nip this?
  181. Nationalism from the Rubble of Liberalism Cometh Forth!
  182. Cremated remains from B.C. wash up in Scotland
  183. 15 of the Coolest Themed Bars in America
  184. Dane sets new world record for longest plank
  185. Hot 83 Year Old
  186. I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How.
  187. 27 Quirky Websites You Never Knew You Needed
  188. 23 Bizarre Demands Celebrities Have Made Behind The Scenes
  189. Yoko Ono claims affair with Hillary Clinton.
  190. The Face of the American Right Wing
  191. KFC sues Chinese companies over 'eight leg' chicken rumours
  192. The Most Common Illegal Job Interview Questions You Should Watch Out For
  193. Mad Manspreading?
  194. Toilets in elevators? The new Japanese idea that isn’t as crazy as it sounds.
  195. man escapes to the outside of his home after vicious attack, calls 9/11
  196. 'Holocaust' cocktail in Belarus, 'Hitler' ice cream in India cause uproar
  197. French court removes bullfighting from country's cultural heritage list
  198. How do you distinguish Americans?
  199. Freely Freed From Freedom.
  200. Stone Cold Steve Austin Names A Jew
  201. Guy Who Lives Near Airport Painted "Welcome to Cleveland" on His Roof, He Lives in Mi
  202. War is Coming!
  203. Finally cracked
  204. Perfume saleswoman bottles dead relatives' body odour to keep their memory alive
  205. Susan Sarandon Believes in Gender Fluidity: ‘Sometimes My Son Wears Dresses’
  206. Russian Official Proposes International Investigation Into U.S. Moon Landings
  207. No Sex Jokes Please, French Government Advises Travelers to U.S.
  208. Do you have friends with political ideas the opposite of yours?
  209. The Organic Theory of Society
  210. Name The Nazi
  211. Austrian art attracts parking fine in Germany
  212. 40 of the Most Hilariously Passive Aggressive Notes Ever Left on Cars
  213. Mystery pooper: Firm to pay $2.2M over forced DNA testing for workers
  214. Fox News fires pill-addicted Bob Beckel
  215. Oregon dairy farmers launch petition to rename American cheese
  216. 10 Confessions of Car Salesmen
  217. ‘Juggalo’ Army Recruits Join Suit Against FBI over Being Listed as a Gang
  218. This one eye color is associated with higher rates of alcohol dependence
  219. "HOT" Girl Removes makeup-Men Disgusted
  220. White Goy Slut Sues Asian boss, gets payed, goes back to Negro BF
  221. Presenting.....the OTHER Phora
  222. Rise of the giga-mansion
  223. Wanted Australia man asks police for better mugshot on Facebook
  224. Considering Leaving Amerikwa? Where Would You Go?
  225. 'A selfie with a weapon kills': Russia launches campaign urging photo safety
  226. Sissy Englishman beaten to a pulp by two women
  227. The flag goes down; THE FLAG Goes Back Up; The Circle Continues unbroken!
  228. The World’s Most Expensive Whiskeys
  229. Welsh government responds in Klingon to UFO airport query
  230. Burger Fuel rebuked for bad language
  231. Groping women force barmen to give up kilts
  232. Does London have a homophobia problem within the gay community?
  233. Do You Live in a "Bitch" or a "Fuck" State? American Curses, Mapped
  234. Discuss
  235. Ghost hotel 'celebrates' 61 years without guests
  236. Psychic Capital: Tech and Silicon Valley Turn to Mystics for Advice
  237. This Alcoholic Root Beer Might Be Your New Favorite Summer Drink
  238. An 8ft 'well-preserved yeti' sells for £1,350 at auction
  239. How to Charge $1,000 for Absolutely Nothing
  240. Truth about fizzy drinks... THIS is what happens to your body ONE HOUR after drinking
  241. 12 Cool Kitchen Tools We Desperately Want But Absolutely Don't Need
  242. 7 of America's Smallest Civic Institutions
  243. Has Bishopville's 'lizard man' returned? New video surfaces in case
  244. The Best Worst Presidential Campaign Merchandise
  245. To Trump or Not to Trump?
  246. 20 of the most spectacular newspaper corrections ever
  247. Architects in Britain Trying to Raise $2.9 Billion to Build Minas Tirith from Lord of
  248. Alabama Sorority Video Called 'Worse For Women Than Donald Trump
  249. This T-shirt will almost definitely help you avoid sexual harassment
  250. Pooductive, a social network for pooping people. Seriously