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  1. The cinema thread.
  2. Favourite serious sci-fi films?
  3. Isn't Tarantino just freaking annoying?
  4. Gayest film ever?
  5. Who was the best Star Trek captain?
  6. Age of Empires III
  7. Which was the best Star Trek series?
  8. Console or PC gaming?
  9. Gary Glitter arrested in Vietnam
  10. World of Warcraft killed our kid
  11. Racialism in the Lord of the Rings
  12. Iron Maiden
  13. Is Rock music a Negro invention?
  14. Poll: who is the ultimate badass?
  15. Online gaming
  16. Galactica
  17. Metal that isn't moronic
  18. Star Trek is 'most missed' series
  19. Band of Brothers
  20. Gangs Of New York
  21. South Park essay ideas...
  22. Porn stars strut their stuff at Vegas awards
  23. Science-Fiction novels
  24. Civilisation IV
  25. Wicker Man director is flaming furious
  26. Most popular music is immoral
  27. Land Before Time
  28. Da Ali G Show
  29. Jcs...
  30. "Brokeback Mountain" as straightforward pro-homo agitprop manipulation
  31. Epica
  32. Should be on DVD, but ain't ...
  33. Their Finest Hour
  34. Kanye Get A Witness?
  35. Bf2 1.2 patch out.
  36. Rome - HBO show
  37. What is your favorite James Bond movie ?
  38. sony PSP
  39. VH1 Countdown: 100 Most Annoying Rockers - Ever!
  40. "hard" sci-fi
  41. Radio Shows
  42. Circle Gets the Square!
  43. Finally A Reason To Like the Sex Pistols
  44. My favourite pop star arrested
  45. Favorite War Movie
  46. This can't be for real...
  47. Jews launch anti-semitic cartoon contest
  48. The 78th Annual Academy Awards
  49. "New reality show hopes to show the subtleties of racism."
  50. Equilibrium
  51. Limerick contest
  52. Must see movie...whoa!..just whoa!
  53. Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park', cannot stomach its mockery of religion anymore
  54. Battlestar Galactica Season Finale
  55. A good analysis of The Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby" and its nihilism
  56. V for Vendetta: Predictably Mediocre
  57. Iron Maiden as racist/conservative?
  58. The Shield
  59. Steve Sailer: Mike Judge—King of the Hill
  60. MyDeathSpace- Greatest. Website. Ever.
  61. My experiment
  62. Jessica Pulling an Angelina?
  63. Modern Music for Grown-ups
  64. South Park episode about depicting Mohammed
  65. Oz (TV Series)
  66. The Experiment Mk II
  67. Pantera's forgotten hair metal past
  68. Tom Cruise is a madman, threatens journalist
  69. Oprah Unapologetic For Her Extravagant Lifestyle
  70. DVD collection
  71. Final Fantasy VII
  72. Medieval Total War II Screenshots
  73. If you don't like rap, are you a racist?
  74. Games you are currently playing these days
  75. Some Thoughts on the Film "Cold Mountain"
  76. 80s Music Video archive
  77. Maiden pwns!!!
  78. Your favourite musical instruments (or sounds)
  79. Phora's Official Favourite CD Poll
  80. V for Vendetta
  81. Attila the Hun (2001)
  82. jewish rapper
  83. National Day of Slayer
  84. Aryan
  85. Soviet list of ideologically harmful music
  86. Screenshots
  87. The 100 Greatest Albums of All-time
  88. Freddy got fingered: The whole movie on YouTube!!!
  89. The Absolute Best TV Series Ever Made
  90. Greatest Action Hero ?
  91. What is the diference between rap and heavy metal?
  92. Live Acts.
  93. Sailor Moon
  94. the rap thing!
  95. Best pop/pop-rock band
  96. aqua teen hunger force
  97. Sturmwaffen's Music Reviews
  98. Television producer Aaron Spelling dies
  99. Stand-up Comedians
  100. Jewy Joey
  101. Apocalypto
  102. What Computer Games Do You Play?
  103. Official Phora Gaming Challenges
  104. The Best "White Power" Band(s)?
  105. American History X.
  106. Sarah Silverman
  107. Best chick flicks
  108. Romper Stomper
  109. Hadji Girl
  110. Beowulf & Grendel
  111. Gaming
  112. PC Games
  113. Sony's racially charged PSP ad
  114. horse sex case to be made into movie
  115. What's the best film ever?
  116. What is the worst film ever?
  117. Swedish death metal band to play in Israel
  118. America: A Photographic Essay on Postcolonial Decadence
  119. the soprano's
  120. Syd Barrett dies aged 60
  121. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  122. Omfg Rome Total War!!!
  123. Wa-SAAA!!! Slant-Eyed Action Films
  124. German WWII Vet Reviews 'Saving Private Ryan'
  125. Study: Games Guilty of 'Blatant Racism'
  126. Lance Bass Comes Out Of The Closet
  127. Heidi Klum pregnant again
  128. Who is your favourite Hollywood actor?
  129. Finally a Dragonlance movie( animated) I hope they don't fuck this up
  130. Bon Jovi
  131. The Best Iron Maiden Era
  132. Current Favorite Songs
  133. "Colin Powell" (song from the late Pinecone on Tent)
  134. MTV is now apparently racist
  135. dismember!
  136. A Matter of Life and Death
  137. Paramount cuts ties with Tom Cruise
  138. Last time you went to the movie theatre?
  139. "Scum"
  140. to slayer fans!
  141. Greatest Scene In Movie History?
  142. iced tea anyone?
  143. Top 3 Best Movie Scores
  144. Spain bans thin models from catwalk
  145. American Psycho
  146. Omg Oblivion Omg
  147. More lows for the Channel of Degeneracy
  148. Favourite deceased composer?
  149. Screech's Shocking Sex tape! =\
  150. Straight-Edge Punks
  151. Atlas Shrugged is gonna be a movie
  152. Are Video Games Evil?
  153. Old TV Show about black and white neighbors
  154. Favourite living composers?
  155. Angry Christians force Slayer album out of India
  156. Folk Metal - What Is This?
  157. Retarded songs that you can't get out of your head.
  158. 'Weird Al' Yankovic finally hits the top 10
  159. Saw III
  160. When was the last time you thought that Pop Culture was actually cool?
  161. What do yer parents think of the music that you dig?
  162. Strangest Foods You Ever Et?
  163. "Watching Borat" by Gilad Aztmon
  164. The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones
  165. "Hips don't lie"'s performance on the charts
  166. Pop singer Moby: Make my kid 'gay'
  167. Writers Influenced by LSD
  168. Have you seen Borat movie?
  169. Borat victims upset at being OWNED!!
  170. James Bond is British, again.
  171. Movie Violence Almanac
  172. World of Warcraft TCG
  173. O.J. to describe how he would have done it
  174. Isaac Asimov had AIDS
  175. Did anyone pre order a Sony play station 3
  176. John Carpenter's "They Live"
  177. Eminem Presents Re-Up (12/05/06) new music
  178. Negro origins of "rock n roll" music (Elvis Presley)
  179. Dawn of the Dead a racist classic?
  180. Archangel! Great BBC movie!
  181. What are the best multiplayer games for the SNES?
  182. New Hopkins movie: Pope kidnaps Jewish child
  183. Gibson film angers Mayan groups
  184. What Playstation 1 games do you recommend?
  185. Newspaper Review of Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto"
  186. What are the top N64 games?
  187. Journey vs. Foreigner
  188. Why more football than chess in the media?
  189. Wii
  190. Greatest movie, ever.
  191. Favourite fiction author
  192. Industrial/Martial Music
  193. Joe Strummer died this day in 2002
  194. OMG Medieval II: Total War OMFG
  195. Fat dike can not shut her mouth
  196. Is the film "Happy Feet" gay?
  197. Mexica Movement throws fit over Gibson's APOCALYPTO
  198. Hip-hop 'culture' gets even dumber.
  199. Proof that the media is a bad influence
  200. A Comic Strip for Sulla
  201. Should I let my nephew watch Power Rangers?
  202. What music do you listen to?
  203. Children of Men
  204. Coffin Joe: "This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse"
  205. Queen Hillary Cometh
  206. Favorite Band No One Heard Of
  207. Sarah Silverman's appealing, appalling character
  208. Have you noticed any racism in TV or films?
  209. Do you WoW?
  210. Anna Nicole Smith dies
  211. Idiocracy
  212. My name is Earl? - sitcom
  213. Britney Spears now a skinhead
  214. Most incredible episode of Rome to date
  215. boys will be boys (bad boys)
  216. Motorhead versus Maiden
  217. Is watching TV necessary for cultural integration?
  218. William H. Macy versus Alan Alda
  219. Best and cheapest Mp3 player
  220. Is Rap Dying?
  221. ROME and DEADWOOD
  222. Stupidest Movie Title Competition
  223. Boston frontman Brad Delp dies at 55
  224. whats the best comedy show?
  225. Carol Burnett sues TV's "Family Guy" cartoon
  226. Dilbert cartoonist: Fossils are bullshit
  227. A couple of old movies worth another look...
  228. Psychohistorical trans. of The Dark Crystal
  229. Bruce Springsteen: rock'n'roll Jew, plays good tunes, Born in the USA
  230. Keith Richards: 'I snorted my father'
  231. 300 - the most racist movie I've seen this year
  232. New Series of Dr. Who.
  233. East Asian cinema
  234. Thai tennis star engaged with Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova
  235. Rome.
  236. 25 Most Controversial Films....EVER!
  237. I will give you 40,000 blowjobs. - Belgian politician
  238. Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
  239. Best Music Videos
  240. New Showtime series: the Tudors
  241. Henry Winkler Sucks
  242. @88flak, my pc.
  243. Dark Side of the Moon
  244. A Hooker named Paris Hilton starts jail sentence
  245. Black rapper literally throws White kid off the stage
  246. Italian anti-White laundry comercial
  247. Teenage wasteland
  248. English Man Sings Opera
  249. I Think Steven Spielberg Is OK
  250. Who is your favorite Batman?