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  1. Do you support Scottish Separatism?
  2. Blair defends plan to deport 20 foreigners
  3. British racialists kill black youth with ice pick-axe
  4. Fans at Soccer Game in Scotland Jeer Pope
  5. Surname Profiler -- Surname Distribution Maps
  6. 'Fall in English white Britons'
  7. Nick griffin cleared of race hate charges
  8. Muslim demonstration in London against Denmark (Photos)
  9. Ulster Scots History and Culture
  10. British mercenaries exposed on video shooting Iraqi civilians
  11. The new British anti-Semitism
  12. Prince Philip admired Hitler, Nazis
  13. Internet 'Nazi' wins libel case
  14. White voters are deserting Labour for BNP, says Blair ally
  15. Local Elections 2006
  16. Stand By Loyal Ulster!
  17. New Britain's vision : no pre-marital sex, arranged marriage
  18. 7 year old boy beaten by Scotsman in White-on-White 'racist' attack
  19. Non-Muslims banned from English fun park on Muslim-only "fun day"
  20. British Nationalism
  21. Islamic fundamentalist warns that Britain will turn into 'Islamastan'
  22. Britain 'had apartheid society'
  23. U.K. police: Plot to bomb aircraft thwarted
  24. BNP calls for ban on Muslims flying to/from Britain
  25. Welsh muslims say aircraft bomb plot 'a fake'
  26. British travellers force Arabic men off plane
  27. For a Greater Scotland!
  28. British Royal to Marry Indian Dothead
  29. Race mixer heaven(UK)
  30. Afghanistan: Britain's Vietnam
  31. UK: "white supremacists terror plot"
  32. Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils
  33. London gym on school premises refuses to ban paedophile on human rights grounds
  34. BBC admits: We are biased on religion and politics
  35. When will "great" Britain become 100% brown?
  36. Immigration Sparks White Exodus From UK
  37. BNP Leader Cleared of Race Charges
  38. plot to kill 'Red-Ken', London mayor
  39. Church urged to ban BNP supporters from communion
  40. BNP Policies
  41. Do you think the BNP would build gas chambers
  42. Break up the UK?
  43. Banning Christmas 'could spark backlash'
  44. Two interesting Telegraph articles on Multiculturalism
  45. Police report another girl missing in English town
  46. British Nationalists, today.
  47. "Britain -- a Land of Immigrants"
  48. Reading Schools debate halal meat.
  49. Shocking secrets of sharia 'courts' in the UK.
  50. Latest KIA in middle-east adventure...
  51. Mixed-race Britons to become biggest minority
  52. A United Kingdom? Maybe
  53. This Is England.
  54. Where do you live?
  55. Red-haired family forced to move
  56. BNP activist Murdered by Moslem in Stoke.
  57. Big Brother is failing you
  58. Mr Angrys mysterious BNP list
  59. How we lost count
  60. after Mandela, looks like Ghandi is next for a statue in London.
  61. General Election
  62. Die and you're under arrest! Britain's most stupid laws
  63. Village Britain: 'Half the population is foreign'
  64. Pride of Britain.
  65. Trev confirms it: White Flight increasing in UK
  66. 684 Quit Britain Every Day.
  67. Are the British less ethical than Americans?
  68. Just a little thought...
  69. Churchill: good guy or bad guy?
  70. A migrant arrested every 4 minutes in UK
  71. Irish demand right to inspect UK nuclear power stations
  72. BBC documentary on Enoch Powell.
  73. Patriotic Tattoo Bars Soldier Employment
  74. Fending Off the English - Promoting the British Identity
  75. Formula One boss Max Mosley 'exposed as sadomasochist in Nazi orgy with five hookers
  76. The cancer of Black culture.
  77. UK's Feral 'Girl Gangs'
  78. Pathetic News Story
  79. Simon Sheppard, Luke O' Farrell Guilty says Jury
  80. Jade Goody told she has cervical cancer on BB, just in time for mass government jabs
  81. Muslim immigrant selected to represent London 2012
  82. Some Britons Too Unruly for Resorts in Europe
  83. Racial/Ethnic stats on babies born in the UK (2005)
  84. Recession to Bring Crime, Race Hatred
  85. Alistair Darling, former Trot.
  86. BNP teacher faces being struck off
  87. An observation.
  88. BNP membership list leaked onto internet
  89. And so it begins - UK Police target BNP activists - 12 arrests
  90. Shocking Poll: "If Youíre Not White Youíre Not Welsh"
  91. History and Geography axed from UK primary school curriculum
  92. question for the Phora Brits
  93. British MP wants to work with Obama admin to censor internet
  94. BNP statement on "Israel's Gaza Affair"
  95. Obama Declares War on the BNP!
  96. Britian declares punctation is too hard to learn
  97. Synod votes to ban clergy from joining the BNP
  98. Britain's Unteachable 'Uber-Chavs'
  99. British Uni Boasts First 'Beatles' Degree
  100. The miners' strike of 1984-5
  101. New Statesman on "The BNP's Breakthrough"
  102. Leading Tories 'enjoyed' degrading sado-masochistic sex sessions with black whore
  103. The Cromwell Statue at Westminster
  104. Leaving the EU
  105. Nick Griffin Attacked by Bolshevist Scum
  106. Is it sick to have a secret fetish for...
  107. Nick Griffin:"no such thing as a black Welshman"
  108. Simon Sheppard Jailed for Nearly 5 Years!
  109. Islam Is a Cancer Eating Away at Our Freedoms, Says Nick Griffin
  110. CCTV in the UK...
  111. And you will be driven mad by what your eyes must look upon.
  112. More New Labour Madness-Wife Beating Lessons for 5 Year Olds
  113. British Reparations
  114. Tenants fuming as flats turned into 'Big Brother house' with 112 CCTV cameras
  115. Three good articles by the late Auberon Waugh
  116. Cornish street signs to be translated
  117. Fury as China executes British [Wog] drug smuggler
  118. Scumbag faces jail!! Nick Griffin.
  119. We are living in broken Britain - and almost half of us want to emigrate, says poll
  120. How should you vote in the UK general elections?
  121. How the English breakfast has changed with Britain
  122. Gordon Brown heard on mic calling a voter a 'bigot'
  123. General Election 2010: BNP barred from entry to mainstream politics by electorate
  124. After a Decade in Sober America... is everyone in Britain Drunk?
  125. Rioting Catholics shoot and Petrol Bomb Police, injuring 27
  126. Londonderry named first British city of culture
  127. Digby Jones rejects a cap on immigration
  128. Britain submerged by Rising Brown Baby Tide
  129. Warrant for woman who urinated on Blackpool memorial
  130. Britons converting to Islam
  131. My Trip to Scotland
  132. Poppy-burning Muslim protesters mar Armistice Day
  133. Orwell: Notes on the Way (1940)
  134. Kate Middleton: Jewish or not?
  135. Interracial Dating is Prevalent Britain
  136. Northern English Feelings of Pride for Inventing Things is Bad and Leads to Racism
  137. The strange death of Protestant England (2005)
  138. 2011 census to allow 'Black Scottish' but not 'Black English'
  139. Luftwaffe Dornier 17 at Goodwin Sands 'still intact'
  140. My husband's obsession with online poker gambled away £1million
  141. Disgraced former Tory peer jailed for claiming £11,000 expenses for home he NEVER liv
  142. Jeremy Clarkson Branded A 'Casual Racist'
  143. Silly Flag Compilation
  144. Civil servants spend £25m on credit cards, including luxury hotels, fine dining and g
  145. Jailed for murder, Jaswinder Singh, immigrant who should have been deported in 2002
  146. Uk Drought
  147. Illegals Granted Amnesty in UK
  148. British Jobs Outsourced to India by Birmingham City Council
  149. TB Coming into Britain
  150. David Mamet launches tirade against 'antisemitism' of British writers
  151. Lincoln yob denies being racist 'because he has a friend called nig-nog'
  152. Derby music festival plan for English Defence League march
  153. Facebook fatigue sets in for 100,000 Brits: Users bored with site deactivate accounts
  154. 'We'll Hunt Nazis in Uk'
  155. UK drops DNA tests for refugees and asylum seekers
  156. They all despise the British
  157. School Guilty Of Race Bias For Banning Cornrow Hair
  158. Jamaican deportee slashes throat on flight
  159. Libya war costs taxpayer £260m
  160. British Pedophile Kept Pictures of Dead Babies, Gets 18 Month Sentence
  161. British People Get Their Heads Sat On by Naked Men for Entertainment
  162. Church of Scotland's First Fag Preacher is Pleased That More Fags will be Ordained
  163. Britain faces diabetes timebomb as cases rise
  164. EDL Jewish division leader Roberta Moore quits
  165. Recession crimewave: Rise in muggings and burglaries linked to economic downturn
  166. Police tell 'high risk' Surrey villages how to spot threat of terrorists firing rock
  167. 'Prince Charles misused Freedom of Info'
  168. Lottery for IVF
  169. 'Voodoo' caretaker who trafficked young girls and made them eat hearts
  170. Birmingham urged to ban controversial US pastor John Hagee
  171. Hanging With Frank (Short Documentary)
  172. Attack of the nanny state: Now toddlers must do at least three hours of exercise ever
  173. BBC reveals top earners' pay
  174. UK: Christians should learn how to be a 'minority' from Muslims
  175. Burglaries hit seven year high as falls in overall crime slow down
  176. British Queen lied about costs: report
  177. Spelling mistakes 'cost millions' in lost online sales
  178. Scotland The Brave
  179. 50 racist incidents in Plymouth a day as hate crime increases 60 per cent
  180. Crime will rise says police watchdog as 34,000 jobs will go by 2015 in Government cut
  181. Extra security at UK mosques
  182. Taxpayers footed the £500,000 bill for Tony Blair's protection for Iraq inquiry appea
  183. Spouse English tests for migrants racist, court told
  184. MoD 'spent £1bn on charge cards'
  185. Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities
  186. NHS delays operations 'as it waits for patients to die or go private'
  187. Student Visa Changes Will Hurt the West Midlands Economy say Immigration Lawyers
  188. Postman who scrawled 'Andy Murray is a useless jock' on a poster is fined £3,000 for
  189. Students could pay off debts by donating kidneys, says academic
  190. Good News, for a change ...
  191. Mike Waterson (1941-2011)
  192. Tower Hamlets: why the EDL march should be banned
  193. UK Needs to Pay 1 Billion Pounds per annum for Building Homes for Immigrants
  194. Conservitard Cameron: Taliban assault is "cowardly"
  195. Tory councillor suspended after calling rioters 'jungle bunnies'
  196. Why does England not have sectarianism like Scotland and Northern Ireland?
  197. Zionist gang plotted to kill Churchill
  198. WPC Fletcher suspect 'killed in vendetta'
  199. Pioneer Little Europe - Building White Communities
  200. EDL protest under way in east London despite ban
  201. Simon Hughes wants more Muslim MPs
  202. UK changes law allowing Israeli officials to be prosecuted
  203. Boris Johnson's deputy mayor facing calls to resign after cracking racist Persil joke
  204. Jersey WWII Jewish families compensation contract signed
  205. England soccer team to remember Holocaust at 2012 Euro Cup
  206. More Bio Warfare Tests on Citizens Admitted to
  207. Theresa May Extends London Marches Ban
  208. "The great euro swindle"
  209. Migrants mopping up UK jobs
  210. Iain Duncan Smith borrows the BNP playbook
  211. UK could introduce 'fat tax', says David Cameron
  212. Five years of London murder victims listed
  213. UK Police Arrest Libertarian Alexander Baron
  214. Richard Dawkins, the neocons' useful idiot?
  215. Martin Webster is still around?
  216. Panorama: BNP Ė the Fraud Exposed
  217. Tory politician suspended over anti-gay tweet
  218. How the UK Left sees the UK Right
  219. National Front activists: We'll march with Fred Phelps
  220. Oliver Letwin caught throwing away secret papers in public bins
  221. Immigrants are full of shit. Literally.
  222. Peter Wright (1929-2011)
  223. Fox, Werritty, Mossad!
  224. MI5 gets ready for the starterís gun
  225. Alistair Cooke (1908-2004)
  226. Scotland's First Minister on Independence
  227. Gay groups get 10 times more cash from Scots Govt
  228. UK population 'to increase to 70 million by 2027'
  229. 4,000 foreign criminals set free to fight deportation
  230. Father-of-two beaten up and left for dead by Asian gang for being 'white'
  231. How Margaret Thatcher helped catch the Yorkshire Ripper (2010)
  232. Paul Foot: Lockerbie's dirty secret (2004)
  233. Scots - Are We the Least Musical People On The Planet?
  234. Blair Defends Opening the Door to Mass Migration, Says It Had a Very Positive Impact
  235. Scottish Tories Pick Lesbo Leader
  236. Private company to run NHS hospital
  237. ...and the years condemn...
  238. BBC Scotland Hates Scotland
  239. How gay panic gripped 1960s Royal Navy (2002)
  240. Churches consider going underground to escape UK censorship
  241. Baroness Warsi: We must drain the poison of antisemitism
  242. British PM extends support for Noor''s memorial in London
  243. The 'British' Germans the war left behind
  244. Burglar calls victims 'dumb' in letter
  245. Record immigration expands population by quarter of a million
  246. History Gcse Is All Hitler And No Henrys Says Michael Gove
  247. British Women Top European Obesity Table
  248. 'Start the Week' on the Euro
  249. Poor whites 'feel like they are last in line for council housing'
  250. Jewish envoy not loyal to UK, says Labour MP