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  11. "Socialism does not work"
  12. Can classical pagan ideals be reconciled with Darwinian materialism?
  13. Socialism does not work
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  18. International Jewry versus Islam
  19. Shane calls on Will Scarlet to defend his views.
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  23. IS Education worth the debt, and does it hinder creativity ?
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  26. Uighurs - A People or Muslim Chinese?
  27. Is American Racism displaced Anti-Catholicism or not?
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  31. We should support Geert Wilders.
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  34. Brilliant reflection from "IQ and the Wealth of Nations"
  35. Is Angler Better at 'Critical Thought' Than Aquinas?
  36. What is the Fed's actual role in modern state of affairs
  37. Dr. William Pierce's philosophy and his plan: was he right, or was he wrong?
  38. variance in Black homicide by state
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  40. Resolved: people are too emotional about logic
  41. Non-Christian Humanism
  42. Debate: Islamophobia or Antisemitism, Which is worse?
  43. Debate: Money. Does it exist?
  44. Samiam, Might is right?
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  48. Anti-Establishment Protests - Slow Down All Freight Rail Traffic