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  1. Marijuana increases IQ
  2. Marijuana Counters Brain Damage
  3. Mental health problems of British Blacks
  4. The Blank Slate, The Noble Savage, and the Ghost in the Machine
  5. Creative Genius or Psychotic?
  6. On "Love"
  7. Males have greater g: Sex differences in general mental ability
  8. This is your brain on ecstasy
  9. Reefer madness
  10. How crazy are you?
  11. And Then It Dawned On No One But Myself
  12. Endocannabinoids and Schizophrenia
  13. The Perfect Mark
  14. Brazil's Pirahã Tribe - Living without Numbers or Time
  15. Boy genius pens first novel at 8 (IQ of 200+)
  16. Question for users with Asperger's
  17. Brain Scans Get at Roots of Prejudice
  18. Do IQ tests measure intelligence?
  19. Mainstream schools can't manage special needs pupils, say teachers
  20. Correlates of general mental ability
  21. "Sex is essential, kids aren't" Modern GENIUS!
  22. More men than women say 'I do' to marriage, family
  23. Are Racialists INTPs?
  24. IQs in Different Fields
  25. Genetic and environmental impacts on IQ and personality in siblings
  26. The g Factor
  27. Subconscious drives into racialism
  28. What's Your Personality Type?
  29. In Defense of Freud
  30. Female Sexual Aggression
  31. Psychopaths among us
  32. Sex Matters: Gender imbalance can cause militarism
  33. Race, Intelligence, Science
  34. "Nietzsche's Madness"
  35. High IQ and Religiousness
  36. Are near-death experiences a dream?
  37. IQ scores reflect brain structure
  38. Mensa
  39. A reading list for the philosophy of psychology
  40. Genotypic intelligence in decline?
  41. Theoretical Perspectives
  42. Anti-depressants
  43. anyone knows here about dream interpretations?
  44. IQ and Musical Ability
  45. Working memory is (almost) perfectly predicted by g
  46. Corporal punishment
  47. The Original Captain Trips
  48. Left-Handedness Giftedness and Brain Structure
  49. World happiness map
  50. The Farm
  51. Female-On-Female Hate
  52. The Two Couches
  53. Personality disorder test
  54. Older White Males most likely to commit suicide
  55. The Reality of The Human Pecking Order
  56. In-utero radiation exposure, effect on IQ
  57. The war against boys
  58. Why Are Attractive/Intelligent People treated better?
  59. Study Suggests Infants "Tune In" To Familiar Face Groups
  60. Paranoid?
  61. Why Smart People Suicide
  62. JP Rushton: Men are more intelligent than women
  63. Out-of-body experiences and the brain
  64. Neural plasticity model of intelligence
  65. GMAT and g Factor
  66. IQ Rears Its Ugly Head Again
  67. kaneism
  68. An fMRI investigation of emotional engagement in moral judgment.
  69. Do I suffer from a mental disorder?
  70. Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire
  71. Evaluation of human rationality
  72. Blue-Eyed Men Prefer Blue-Eyed Women
  73. The Limited Plasticity Of Human Intelligence
  74. Successful Schizophrenia?
  75. Low IQs are Africa's curse, says [Asian] lecturer
  76. Arthur Jensen's new book
  77. IQ Since "The Bell Curve"
  78. Introversion - the hidden face of sanity?
  79. Do genetics prove the White race is superior?
  80. Suppressing Intelligence Research by Linda Gottfredson
  81. Intelligence Profile of The Jews
  82. How close are we to achieving our intellectual potential?
  83. Genetic Factors Admitted By Economist
  84. Do disasters destroy social cooperation? (2005)
  85. Twice As Many Men As Women With An IQ Of 120-Plus
  86. Psychotic Visitors To The White House (1965)
  87. Gifted children
  88. Rural blacks lag behind in sub-Saharan Africa
  89. WORDSUM Vocabulary Test
  90. Children are extremely group conscious.
  91. Mystical states and experiences, and their neurological (or other) basis
  92. Who is more likely to believe something without adequate grounds?
  93. People still judge by appearance.
  94. Natural Chemical Found In Strawberries Boosts Memory In Healthy Mice
  95. Future research on Ashkenazi intelligence?
  96. Consciousness Without Faith
  97. Cold climate leads to higher intelligence
  98. Higher IQ, safer people
  99. Altruism: An Accident of Nature?
  100. Intelligence in the classroom - half of all children are stupid
  101. The intellectually gifted
  102. New Evidence Found for Childhood Family Factors Influencing Sexual Orientation
  103. What is your I.Q. score?
  104. Race disparaties in mathematics
  105. How Might Homosexuality Develop?
  106. Heritability Latest
  107. Good IQ is one of four biological requirements to be creative
  108. Stress Management for Dummies
  109. The Outsiders
  110. The Nuclear Family
  111. Substance vs. Presentation
  112. Ms. Temple Grandin's Wonderful Invention
  113. How manipulative are you ?
  114. Why is holocaust revisionism considered newsworthy?
  115. What are your arguments against homosexuality?
  116. shoutbox debate carryover
  117. Are white people egomaniacs?
  118. What "Mind" Isn't
  119. New evidence of the negative correlation between IQ and criminal behavior
  120. Autistic "Genius" with 250+ IQ
  121. The Basis of "Racial Differences"
  122. Neanderthal theory of Asperger-Adhd
  123. Living with autism in a world made for others
  124. Deus Ex Mentis
  125. Study: Voters Respond to Candidate's Face (another reason to abolish voting)
  126. Tail Tales
  127. Incest: taboo
  128. Do mental tests measure intelligence?
  129. Race and Psychopathic Personality
  130. Negroid students lag in all schools' tests.
  131. Hallucinogen in Mushrooms Creates Universal “Mystical” Experience
  132. What Makes Western Culture Unique?
  133. Which has more weight?
  134. The Most Influential Therapists
  135. Attention Span and Reasoning May Get Higher Marks Than Intelligence
  136. 1940s IQ Tests Helping to Reveal How lifestyle Affects the Brain
  137. Hysteria
  138. God is biochemistry and meme
  139. Study Reveals People Willing to Steal from the Rich
  140. Early Tests Predict Adult IQ
  141. Racial Disparities Persist in Special Education, Discipline
  142. Primitive modern man mimics lower primates
  143. Children with religious parents are better behaved says study
  144. Fooled by Preconceptions
  145. What is the Structure of the Mind?
  146. The Uselessness of "Spiritual" Healing
  147. Flies Show Free Will
  148. It's Official: Conservatism is "Mental Illness"
  149. Henri Bergson on the Creative Mind
  150. The addiction
  151. What is love?
  152. Dyslexia 'is just a middle-class way to hide stupidity'
  153. Why you do NOT need to be a creationist to disbelieve in evolutionary psychology
  154. The Faggot/Paederast Problem
  155. Medication
  156. urban medicine walk
  157. Sex Differences Re-asserted - Feminist shocked
  158. Finger length realism
  159. Non-materialist neuroscience book gets sympathetic review in Publishers’ Weekly
  160. Evolutionary psychology: Goodbye cruel US - prof claims EP's future is Asia
  161. Catalysts to dreams
  162. Study: Neanderthal Brain Less Troubled
  163. Humanitarian charity like gluttony or sodomy
  164. Inanimate Vampires
  165. Two-year-old 'Matilda' becomes youngest ever girl in Mensa (IQ of 152)
  166. Culture of Atrocity
  167. Excerpts from Otto Weininger, "Sex And Character"
  168. Women's brains respond to erotic images as quickly and strongly as men's.
  169. Autism linked to growth hormones, big heads
  170. Men view faces in sexy photos
  171. Subliminal Advertising Leaves Its Mark On The Brain
  172. Study proves female weakness
  173. Dangerous Ideas
  174. People trust Yahoo! and Google just for the brand
  175. Excerpts from H.L. Mencken, "In Defense of Women" (1922)
  176. Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature
  177. Babies not as innocent as they pretend
  178. Jewish genius: Otto Weininger
  179. Milner & Goodale's two visual pathways hypothesis
  180. Violent crime linked to lead poisoning?
  181. Derren Brown - photographic memory feats.
  182. Video: Chris Langan ~200 IQ Bouncer
  183. Left brain or Right brain; which are you?
  184. Aieioiuoa
  185. IQ Defended (a Bit) By Oxford Prof
  186. Arousal not identical to desire
  187. An evolutionary perspective on Thai sexual attitudes and behavior
  188. Nootropics
  189. Strange quotation from Beyondism by Cattell
  190. Gender and Racial Attitudes: A Cross National Study
  191. Do you qualify for the Triple 9 Society?
  192. Sociopaths
  193. Dangerous questions by Steven Pinker? Materialists have NO dangerous questions.
  194. Brain Size Correlated With Intelligence - New Review
  195. DYSGENICS: Why crime is increasing
  196. Help on IQ
  197. Standards for scholarship tightened; fewer nonwhites qualify.
  198. Masculine Mystique in politics - Psychoanalysis
  199. Altruism: Another Possible Blow Against Purity
  200. A world of surprises for the Politically Correct !
  201. Hormones Yield Sex Difference In Math
  202. Personality, Essence, Soul (metaphysics)
  203. The Tyranny of Ambiguity @Sprinklehopper
  204. Benjamin Libet R.I.P.
  205. Gaslighting
  206. U.S. Military Underestimates PTSD Problem
  207. Mental health neglected worldwide
  208. Science Fiction TV as a propaganda device.
  209. Different cognitive processes underlie human mate choices and mate preferences
  210. Czech speedway rider knocked out in crash wakes up speaking perfect English
  211. SPECTACULAR SCIENCE: The Lie Detector's Ambivalent Powers
  212. Indians Aren’t That Intelligent (On Average)
  213. "morals"
  214. How to Help the Left Half of the Bell Curve
  215. Study shows owners get sucked in by robotic vacuum
  216. Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the Existence of the Soul (book review)
  217. White males as honest as Black females
  218. Reagan's America - Online psychohistory book
  219. Black Gay Men, Lesbians, Have Fewer Mental Disorders Than Whites, Says Study
  220. M. Charles Murray versus James Lynn: debate
  221. New GRE cancelled - the cost of attempted gap-reduction?
  222. The Fatherless Civilization (modern Westerners as permanent infantiles)
  223. Group-Trance
  224. Mechanistic vs. organic worldview
  225. Reading Minds
  226. Risk of abuse is higher in nontraditional families, experts say
  227. Homosexuals and the 10% myth. Homosexuals are only 1-3% of population
  228. Blog Readability Assessment Tool
  229. Babies 'can tell friend from foe'
  230. Denial makes the world go round
  231. Perceptions of virility and presidential elections
  232. Cyber Social Divisions Reflect Reality
  233. Female-On-Female Rape - An Underestimated Problem?
  234. Major depression most common
  235. Lack of sleep is a lot like mental illness
  236. Open Secrets and Undiscussable Problems
  237. Right Brain vs. Left Brain
  238. "Recruited" - A former gay activist speaks.
  239. Addiction to Online Video Games
  240. Cultural differences alter brain's hard-wiring
  241. He's Not as Smart as He Thinks
  242. Cool card trick - can you spot how it's done?
  243. Indians want white females
  244. Humanist morality makes us degenerates
  245. Is Psychology a Science?
  246. Deep brain stimulation may improve memory
  247. Does anyone have any experience with mental illness?
  248. Jewish Thought Cops Attack Prof MacDonald For 'Ideas'
  249. Scientific Proof Women are Natural Prostitutes
  250. Why Don't The French Get As Fat As Americans?