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  1. Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story
  2. Reverse human evolution plausible, testable, U.S. biologist says
  3. The Twists and Turns of History, and of DNA
  4. Human Genetic Diversity: Lewontin's fallacy (paper)
  5. Separation of Man and Ape Down to Gene _Expression
  6. Monkey See, Monkey Glow - genetically modified primates
  7. Stupidity should be cured, says DNA discoverer
  8. Winters Are Good For Your Genes
  9. Getting Evolution Up to Speed ("genetic reprogramming")
  10. Genes Are Not Telling the Whole Story
  11. Jews, Genes, and Intelligence: A Lecture by Steven Pinker
  12. From Squeak to Syntax: Language's Incremental Evolution
  13. Population Genetics and Behavior
  14. DNA tests open way to entitlement claims
  15. "Biologically Correct"
  16. Sex cues ruin men's decisiveness
  17. The Race To Swift: Do You Have The Right Ancestry?
  18. Genetic Structure and Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity
  19. Gene may affect IQ in males
  20. Non-Coding DNA Has “Far More Complexity Than Was Imagined”
  21. Male pregnancy rollercoaster
  22. Studies Find Elusive Key to Cell Fate in Embryo
  23. Schizophrenia as Misstep by Giant Gene
  24. Genetically Modified Foods: Breeding Uncertainty
  25. Researchers identify intelligence gene
  26. The Genetic Future Is Now: Redesigning Humans vs. Regulating Science
  27. Will Genetics Be Neo-Darwinism’s Downfall?
  28. Zooplankton survey plumbs the depths
  29. Scientists Discover Gene Linked to Higher Rates of Prostate Cancer
  30. Report urges support for parents with learning difficulties
  31. Nicholas Wade’s Before The Dawn: A Milestone On Long Road Back From Race Denial
  32. Genes' Role in Cancer May Be Overestimated
  33. 'Designer baby' bid gets go-ahead
  34. Scientists developing genetically-engineered bomb-sniffing flowers
  35. Sex offender's son, 9, charged with rape.
  36. Tuscany's Etruscan claim knocked
  37. Human Genome Project announces mapping of Chromosome 1 (again)
  38. In Defense of Selfish Genes
  39. Human Ancestors May Have Interbred With Chimpanzees
  40. Jews Reject European Stemcells
  41. You A Big Fyne Wom'n, Won't U Bak Dat Azz Up!?
  42. How ancient whales lost their legs, got sleek and conquered the oceans
  43. The DNA sequence and biological annotation of human chromosome 1
  44. Genetic Engineering Via Virus Vectors A Possibility?
  45. DNA traces criminals in the family
  46. EGHM I: the slow death of the "one gene-one enzyme" hypothesis
  47. Respected Cornell geneticist rejects Darwinism in his recent book
  48. Transgenic drug gets the go-ahead in Europe
  49. Project plans map of Neanderthal genome
  50. Ancient Mitochondrial 'eve' Loses adam-More Old Women Than Men
  51. From Embryonic Stem Cell Support to Its Opposition
  52. Mother’s diet can tinker with baby’s genes
  53. Vikings possessed natural immunization to the AIDS virus
  54. Evolutionary Trees “Positively Misleading”
  55. Genetic mutation turns tot into superboy
  56. Fossils depict aquatic origins of birds 115 million years ago
  57. Scientist’s Study Of Brain Genes Sparks a Backlash
  58. Cultural Differences: A DNA link ?
  59. Fertility Treatments Could Save Europe !!
  60. The Lessons of the Askenazim: Groups and Genes
  61. Polymorphisms in DRD4 contribute to individual differences in human sexual behavior
  62. Thirty Years of The Selfish Gene
  63. Do genetic Differences justify Racism?
  64. Hispanic Obesity
  65. Blacks, Whites Affected Differently by Smoking
  66. Leading Geneticist Exposes Hazards of Gene-Altered Foods & Crops
  67. Encyclopedia of all human gene mutations planned
  68. Estrogen Affects Black and White Women Differently During Stress
  69. Newborn babies born with tails
  70. Jeremy Rifkin: Beyond Genetically Modified Crops
  71. The Blue People of Kentucky
  72. How Consumers Drove Genetically Engineered Foods off the Shelves in UK & Europe
  73. Famous geneticist guilty of molestation
  74. Ageing 'linked to social status'
  75. Nature vs. Nurture: Mysteries of Individuality Unraveled
  76. Scientists Say They’ve Found a Code Beyond Genetics in DNA
  77. Nice Rats, Nasty Rats: Maybe It’s All in the Genes
  78. Another Study Shows GM Crops Do Not Reduce Use of Toxic Pesticides
  79. Humans are genetically deteriorating
  80. Cervical cancer virus risk may depend on race
  81. Protestors, With Public Support, Keep Destroying GM Crops in France
  82. Ancient gene recreated from modern descendants
  83. 'Warrior' gene blamed for Maori violence
  84. Waterproof rice can outlast the floods
  85. Death of Y may spawn new human species
  86. MP sorry for Norfolk "inbreeding" comments
  87. Ice Age DNA may now be sequenced
  88. Researchers creating life from scratch
  89. The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
  90. Scientists Backtrack on Embryonic Research Claims
  91. Fastest-evolving human gene linked to brain boost
  92. Mammoths may roam again after 27,000 years
  93. Single gene turns fruit flies into fighters
  94. UK Researcher: Embryonic Cells Have Never Treated Anyone and no Plans exist to do so
  95. Voles Throw Evolutionary Genetics Into Disarray
  96. Integrating micro- and macroevolution of development through the study of horned beet
  97. Rh-, Paleskin, Freckles, Red Hair, Mental Alterity, MC1R=Neanderthal?
  98. Native American Y Hg Q as Northern-Atlantean signature
  99. Genetic Illiterate Has Questions
  100. Gene-Altered Profit-Killer
  101. Mystery disease killing lions in India
  102. Portuguese Negroids / Negroid Portuguese?
  103. Smallest genome clocks in at 182 genes
  104. Lactose Intolerance Linked To Ancestral Environment (2005)
  105. Cat Cloning Company Closes
  106. The most GE-free country worldwide? (Guess who)
  107. Monsanto sees 56% drop in sales of GM traits and soy seeds
  108. Gene therapy reduces Parkinson’s symptoms
  109. You were born with your future facial expressions
  110. Is Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics an Appropriate Example of Evolutionary Change?
  111. Study: Human Embryonic Stem Cells May Cause Brain Tumours
  112. Genetic basis for Violence
  113. Neanderthal Gene could only be passed by interbreeding with humans
  114. Differences In Sexual Desire Can Be Attributed To Genetic Variances
  115. Many human genes evolved recently
  116. Myths of British Ancestry
  117. Do genetics prove the White race is superior?
  118. Genetics and Behavior
  119. Tacitus on german and jews.
  120. Sub-Saharan admixture in Europe
  121. very simple proof that interbreeding INCREASES genetic diversity
  122. Racial IQ gap remains consistent
  123. Neanderthals in Our Midst (Are Neanderthals Ancestors of Modern Eurasians?)
  124. Neanderthal FAQ
  125. The Case of European Alcohol Consumption
  126. Lactose tolerance
  127. Study - Humans can be as much as 10% genetically different than one another
  128. Putting nutrients back into wheat
  129. Distinct Genetic Profiles for Northern, Southern Europeans Found
  130. AEI debate - The Black-White IQ Gap: Is It Closing? Will It Ever Go Away?
  131. MX Rienzi: Facing Facts-Racial Realities
  132. Setting the record straight on Dawkins
  133. 95.8%
  134. Race of national groups
  135. Race of national groups
  136. We all have genetic interests
  137. What if the hereditarian hypothesis is true?
  138. Optimal outbreeding theory
  139. Genetics Of Eye Colour Unlocked
  140. Decoding of Mammoth Genome Might Lead to Resurrection
  141. Science told: hands off gay sheep
  142. Two Realms hypothesis refuted
  143. Oppenheimer’s “The Origins of the British”
  144. 13th Amendment
  145. Genetic killswitch coming
  146. Genetic expression speaks as loudly as gene type
  147. Farmyard freaks
  148. Gene Found That Protects People from Severe Kidney Failure, linked to Race
  149. Bedouin Genetic Defect Identified by Israeli Scientists
  150. Variation in gene expression between Europeans and Africans
  151. The Hitchhiker's Guide To Altruism: Study Explains How Costly Traits Evolve
  152. evolutionary throwbacks
  153. PANTS ON FIRE AWARDS - 2006 (Pro-GM lies)
  154. Some data regarding the inexistence of 'race'
  155. non-whiteadmixtuer admixture in the Dutch and Belgians
  156. Negroid Elam?
  157. The wanderlust gene. A key to human migration.
  158. Y-Haplotype X in the Balkans
  159. Higher black premature birth rates due to genes
  160. Four-legged duckling shocks owner
  161. Sub-Saharan origin of the Greeks
  162. Early Europeans unable to stomach milk
  163. A Chimp for President (No, not that one)
  164. Understanding human races: the retreat of neutralism.
  165. Acceleration of adaptive evolution in modern humans.
  166. Mutant Chicken Grows Alligatorlike Teeth
  167. Mules and Hinnies, fertility from Wikipedia
  168. Genetic History of all Races
  169. Making Sense of Heredity
  170. Does Inbreeding Correct Itself
  171. The World's Only Blue Rose
  172. Another gene linked to IQ
  173. Hitchin’ a Ride: Darwinism is indispensable to Darwinists
  174. The Gene Bomb
  175. Is There A Genetic Basis To Race After All? (from mainstream magazine)
  176. Are all women bisexual?
  177. Rhesus macaque DNA Mapped
  178. Localizing recent adaptive evolution in the human genome
  179. More “Candy” Found in Junk DNA
  180. The Gosselins, 3/4 White but not White
  181. European Skin Turned Pale Only Recently, Gene Suggests
  182. For Zorn..on Testosterone..
  183. No Sex Please, We're Neandertals (Neandertal admixture)
  184. Evidence of ancient DNA reveals the first European lineage in Iron Age Central China
  185. Genetic Basis of Personality & Behavior
  186. U.S. polygamist community faces rare genetic disorder
  187. Is therapeutic cloning obsolete?
  188. Researchers may remake Neanderthal DNA
  189. Humans Have Spread Globally, and Evolved Locally
  190. The Chimp-Human 1% Difference: A Useful Lie
  191. Racial discrimination tied to breast cancer risk
  192. Men Conceived Through Fertility Treatment Have a Sperm Count Half the Normal: Study
  193. BBC delves into Brazilians' roots
  194. No Genetic Reason to Discourage Cousin Marriage
  195. Consortium of Scientists Discover Major Glitch in Modern Gene Theory
  196. Alloxysta Victrix (Hymenoptera: Charipidae)
  197. Mastodon genome sheds light on human evolution
  198. Whites at least 10% different from Blacks
  199. Adaptivity Of Blue Eyes
  200. Biologists Take Definitive Stance in "Race Debate"
  201. Blondism linked to stuttering
  202. Pakistani/Greek Genetic Link
  203. Each person's genetic makeup differs far more than previously known: study
  204. Genes Discourage Alcoholism in Jews
  205. Gene For Left-handedness Identified
  206. Genetic variance in emotional memory
  207. Finding said to show “race isn’t real” scrapped
  208. Dog breeding - proof that Darwin was right? Hardly, says prof
  209. The structure of common genetic variation in U.S. populations
  210. The gene that makes your mouth water
  211. “Central Dogma” of Genetics Is Dead
  212. Mommy gene may explain birth rate
  213. New York Times on racial extinction
  214. Human Chimerism
  215. Study seeks genetic roots of homosexuality
  216. Africans are less intelligent than Westerners, says DNA pioneer
  217. French Skepticism of GMO Crops Signals Seismic Policy Shift
  218. Are Boys An Endangered Species?
  219. Race, Genes, and Intelligence
  220. Slate/Race/IQ
  221. Fleming on the Descent of Man
  222. The Blonde Map of Europe
  223. Do you want to live to be 1000?
  224. A Possible Explanation for the Flynn Effect
  225. Tiny genetic differences have huge consequences
  226. Blue eyes result of ancient genetic 'mutation'
  227. 6 autistic kids in one family
  228. Culture = heritage = values = biology, new paper suggests
  229. Books on Evolutionary Psychology
  230. Scientists find way to scan for cloned meat
  231. Pest develops resistance to GM crops
  232. What is the probablility of a child with dark brown eyes?
  233. Role of Memes and Genes in Culture
  234. Super Cows
  235. What Makes Finnish Kids So Smart?
  236. Question on offspring
  237. Ethnic DNA differences greater than expected
  238. Genetic underpinnings of schizophrenia revealed
  239. Who's your daddy? Answer's at the drugstore
  240. British researchers create human-animal hybrid embryo amid political row
  241. Sexual selection falsified in the famous case of Darwin's peacock feathers
  242. Studies show criminality is highly heritable
  243. Schizophrenic parents more than twice as likely to have autistic child
  244. Row over health risk to cousins who marry
  245. Antipsychotics Affect Races Differently
  246. Extinct gene brought back to life
  247. Paper suggests class is key to academic ability
  248. Cease and Desist Genetic Testing: California Court
  249. The genetic legacy of nomadism may be an inability to settle - explains ADHD?
  250. Genetic Link to Violence, Delinquency