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  1. The True Origins of Satanism.
  2. Occultism in African Governance
  3. DAVID ICKE: The Lizards and the Jews
  4. The Evil Bush Family
  5. The Aryan Satanic Front and the Order of the Serpent
  6. 666 and the Golden Ratio
  7. 6-6-6 Approaching
  8. The jewish God is really an archdemon
  9. Hollow earth
  10. Jesus = Buddha = Krishna = Horus = Amon = the sun?!??!??!
  11. Savitri Devi
  12. The religion of National-Socialism
  13. Star Wars from a esoteric view.
  14. With which animal do you most identify?
  15. Which is the most mystical race?
  16. Diary of the Bizarre
  17. Viktor Schauberger & The UFO's Of Nazi Germany
  18. the Malleus Maleficarum
  19. Zodiac
  20. Otto Rahn - SS mystic - quester for the Grail
  21. The Holy Grail
  22. What's your opinion on UFOs?
  23. Ahknaton's images
  24. "Do what thou Will be the whole of the Law."
  25. Mercyful Fate
  26. David Icke interview on the Terry Wogan show
  27. Pick a number at random
  28. Erich von Däniken
  29. Who Are The Illuminati?
  30. Dracula the Luciferian Warrior.
  31. Satanism And Racialism: Dividing Lines and Common Ties
  32. David Lane's 14/88 Pyramid Prophecy and the 2012 Mayan Calendar Event
  33. Woman claims to be descendent of Jesus Christ
  34. August 22: Armageddon?
  35. Cryptozoology
  36. David Icke needs money ASAP - Attempts to Silence him and Steal his Work
  37. Hitler and Stalin were possessed by the Devil, says Vatican exorcist
  38. 'Secret' Origins of the White Race?
  39. Occult History of Third Reich
  40. Hitler the Occultist
  41. Alex Linder bashes Odinism
  42. Renaming the Swamphut
  43. My father's very large, slightly famous "New Age" Christian website
  44. The sub-forum soon-to-be formerly known as Auntie Poulet's Swamphut renaming poll
  45. The Swamphut renaming poll Part II: The Final Showdown
  46. Mystical wordplay
  47. The Origins Of Fairy Tales
  48. Secret Indian military program develops anti-gravity device?
  49. Crystals
  50. A Prophecy from the Inner Earth?
  51. Telekinesis
  52. Theozoology
  53. Ghosts?
  54. Numerology
  55. Which planet best represents you?
  56. Leprechauns!
  57. In Response to the Phora Crusade
  58. Your Zodiac Sign?
  59. Meaning of Thor's Hammer and connection to other symbols.
  60. On Superstitions
  61. Black Cat Frightens Tenants in Tel Aviv (2003)
  62. Raising the Dead
  63. Ziggurat Reading List: Post your book recommendations here
  64. Scared to death by fairies
  65. Werewolves/Shapeshifting
  66. Porno
  67. Proper Aryan Behavior Toward Non-Aryans
  68. So was David Icke right?
  69. Detached from detachment.
  70. The Numbers
  71. Astrological signs correlate with accident rates
  72. Runes and Futhark
  73. 13 Baktuns of the Mayan calendar "Great Cycle"
  74. Bhagavad-Gita/Daoism
  75. Does Race have any spiritual significance?
  76. Free Association Thread
  77. Triskaidekaphobia
  78. Christianity is spiritual death and weakness.
  79. The Inner West: An Introduction to the Hidden Wisdom of the West
  80. Wrestlemania MMXII
  81. Esoteric National Socialism for Dummies! Part One!
  82. The 23 Enigma...
  83. Neo-Nazis seek Iranian funding for expedition to South America
  84. Tibetan Rites of rejuvenation
  85. Shamanism
  86. Telepathy
  87. Occult Analysis of Phora members' usernames
  88. Comment on Britny tragedy
  89. Was 9/11 an Occult Ritual?
  90. The Pentachronic
  91. Hitler’s Antarctic base: the myth and the reality
  92. Mercury
  93. Calendar Systems: What Year Is It?
  94. Did the US land on the moon?
  95. The Secret...
  96. G. I. Gurdjieff: Irish?
  97. A History of Occult Tarot
  98. The Peacock Angel of the Yezidis
  99. Third Reich and UFO technology/Sightings
  100. Are witches one of Britains forgotten saviours ?.
  101. Semen power the power of 4 billion Suns
  102. God versus Goddess
  103. Have you ever seen a non-human, featherless biped?
  104. Paul McCartney died in '66.
  105. La Santa Muerte; Death's adoration in Mexico dismays Catholic Church
  106. Ancient Robots, Aircraft and U.F.O.s
  107. Swastikas in Ireland
  108. Haiti & Dominican Republic UFO videos
  109. First Contact: 1974 Deep Space Transmission Responded
  110. Was the World Trade Center Destroyed by some sort of Electro-Magnetic Weaponry?
  111. Eye of Horus
  112. A new age of quantum madness (occult ideas invading godless science)
  113. Occult Symbolism in Pop Culture
  114. Bush makes corna gesture in 9/11 moment of silence
  115. Are aliens "White"?
  116. Foot 'n Mouth Disease rereleased to break the English Nation.
  117. Kali- The Age of Turmoil
  118. Famous people whose names resemble their deeds
  119. Black Helicopters
  120. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  121. Risk Stratego
  122. The Legend of Tamerlan
  123. Alice in Wonderland
  124. The View from the Ziggurat
  125. Beware the Zerg Invaders!
  126. Mysterious Blue "Cloud," Witnessed by Many, Seemingly Cavorts at Gas Station - Video
  127. Who built the pyramids, and how old are they?
  128. Your wild animal totems?
  129. Strange mental disturbance
  130. I-35, NAFTA, and Isaiah
  131. eden
  132. UFO sighting in Texas
  133. Anthro-Looking Statue on the surface of Mars?
  134. Swastikas in Company Logos
  135. Black Sun
  136. World Ages
  137. Lucifer is the Secret God of Secular Society
  138. McCain is The Son of Cain
  139. The Religious Experience of Phillip K Dick
  140. Who Let the Dogs Out?
  141. Real-life case of demon possession documented
  142. Esoteric Programming
  143. Is Richard Dawkins a Raelian?
  144. Penis-shrivelling sorcerers strike West Africa!
  145. Satanic Cults in Fashion in Rome, Says Priest
  146. 'I died in Jerusalem in 1276' - reincarnation?
  147. Synchronicity diary
  148. A Strange Thing Keeps Happening to Me
  149. Have You Ever Seen a Man in a Black Cape Running With Incredible Speed & Agility?
  150. Cockle, MacFarlane, and The Great Vector Debate
  151. De Ludo Kamandi
  152. Many Dutch prepare for 2012 apocalypse
  153. An Odd Presence in My Bedroom
  154. Sleep Paralysis Poll
  155. Ghosts.
  156. Hollywood Esoteric Films
  157. Bigfoot Corpse May Have Finally Been Recovered!
  158. The Intercosmic Consciousness of Vril[The Absolute Sovereignity]
  159. 100 Ways to Avoid Dying
  160. Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
  161. Runic-Ogham Correspondences-Fehu/Feoh/Fa/Fe/Fern
  162. That Old Serpent - cultural background of Genesis 3
  163. Zodiacs, horoscopes…
  164. Japan's Ice-Age Underwater Pyramid - Est. 10,000 BC
  165. Esoteric-Occult reading list?
  166. A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Man
  167. Something for Mentious
  168. Nordic Runes - otoh - Slawic alphabet
  169. dentists & fillings, dictatorship/conspiracy or paranoia?
  170. "Guardian" video of UFO landing in Canada?
  171. The Kybalion
  172. any New Dawn Magazine Readers out there?
  173. Wacky Joy of Satan Leader Becomes Possessed By Daemons on Youtube
  174. Obama - Reincarnation of Pharoah Akhenaton?
  175. Near-Death Experiences and close encounters
  176. Psychic Vampires
  177. Miguel Serrano has died, 1917-2009
  178. Alien Abductions.
  179. Are you a Starseed ?
  180. Cambodians pray at Pol Pot's grave for lucky lottery numbers, jobs
  181. The Hollow Earth - Subterranean Civilizations - Agartha
  182. Is time travel possible?
  183. The 2012 Enigma
  184. Death..the end or the beginning?
  185. Aryan Secret Societies-The Odin Brotherhood
  186. 666 myths and origins
  187. Thelema & Aleister Crowley..
  188. Birkat Hachama and the Anglo-Saxon Week
  189. A Conversation with Dr Stephen Flowers[aka Edred Thorsson]
  190. Freemasonic and Satanic Symbolism (and Possession) in American Negro Pop Music
  191. Most Sinister Corporate Logos
  192. Is this man Lucifer?
  193. Transformers 2: Esoteric Analysis
  194. Twin Souls.
  195. The Secret Magdalene
  196. Banned From The Bible
  197. "Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin
  198. David Icke - July 12th 2009 - Don't Take The Flu Vaccine!
  199. Shapeshifting Videos
  200. What is.. and who is Charlie Manson?...
  201. Haunted Playground Video Clip from Argentina
  202. Freemasons jailed in Fiji, suspected of witchcraft and sorcery
  203. Eclipse Spells Doom?
  204. Chimeras
  205. Backward Masking Obama
  206. What are the Greys?
  207. Weird dream and history of the town I was near.
  208. Anunnaki Female Extraterrestrial Alien
  209. Gnosticism
  210. Manna Food Of The Gods
  211. The Celtic Zodiac.
  212. sticky thread: extraterrestrial lifeforms
  213. Who was Merlin?
  214. Obama - NWO Dupe?
  215. UFO seen flying out of Moscow "Halo Cloud" footage
  216. Crop Circles
  217. "How can i summon Satan?"
  218. 2012 (the film and beyond)
  219. Zermatism, and the art of Stanisław Szukalski
  220. Internet Magic!
  221. Bizarre Spiral over Norway, thousands witness and film it
  222. Ark of the Covenant
  223. Is fluoride turning everybody gay?
  224. Mars Anomalies
  225. Indo-European/Semitic solar symbols!
  226. Just wondering
  227. Aleister Crowley's Pro-German WWI Propaganda
  228. Architects of Control, by Michael Tsarion...
  229. Masonic MTV Music Awards
  230. What is your blood RH factor?
  231. The Wiccan Dagger Murder
  232. Transhumanism
  233. Déjà vu - spiritual explanations?
  234. Who are the Pagan gods?
  235. The Destroyer Star and the Future of Mankind
  236. How Old is the All-Seeing Eye?
  237. Ancient Aliens Series 2010
  238. Maria Orsic and the Vril Society
  239. Indian 'holy man' perplexes doctors - claims hasn't eaten or drank for 70 years
  240. Poll: Do Chemtrails Exist?
  241. "Awakening" Sun May Give Whites Breakaway Chance
  242. NASA images with false backgrounds?
  243. How Magnets Work
  244. Is this what Aryans from other planets look like?
  245. Prometheus and Lucifer
  246. 'Eyes Wide Shut' and Masonism
  247. UFO over China
  248. Napoleon and the Hidden Hand
  249. Go Underground? (if offered by Gov, etc during Chaos)
  250. Skull Elongation Fact Thread