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  1. Italy's Fascist soccer player
  2. Di Canio and Lazio summoned for re-education
  3. Germany girds itself for English invasion
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  5. 1,000 English hooligans to be allowed to go to World Cup after bans expire
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  26. Good excuse for missing work tomorrow?
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  29. Viva Mexico
  30. Germans parody-video "Ten German Bombers in the air"
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  33. German footballsupporter stabbed by wogs because of German flags on his cheeks
  34. USA Loses
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  36. The Simpsons on Soccer
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  38. Two die as hardline Islamists ban World Cup (Somalia)
  39. Switzerland 0 - 0 Cote d'Ivoire & Senegal Select XI
  40. Fans killed for cheering too much
  41. Ha ha Poland lost again
  42. England 2 Run-away slaves 0.
  43. Sweden beating Paraguay
  44. Argentina - Serbia
  45. Au revoir Cote d'Ivoire
  46. Czech Republic losing already
  47. The SandNigger Terrorists Are Eliminated From The World Cup
  48. US -1 Italy -1
  49. Cote d'Ivoire et Senegal Selecte XI 1 - 1 Coree
  50. Spain 3, poor sand people 1 (Tunisia)
  51. Ukraine 4, rich sand people 0 (Saudi Arabia)
  52. Where does israel belong?
  53. Patriotic Baboons flying the flag for England in the World Cup
  54. Australia vs Croatia
  55. Portugal
  56. Predict Who You Think Will Go To The Quarter Finals
  57. Sweden = pwn3d
  58. LOL which referee is this?
  59. Argentina 2-1 Mexico
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  61. Three Lions
  62. Nil, Nil, the Nihilism of Soccer
  63. England 1 - Ecuador 0
  64. Spain - France
  65. ITA vs AUS
  66. Hundreds of England fans arrested after violence
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  68. disgusting Brazilians
  69. Predict Who You Think Will Go To The Semi-Finals
  70. Who Do You Think Is The Greatest Football Team To Have Never Won A World Cup
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  78. France did it
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  81. Hollywood
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  83. Look at this brazil fan's website.. wtf?
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  92. Italy win World Cup on penalties
  93. An example of healthy and proper ethnic pride
  94. Germany '06
  95. Italy:Ex-minister insults French team
  96. Berlin World Cup coordinator shoots self
  97. Calciopoli Scandal verdict - Juve, Lazio, Fiorentina relelgated, Milam survive
  98. Strict Refs and Good Prep Made for Fewer World Cup Injuries
  99. Steve Sailer on American soccer fans
  100. Martin Jacques: One Step Backwards
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  104. Euro 2008 : France avenge World Cup final defeat
  105. Northern Ireland 3 - Spain 2.
  106. Horan plans Hitler salute at World Cup final venue
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  109. Israel - Russia 1:1
  110. Soccer Fans form human swastika at soccer game...
  111. Israel beats France, qualifies for Euro Championship
  112. Sheva is back!!!
  113. Nice to see Real beat Barcelona today!
  114. The best football league
  115. F.A. Cup. 3rd round.
  116. UEFA team of the year 2006
  117. UEFA Champions league continues
  118. Man Utd
  119. Go Pats
  120. You support....???
  121. "We're not Brazil, we're Northern Ireland".
  122. Alan Ball MBE.
  123. Good for AC Milan!
  124. Hugo Chavez showing some mad futbol skills
  125. flashback to Mexico 1986: Diego Armando Maradonna pwns England
  126. Viduka pressured to quit
  127. England vs. Russia - Euro 2008 Qualification - 8pm BST Tonight
  128. Jose Mourinho leaves chelsea
  129. jabba the hutt trying to buy Arsenal?.
  130. Italian police kill football fan
  131. Kikes 2-1 Ivans. Huzzah!
  132. McClaren sacked as England coach
  133. It was so easy to beat England, mocks Croatia skipper Kovac
  134. Where to DL Womens world cup matches.
  135. hooligan footage
  136. How a Proud Basque Team Is Resisting Globalization - Atletic Bilbao
  137. Tottenham Complete Modric Signing - ₤20 million
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  139. UEFA finals today!!!! jews are going to win.
  140. Champions League Final
  141. FIFA backing for '6+5' rule to limit foreign players
  142. Euro 2008. Who are we supporting?
  143. Ronaldo - should Man United sell him?
  144. Germany going to crush poland!
  145. Found this on UTube.
  146. Dario Cvitanich eyes Croatia Role (Argentine Croat coming home)
  147. Soccer Hooliganism, American Style
  148. Football
  149. A Sign of the Times - Dubai Arabs Buy Manchester City
  150. Abramovich wants to sell Chelsea....to Gulf Arabs
  151. the micromanaged soccer children
  152. The Bulge in the Old Onion-bag gets the chop
  153. World Cup 2010 - Who will win?
  154. Henry Kissinger: World Cup According to Character (1986)
  155. North Korea qualify for World Cup
  156. United States beats Spain 2-0
  157. Black footballer vicious tackle
  158. Cakers Crush Croats!!
  159. Anti-racism: This is why soccer isn't popular in Australia
  160. Football and the Second World War
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  162. "I'd rather Scotland never reached another final than play a fraud like Cacau."
  163. England divided: how Terry tried to organise coup against Capello
  164. Three cheers for heroic DPR Koreans
  165. Henry and Toure released by Barca
  166. @ Niccolo
  167. World Cup Final
  168. Orange Devolution - Why all soccer fans should root for Holland to lose to Spain
  169. Boateng's injury of Ballack
  170. Kaka gets knee surgery
  171. Who is the greatest football player ever?
  172. The 2018 & 2022 winners are...
  173. Korean player makes monkey gestures to Japan
  174. Neil Lennon (celtic manager).
  175. Bayern-Chelsea final
  176. Mario: I’ll kill these Nazi thugs
  177. Euro 2012 Poland/Ukraine
  178. Rangers are Finished
  179. Russia: Britain cheats in Olympics
  180. Calls for Serbia ban after English team suffers racist abuse
  181. Liverpool FC 'Warrior' logo
  182. [Scott Fujita] Acceptance by Example, on the Field and at Home
  183. Outrage as soccer club hires Fascist manager
  184. Congolese player upset at "racist" tweets
  185. Balotelli caught smoking, gets banned, chimps
  186. England coach Roy Hodgson fears 'Nazis' marring games
  187. Anti-racism taskforce must tackle 'nastiness' - Lord Ouseley
  188. England manager Roy Hodgson tells fans to cut out anti-IRA songs at Ireland friendly
  189. Liverpool turn air blue with explicit guide to staff for eradicating racist and ...
  190. "Nazi" chant: Croatian player banned from World Cup
  191. Rangers tax scheme works, according to Upper Tier Tax Tribunal
  192. Mario Balotelli criticised, CHIMPS OUT
  193. German and Irish fans 'indulged in shared hatred' of England
  194. Levski fined for mocking UEFA’s anti-racism campaign
  195. FIFA's 'culture of intimidation' must end, says Prince Ali
  196. Marine Le Pen tells Zlatan Ibrahimovic to leave France over 's*** country' row
  197. Ukraine football team Shakhtar Donetsk driven out by war
  198. 8 people killed at Brazilian soccer team's fan club
  199. Dark clouds gather over Russia’s 2018 World Cup preparations
  200. FA told Graham Taylor not to pick ‘too many’ black players for England
  201. FIFA adviser expresses sympathy for Palestinians
  202. Cristiano Ronaldo donates £5m to Nepal aid fund after earthquake – reports
  203. FIFA chief Blatter seeks Israel concession in Palestine dispute
  204. Palestine drops motion to suspend Israel from FIFA
  205. Barcelona complete record second treble, overpowering Juventus to lift UCL trophy
  206. Corruption scandal in Latin America takes shine off Copa America
  207. Italy's football striker donates 60K Euro for muslims
  208. United States beats Germany, 2-0, to advance to Women's World Cup final
  209. Women's World Cup final: U.S. defeats Japan, 5-2
  210. "England" v "Scotland" - 1881
  211. Zimbabwe out of World Cup qualifiers
  212. Leicester's Jamie Vardy apologises but faces racism probe
  213. Footballer Dominic Matteo Declares Bankruptcy, Amasses £1mil In Gambling Debts
  214. Football Association: Discrimination and racism on rise in English game
  215. Steven Gerrard denies El-Hadji Diouf racism claims
  216. Fifa: Sepp Blatter faces Swiss criminal investigation
  217. An Estimated 62 Workers Will Die For Every Game Played in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar
  218. Footballer suspended in Nazi symbol row
  219. Schweinsteiger sues over Nazi figurine lookalike
  220. FIFA Bans Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini for 8 Years Over $2M in Payments
  221. England could bid to host FIFA World Cup 2030 after Sepp Blatter ban
  222. 'They should move to Syria' - Ronaldo's sister slams statue vandals
  223. BBC Sport accused of 'anti-semitism' after Kike Tweet
  224. Arsenal condemn anti-Semitism after chants prior to derby at Tottenham
  225. GERMAN SPY CHIEF: ISIS will target the Euro 2016 football tournament
  226. 'It’s only working for the white kids': American soccer's diversity problem
  227. France to launch smartphone ‘terror alert’ app
  228. Racism In Sports 2016: Hate, Discrimination Growing In Soccer
  229. Italian soccer fans give Nazi salute, spit and boo during Hatikvah
  230. Austrian football fan gets 18 months for Hitler salute
  231. Supporters' group leaves Phoenix Rising FC game after anti-Nazi banner removed
  232. T-shirts hinting at Nazi invasion on sale in Germany ahead of Russia 2018 World Cup
  233. PSG shocked by Uefa probe into high-priced transfer deals
  234. 'I'm disgusted, they are not our fans' - Low slams Germany hooligans
  235. Tottenham's Eric Dier says footballers are 'last people to blame' for spiraling wages
  236. Liverpool accuse Spartak Moscow fans of racism after Bobby Adekanye abused during U19
  237. Lazio fans warned over racist chants toward Sassuolo players
  238. FIFA fines Germany for Nazi chants at World Cup qualifier
  239. Jews hounded in German football
  240. Iceland the smallest country ever to advance to WC finals
  241. Switzerland opens fresh corruption probe against football executives
  242. Lazio fans wear ‘FCK ISIS’ shirts and appear to make Nazi salutes in Europa League
  243. UEFA charges Roma with racist behavior after fans are heard making monkey noises
  244. Lazio players to wear Anne Frank jerseys after fans' anti-semitism
  245. Fifa corruption trial opens in New York