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  1. Do you believe in Eugenics?
  2. Does Christian doctrine permit CONSERVATIVE eugenics?
  3. Eugenics- Good or Bad?
  4. A Better Breed of American - book review
  5. White Eugenics
  6. @Sulla: Eugenics Book circa 1910
  7. Eugenics, Again
  8. Eugenics Reading List
  9. Eugenics: An Elite Movement
  10. The Puritans, Eugenics, and Racialism
  11. Better for all the World - review
  12. Canadian Eugenics
  13. Eugenics: A Reassessment
  14. Race and Eugenics: Movies
  15. Progressive Genocide
  16. 'Designer baby' clinic to charge £6,000 per child
  17. The Last Human: Gregory Stock on Human Redesign
  18. Francis Galton
  19. Better For All The World by Harry Bruinius
  20. The Eugenics Movement: An Encyclopedia
  21. Apple-Pie Eugenics
  22. Plato and Eugenics
  23. Eugenic America
  24. Embyro Selection, Cloning, and Genetic Enhancement
  25. Eugenics Reading List
  26. A Glimpse Of Things To Come: Reprogenetic Technology and Human Destiny
  27. Eugenics and Population Control in Canada (A Catholic Perspective)
  28. Gattaca
  29. Western Racialism and Eugenics
  30. NIH launches genetic enhancement study
  31. Babies to Order: Designer Babies and the New Eugenics
  32. Question for Eugenicists
  33. UK extends gene screening of embryos
  34. First baby in Britain designed cancer-free
  35. Roe attorney: Use abortion to 'eliminate poor'
  36. Pro-eugenics candidate running for Congress
  37. The International Eugenics Movement (Photos and Texts)
  38. Our gentle descent toward eugenics.
  39. Human Rights and Human Enhancement
  40. Would you support eugenics?
  41. The Phora Eugenics Section
  42. Francis Galton on the deterioration of the British Race (1909)
  43. The Commercialization of Eugenics
  44. Share links to Pro-Eugenics Websites
  45. So...........
  46. The Booming Better Baby Business
  47. Dolly creator calls for embryo cloning to alter disease genes
  48. Scientists to try to clone human embryos
  49. The Case for Eugenics in a Nutshell
  50. Eugenics bill is back on the table
  51. A New Morality from Science: Beyondism
  52. Francis Galton: Africa for the Chinese (1873)
  53. Genetically-engineered hypo-allergenic cats available on the market
  54. The genius sperm bank
  55. New embryo test to screen for 6,000 diseases
  56. Sterilization of Czech Gypsies Continues
  57. Should science be building better babies?
  58. Transhumanism
  59. 2004 "Greatest Canadian” and Father of Medicare was “Merciless” Eugenicist
  60. BetterHumans.com
  61. Listening to the Transhumanists
  62. Scientists playing God? We should rejoice
  63. Genius Sperm Banks
  64. The Human Situation And Its Reparation
  65. @Eddy
  66. Abortion-on-demand and eugenics
  67. Program pays addicts to use birth control
  68. A Case against Eugenics
  69. The Immortality Institute
  70. Russia’s First Pro-Life Maternity Ward A Stunning Success: Three More in the Works
  71. Transhumanist Values
  72. What would be the bottom-line IQ?
  73. Suppress psychopathic traits
  74. James Watson Wants to Build a Better Human
  75. @ Bregowald
  76. Practical Eugenics - the near eradication of Tay Sachs disease
  77. Some of my own ideas
  78. What is the purpose of Eugenics?
  79. What are the common arguments against Eugenics?
  80. Eugenics is economically disastrous?
  81. Raising children and Eugenics
  82. Autism increasing in California
  83. Why is it always about race?
  84. Some thoughts on eugenics and democracy
  85. Abstract The SNAP-25 gene is associated with cognitive ability
  86. Genetic self-interest
  87. What do you think would happen if
  88. I am utterly amazed by the number of people
  89. Racist forums are supressing my research linking eugenics and feminity
  90. City Councillor calls for sterilization of bad parents
  91. A Plan For World Peace
  92. Speciating Human Races ?
  93. Love the Jew Right, Destroy Jew Left?
  94. Saudi Intermarriages Have Genetic Costs (2000)
  95. H.G. Wells - Capitalism and Eugenics
  96. Transhumanist Forum
  97. Eugenicist, Transhumanist, and Bioprogressivist Links
  98. British Doctors Recommend Euthanasia for Disabled Newborn Babies
  99. Did the Plague increase European Intelligence?
  100. Were the Nazis really eugenicists?
  101. Aristocratic or egalitarian eugenics?
  102. Dysgenics
  103. Reproduction technology for a new eugenics
  104. Partial to Crime
  105. Increasing IQ by 15 points in one generation
  106. Deleted
  107. Galton’s unpublished vision of a Eugenic Utopia
  108. Increasing vaginal size through Eugenics
  109. Eugenics - some strategies
  110. Jewish Eugenics
  111. Poll: Would you support eugenics if you were prohibited from reproducing?
  112. Anti-Religion Extremist Dawkins Advocates Eugenics
  113. Eugenics is alive and well: a survey of genetic professionals around the world.
  114. Reproduction Technology for a New Eugenics
  115. Eugenics as practised to-day
  116. Eugenicists
  117. Eugenics in Canada
  118. "But don't we need the underclass?"
  119. the revival of eugenics in anti-immigration rhetoric
  120. American Eugenics Party
  121. Questions for Eugenicists
  122. The Future of Neo-Eugenics
  123. The Negro Project and Margaret Sanger
  124. "Eugenics for My Hispanic People"
  125. Who is 'gifted'? Standards to be lowered
  126. Francis Galton and the Jews
  127. Brave Nobelist backs eugenics
  128. Unwanted births
  129. Is white nationalism a Type K strategy ?
  130. @poorhaus
  131. The ORION Initiative
  132. Humanitarian Eugenics
  133. Bunglers are the Enemy of Civilization
  134. Being creative is a road to type K reproduction
  135. Eugenical outbreeding?
  136. Is eugenics subjective?
  137. Eugenics and progress. Why I am a eugenicist
  138. Would you screen your children for desirable traits?
  139. Human cloning: an alternative to eugenics?
  140. I am against eugenics.
  141. Individual Differences site updated
  142. Are humans already split into species ?
  143. Re-introduce eugenic sterilisation laws
  144. Eugenics as Propaganda: How Words are Twisted to Preserve Egalitarianism.
  145. Eugenics within the anti-Eugenic State.
  146. Are there any women members here ?
  147. Abortion: A de-facto eugenic device?
  148. Artificial uterus
  149. Grave-digging eugenics
  150. Royal New Zealand Plunket Society - Eugenicist beginnings
  151. Anti-eugenics website down
  152. Scandalizing the Science of Eugenics
  153. Is Russia European?
  154. Eugenics, Socialism
  155. Libertarian critique of Genetic Central Planning (i.e., Eugenics)
  156. Pan Aryan Alliance just supressed me as well
  157. @Perun
  158. The genetic-egalitarian european subrace
  159. First-borns have higher IQ scores
  160. Eugenics: Could gene therapy help alcoholics stay on the wagon?
  161. What genetic traits would you select for?
  162. German Sterilization Law (1933)
  163. Jews and IQ: Exchange between Charles Murray and Philippe Rushton
  164. Eugenics and Dungeons & Dragons
  165. A great Jewish eugenicist
  166. Medicine can be dysgenic
  167. The future
  168. Jewish Genetic Diseases
  169. The show 'Cheaters' promotes dysgenics
  170. Is happiness a desireable genetic trait?
  171. Barbaric Indian Practices Open Window to Dark Future of Infanticide and Euthanasia
  172. Mars Bars and Chocolate Everything lead to this state of the white race.....
  173. The eugenic application of polyamorous breeding and nudism
  174. Intentional communities: The cutting edge of modern evolution
  175. Economically unfriendly lifestyles prevent cancer
  176. Socialists made eugenics fashionable
  177. IQ Map of the World
  178. Brazil's Plummeting Birth Rate Linked to Influence of Soap Operas
  179. Dutch Euthanasia Diary
  180. Socialism, Eugenics, and Natural Selection
  181. The Netherlands' highest birthrates (3,2 per woman) are in its Protestant Bible Belt
  182. Intelligent soldiers more likely to die
  183. Breeding a white population with greater athletic potential
  184. Magazine Promotes Sterilization For Women In Their 20’s
  185. African Type 1 Amputation
  186. "The bad genes make Jews smarter" - LA Times
  187. A new infectious disease is spreading in large areas of Mainland China.
  188. Why Race?
  189. Madison Grant, The Passing Of The Great Race, Part I, Chapter Iv
  190. The Racial Elements Of European History, Chapter Xii, Hans Friedrich Karl Guenther
  191. Malleability of intelligence: "How to Raise Our IQ"
  192. John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar
  193. Ernst Haeckel's eugenic pacifism
  194. H1N1 Vaccinations: Globalist Jew’s Trojan Horse? By Philip Marlowe
  195. Can a Eugenics Program Work in the Modern World?
  196. NZ mayor calls for financial incentives to stop "problem parents" from breeding
  197. Should Mexican immigrants be sterilized?
  198. Neanderthal still lives
  199. g, a Statistical Myth
  200. Are Some Races Inherently More Aggressive?
  201. Anti-Darwinist Doumentary On SHOWTIME This Month
  202. Nerd breeding in Malaysia
  203. The Case For The Mandatory Sterilization Of Eugenicists
  204. G.K. Chesterton: Eugenics and Other Evils
  205. Abortion.. genocide by another name!
  206. Abortion increases the risk of breast cancer by 40%
  207. Dresie & Casie, Western Transvaal, 1993, by Roger Ballen
  208. A proposal to reduce welfare dependency in the United States.
  209. A two-child policy experiment secretly implemented by China succeeds
  210. 322 - Secret Societies, Depopulation And The Health Care Plan
  211. 'I'm in love with my grandson and we're having a baby'
  212. Fertility Industry Offers Big Money to Recruit Egg Donors With High SAT Scores
  213. Roissy and Rosin on the End of Men
  214. Youthful Brazil faces challenge of rapid aging
  215. Should we sterilize criminals and mental defectives?
  216. Fit vs. UnFit
  217. Skepdic.com on race and IQ
  218. Dumbing Down Society - Vigilant Citizen article series
  219. Of Mudsharks and Negroes
  220. What Aspergers Looks Like
  221. Jewish Eugenics
  222. Slut gene found
  223. Birth control pill fails to make major impact in Lebanon - but its TFR is low anyways
  224. Most atheists have sub-normal intelligence
  225. South Africa's population projected to shrink after 2030
  226. Is Verbal IQ Overrated?
  227. Whites Prefer Whites When Dating Online
  228. America's Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low (triumph of liberal eugenics)
  229. Eugenics and Universal Homosexuality
  230. The Global Ethnic Admixture Chart
  231. "Do you want to live forever"?
  232. Jewish Intelligence
  233. Eugenics is not 'Right-wing'
  234. Increased Risk Regarding Indigeounous Japanese Diabetes
  235. Milosevic Invites UNFPA to Target Kosovo Populat
  236. The real Genocide
  237. Tall People More Likely to Develop Cancer
  238. Race, Evolution and Behavior now available in Russian.
  239. Sperm bank: Redheads need not apply
  240. Interview with Richard Lynn
  241. Eugenics 101
  242. IQ arrives at the Times
  243. Math disproves evolution
  244. New Prenatal testing
  245. Evangelicals, birth control and the US elections
  246. More eugenics in America
  247. The Myth Of Genetic Diabetes
  248. U.S. teen pregnancy rates at an all-time low across all ethnicities
  249. Russian Demographics Keep Improving
  250. the Asian tiger (Japan) is in danger of extinction