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Originally Posted by Dr. Alan James
I have to fundamentally disagree with you here, Will. From what I've observed, The Phora has a quite a few members who are, 'pro'white', but it's not an echo chamber like Spergfront.

I realize there are a few good pro-White people on Phora mixed in with a lot of jerks and hobbyist types. I said it's not a pro-White forum. It's not very interactive. You, for example, can't be either PM'd or emailed.

People using their 'real names' on this forum would not make any difference whatsoever in the real world, other than making members easy targets for attack. Some people here have families to support, businesses, jobs and property that they don't want to flush down the proverbial toilet for the cause of what nationalism, something which exists almost exclusively on the internut and which has a zero percent chance of succeeding under its current construct.

Don't you think it's somewhat untoward for anonymous folks with fake names to be attacking those who are out in the open using their given names? We have families and businesses and property, too, but do what we feel is right and necessary despite that, and we, unlike our detractors, own our words. That takes a certain degree of moral courage, all else aside.

For mods to have allowed Martin Lindstadt (Thomas1980) to queer whatever sincere White activists write for over a year, knowing it was him, doesn't speak well for all those at Phora who are pro-White.

Surely you can see that this 'movement' has been an unfettered disaster and an embarrassment for the most part, Craig Cobb's antics being just the most recent example. (Brilliant idea moving to an all white town in an almost all white state, stirring up a shit storm and getting arrested for assclownery.)

Craig Cobb is not very representative of the more serious pro-White 'movement.' Why would you paint all White activists with that brush? He's done excellent activism in the past, but he's out of his depth now, jailed under a one million dollar bail.

As for Strom, he does look a bit faggy, and not someone I would associate with in real life. I don't know if the allegations against him are true or not, but he is another example of the questionable 'leaders' associated with white nationalism. I will however, give his his show a listen in the future.

Good. Kevin is no fag. You're influenced too much by the criticisms of Kevin by the likes of Covington, Linder, Bill White and Lindstadt. Kevin's treacherous, vindictive shrew of a wife was allied with not only the JTTF, but with both Linder and White. They are the "questionable ones."

I talked to Kevin earlier today and to his girlfriend that I introduced him to. She's a lot younger than he, so, yes, he is attracted to younger females. Good for him. So am I. My wife is 24 years lounger. Kevin's teen-aged daughter lives with him, too. You think she's not safe around her daddy? Kevin is no threat to anyone but the GD Jew, who he will continue to expose despite having his life turned upside down by JOG. Bowed but not broken!

Continue on with answering Rahoward's "reasonable" questions...

Rahoward was reasonable until she asked where my funding comes from. Maybe she'll tell me why she has had such a fascination with pro-White activism for five years Down deep at some level she must know our cause is noble and right. Some of our best Alliance members came from the Left and converted when confronted with reality of what's happening to our nation and race.
"Cadre-building is the task of attracting the strongest, ablest, and spiritually soundest individuals that can be found and functionally integrating them into a structured organization." -Dr. William L. Pierce, August 1984, from his editorial, A Program for Survival.
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