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Originally Posted by Aryan Imperium
Why is the thread `obsecene`?
Because it hoists a lie. And because it gives a misleading and negative image to the causes of survival for the White European peoples, which is your intent. There is no such thing as an "Aryan Doctrine of Detached Violence." Not with upper caps, not with lower caps. Doesn't exist.
Originally Posted by Aryan Imperium
Interesting that you should quote words from the lips of a jew.
When did I quote the words of a Jew here, freak? Interesting that you would pretend to be an Aryan and make up stuff about the Upanishads.
Originally Posted by Aryan Imperium
Hitler introduced Germany to a Golden Age, an achievement that has no parallel.
Hitler destroyed Germany and Germans, an achievement that has no parallel. There was never a "Golden Age" there.
Originally Posted by Aryan Imperium
It is the jews and their American lackies who destroyed Germany, not Hitler.
It was Hitler and Nazism, a cult created by homosexuals, that destroyed Germany.

Interesting that Hitler was financed and created by the Rothschilds et al.
Interesting that Hitler collaborated deeply with Jews to facilitate the filling of Palestine with Jews for the creation of Israel.
Interesting that Hitler had a whole village destroyed without any explanations except to obscure his Jewish birth origins.

Interesting that Zionist Jews themselves collaborated with Hitler about which Jews should be sent to the camps, including those who would not immigrate to Israel.
Interesting that Hitler helped rabbinic and Zionist Jews get rid of the Jews they considered to be deadwood, defectives, etc. and facilitated a tremendous eugenics exercise for themselves.
Then interesting that after Hitler, and the eugenics exercise partly directed by Jews, the Jews became stronger, more competent, more wealthy, and more influential than ever before.

Interesting that Hitler's actions made Israel possible.
Interesting that Germany is completely under the sway of the Jewish multi-cultural agenda today.
Interesting that nazis were the fruit of a homosexual/pedarast Greco-Hellenic subculture in Germany that was fermenting for decades before. Interesting that major founders of nazism were homosexuals and pedarests. (Lanz von Liebenfels, called the "Father of National Socialism." Ernst Roehm, credited with discovering Hitler and bringing him to power, head of Hitler's most brutal and violent cadre, the SA.)

Check these major Nazi homosexuals out:
Lanz von Liebenfels, the "Father of National Socialism," homosexual pedophile

Ernst Roehm, flaming queer and head of the hyper-violent, sadistic SA

The Pink Swastika

There was nothing Aryan about the violent homosexual creation known as nazism.

The Pink Swastika

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