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Philosophy The study of fundamental questions: the nature of reality, the justification of belief, and the conduct of life.

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Old 06-18-2006, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Zvaci
True, yet since you placed it in a Philosophy forum the distinction from La Vey's Philosophical approach shoud be pointed out.

You may be right about this. But I repeat; it should be clear from reading my article that it is not promoting LaVey's psudeosatanism.

Originally Posted by Zvaci
Satan within Judaist theology is not the same as Satan in theistic Satanism, so how can it possibly be the same within Nietzsche-influenced, philosophical Satanism of La Vey which is not even a theological system to begin with?

I'm not sure I understand your question.
I will say that Satan is very likely not of judaist origin, but of Indo-European origin, as I have posted about before in this thread. The Satan I speak of is an spiritual entity which supposedly fathered mankind and gave it wisdom in a rebellion to the enslaving demiurge YHWH (which probably is the archetype which works as a spiritual center for the jews and their lackeys).

Originally Posted by Zvaci
In other words it's an opposition to the Judaic herd mentality by another herd mentality (the Aryan 'Satanic' in this case).

I disagree. Socalled 'Aryan Satanism' is not a herd mentality although it showes and draw inspiration from collectivism. I would rather refer to 'Aryan Satanism' as having "pack mentality" (as in a Wolf pack).

Originally Posted by Zvaci
The Jewish anti-god Satan (the Adversary) is a product of Judaic society and Judaic spirituality, not the Nazi society or Nazi spirituality.

That is a slight possibilty; that would be: the jews a malevolent and envious disruptor race vitnessed the beauty, glory, honour and creativeness of the Aryans and thus named them the adversary.

Originally Posted by Zvaci
It is herdist.

It is not. Why do you say it is?

Originally Posted by Zvaci
And who's the one to decide what is the 'true' Satanism is? You or your Judaistic fictional anti-god Satan who was not even capable to defeat his own arch-adversary within his own myth that gave him birth? Donald Duck would be equally influential judge in this matter!

No one is to decide what the 'true' Satanism is as it should not require an explenation as the word should speak for itself. Satan is hebrew for adversary thus it should be clear that 'true' Satanism is the path of the adversary of the judeocracy.

"Our race has always had a certain connection to what lesser men viewed as Evil, but really is evolution, faustianism, and the influence of Chaos creating ever more complex order. Biblical scholars often viewed us as descendants of Iaphetos=Prometheus=Lucifer. And the NoI deems us blue-eyed devils. And in a sense, when we are true to our nature, they are right.

Our evil is not the chtonic evil of primitive, animalistic races, worshiping stagnation and the collective. Our evil is of another kind, evolutionary, individualising and creative (to borrow terms from Evola, our evil is Hyperborean). The ancient Hebrews had a glimpse of this fact, and out of sheer terror of it created the myth of the Snake." - Oskorei

You understand? Satan is the opposite of the judeocratic demiurg YHWH. Anyway, I never said I believe in some god or that I'm an Satanist. I'm not even religious... I'm not sure what you are talking about Donald Duck.

Originally Posted by Zvaci
Humanity created Gods (and the anti-Gods), not the other way around.

May be, may be not. I don't know. Also depends on what you define as god(s).

Originally Posted by Zvaci
The Jews created Satan.

That is debatable. I have already posted information that shows otherwise.

Originally Posted by Zvaci
If La Vey was 1/4 (which I seriously doubt) his inspirator Nietzsche was a Polish aristocrat posthumously praised even by the Nazi herdists for propaganda reasons.

I'm not sure what you mean. LaVeys jewish ancestry is commonly known and verifiable by mainstream information.

Originally Posted by Illusions667
common people, let's discuss facts and not just bizarre claims on occultism that are not founded on any proof whatsoever.

I think few to none here have discussed claims on occultism that are not founded on any proof whatsoever. Most of what I've read here seems to be based on at least some proof.

Originally Posted by Illusions667
So that's why I prefer to stay with proven facts. Wild speculations can be fun for thought experiments, but our Imperial Inquisitor and Anti-Christ are taking this waaaaaay too far. They seem to be somehow utterly convinced of a bunch of bizarre unproven claims, just because it somehow makes sense to them (but not to me). While they may or may not be true, they are diverging too far from the more important issues.

How am I taking things waaaaay too far? What buch of bizzare unproven claims am I supposed to be utterly convinced of?

Dude, this article is not exactly about historical proven facts nor is this thread in general. This article is a metahistorical view of the world and a metahistorical view on resistance to the judeocracy and what National Socialism, Satanism and European paganism in general all have in common. They're all different paths than the judeo-jesus opression and I see them all as life-affirming.

You are so scared of the word Satan but you fail to see I'm not promoting Satan or Satanism in my article. What I am saying is the following.

"Whatever be the name that people choose for their path, as long as it is a life-affirming path that shines of the Aryan will to power – the Promethean creative spirit – I will support it. This is a struggle on a cosmic scale and to win it our people must seek and apply every honourable method available to win – they must be creative and be able to adapt to any possible situation. We must not worship the dead shells of what once was, rather we will use to our advantage any possible worthy form or depiction of the fiery light bringing creative spirit!"

Get it?

Originally Posted by Muscle Power
god??? Satan???
are we living in the middle ages?
if there is no physical proof or visual scientific evidence that there is a god or gods then its a bunch of shit.
the human mind had crated this figures.

Yes, god and Satan.
We are living in the degenerate modern world.
When you say the human mind has created those figures you are saying that they exist. But yeah, you may be right, those gods may not be anything else than archetypes which exist in the uncouncious mind of the humans. I suggest you read on this in the works of C.G. Jung.

People must not take my article so dogmatically. I'm not even religious. I don't have any religion in the common sense. I don't believe in some bizzare beings or old books. However I seek wisdom and experience, but casual and acasual, spiritual and material.
"He [Otto Rahn] travelled around the ancient and sacred places of Europe: Forest of Teutoburg, scene of Arminius' victory over the Roman legions of Varus; Externsteine, site of Irminsul, sacred symbol of the Saxons; Thingveillir, place of assembly of the ancient Icelanders, and Reykholt, birthplace of Snorri Sturlusson, the Nordic Homer and author of the Edda. The Court of Lucifer is an expedition through the "garden of roses", Rahn's affectionate term for the Kingdom of the Asgardian Elfin, Lorin, and a realm closed to non-believers or the uninitiated. Rahn dreams of a return to Thule, the primordial centre of the European Hyperboreans. He pines for a return to the Golden Age."

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Old 07-04-2015, 02:25 PM
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Are there really any connections between Satanism, Fascism and National Socialism? Or is it just hogwash?
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Old 07-04-2015, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Wild North
Are there really any connections between Satanism, Fascism and National Socialism? Or is it just hogwash?

Not originally and not mainly. Hugely abstract terms though.
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Old 07-04-2015, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Wild North
Are there really any connections between Satanism, Fascism and National Socialism? Or is it just hogwash?

Satanism is just by the statements of the Catholic Church, European Paganism. The strange jewy hollywoodism around it is just the propaganda of the Christian victors. The National Socialist top leaders where members of the Thule Society which was the Pagan Occult organization that founded the National Socialist Party. The National Socialist's where working to restore the nativist culture of the Germanic People "Paganism."

You can read the SS handbook for living its an open Germanic Pagan manual and guide. This was for Hitler's SS men and their SS families. The SS and other National Socialist organizations wore the Runic symbols which are the numerical, alphabet mystic system of the European Nativist culture. Himmler led the SS in Pagan ritual marches and rites at the Pagan sites in Germany. Hitler hated Christianity and was working to remove it.
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