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Old 05-08-2012, 06:41 AM
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Default Are Austrians considered Germans?

Do you consider Austrians to be Germans?

The only reason Austria did not join the German Empire was because of Prussia, Austria had been part of Germany until 1866 (Holy Roman Empire of the German nation which the Austrian Habsburgs dominated and the German Confederation) it then lost out on the Austro-Prussian war and the Prussians unified Germany and not the Austrians as a 'Greater Germany'.

Even the Bavarians were not going to be part of the German Empire but did so by allying with the Prussians in the Franco-Prussian war, many places have swapped from Austrian to Bavarian rule for example... Hitler's birthplace Braunau am Inn.

Austria was still considered part of the German nation and the Austrians inside Austria-Hungary still considered themselves to be Germans first, Austrians second.

In 1918 the Republic of German-Austria tried to join Germany even declaring itself part of the German Republic but the Treaty of Versailles forbid the union and the name, although it violated the Versailles agreements the Anschluss was voted and welcomed Austria to be part of Germany, even Hitler, himself was Austrian by birth and always considered himself German, so did Mozart and his birthplace is now in Austria, it seems that only since the end of WW2 the Austrians deny being Germans... opinions?

I don't see any reason why Austrians shouldn't be considered Germans, yes they are not born German citizens but they are ethnic Germans.
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