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Old 12-24-2017, 11:52 PM
Petr Petr is online now
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These pacifists seem to guard sexual discipline in their colonies in a more macho manner than most modern Western European males do: 

Derek Thiessen


Youth from secluded Mennonite colony in Bolivia nearly beat fellow teen/young adult to death.

The accusers in video are accusing the victim of fowl play with a girl from their colony. They clearly out if their right mind decide to take the matter into their own hands and beat their fellow youth to surrender.

The low German to English translation is as follows: "confess you ****". The victim responds and says: "I told you already I hadn't done what you said"

The accusers (the youth from the farming community claiming to live a peaceful life for Christ) continue to beat him for hours throughout the day with what you can see are suspenders and even a cable.

The situation got so out of hand they beat him unconscious left him laying in the streets of their so called Christian villages.

The father of the victim goes on to say that if something like this we're to happen again he would report it to the authorities.

This makes you wonder what it is from his colony that would stop him from reporting a crime such as this...
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Old 12-27-2017, 05:10 PM
Petr Petr is online now
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Join Date: Nov 2005
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Apparently there are some penny-ante Leftist guerrilla groups operating in Paraguay, and Mennonites are trying to make nice with the locals:

Mennonites share food with poor hoping for release of rebel hostages

December 19, 2017 21:09

Relatives and volunteers from Mennonite communities in northern Paraguay distribute sacks of food, while anti-riot police deployed in the area and set up a cordon to ensure an orderly distribution, in Asuncion, Paraguay on Dec. 19, 2017. EPA-EFE/Carlos Pefaur

Relatives and volunteers from Mennonite communities in northern Paraguay distribute sacks of food, while anti-riot police deployed in the area and set up a cordon to ensure an orderly distribution, in Asuncion, Paraguay on Dec. 19, 2017. EPA-EFE/Carlos Pefaur

A resident from the Pelopincho neighborhood receives a sack of food distributed by relatives and volunteers from Mennonite communities in northern Paraguay, in Asuncion, Paraguay on Dec. 19, 2017. EPA-EFE/Carlos Pefaur

Asuncion, Dec 19 (efe-epa).- Relatives of Mennonite settlers Franz Hiebert, 32, and Bernard Blatz, 22, who are believed to be in the hands of the Paraguayan Army of the People (EPP) guerrillas, on Tuesday distributed food in a poor Asuncion neighborhood, allegedly as a condition set by the rebels for releasing their two hostages.

A crowd of residents from the Pelopincho neighborhood gathered before a truck to receive sacks of food, while anti-riot police deployed in the area and set up a cordon to ensure an orderly distribution.

About 20 relatives and volunteers from Mennonite communities in northern Paraguay were in charge of the food distribution, despite the fact that on Monday evening a neighborhood committee from Pelopincho said that it would not accept the aid because they felt that it would constitute cooperating with the EPP's "extortion."

The food included 40-kilogram (88-pound) sacks of rice, sugar, pasta, cooking oil, flour, crackers and onions, enough to feed an average family for a month, one of the Mennonites told EFE.

Meanwhile, Peter Blatz, the father of Bernard Blatz, told EFE that he hoped the gesture would result in the quick release of the two men.

"The release can be immediate, but it may take several days. We can't be sure," Blatz said.

However, some local residents refused to take the food and said that doing so would make them "accomplices" of the guerrillas.

One resident who did not identify himself and refused to take the food told EFE that "It's shameful for our people here in Pelopincho to sell themselves for five kilos of rice, a kilo of sugar. They've sold out."

The distribution in Pelopincho comes a day after relatives of the two men made a similar gesture in two poor neighborhoods in the northern Paraguayan city of Concepcion.

Hiebert, of Mexican origin, was kidnapped by six unknown men in late August while he was working with a tractor on a farm in San Pedro province, and Blatz disappeared in early October after three men fired on the truck in which he was riding and took him away with them.

In early 2017, the EPP released Franz Wiebe, also a Mennonite, after kidnapping him months before and after his family distributed food in several rural communities.
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Old 12-27-2017, 07:12 PM
Don Diego Vega's Avatar
Don Diego Vega Don Diego Vega is offline
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Any intermarriage between the Mennonites and the mestizo population?
....beware the power of the Cabal.
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Old 12-27-2017, 09:46 PM
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Avvakum Avvakum is offline
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Originally Posted by Don Diego Vega
Any intermarriage between the Mennonites and the mestizo population?

I doubt it... Did you see them?
"Go tell all in foreign lands that Russia lives! Those who come to us in peace will be welcome as a guest. But those who come to us sword in hand will die by the sword! On that Russia stands and forever will we stand!"

St. Prince Alexander Nevsky
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Old 01-02-2018, 03:19 PM
Petr Petr is online now
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Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 26,026

Originally Posted by Petr
The Southern Baptists, whose membership has lately begun to sink (largely due to their new PC direction with leaders like Russell Moore) can only envy the Amish growth:

Commenting on Psalm 1, the pastor Voddie Bauchman says,
We must not allow our children to stand, sit and walk with those who deny biblical truth and morality … We can no longer coast along and ignore biblical truth when deciding where and how to educate our children … Do everything in your power to place your child in an educational environment that supplements and facilitates their discipleship.
The Amish have understood this truth and have applied it. As a result of their faithfulness, most of their children remain in their communities and churches. The Baptists and other evangelicals have not grasped this principles. And now, we are losing over half of our kids to the world around us. The realities cannot be denied.
This is indeed no small matter - tearing themselves away from the addiction to state-provided services is one of the biggest conceptual Rubicons that would turn fundamentalist Christians into a genuine reactionary force to be reckoned with.

The modern Christian addiction to welfare state could be compared to the institution of slavery in the ancient world: you could be a slave (or a freedman still under his patron's control) and still a good Christian, and likewise, you can be a good Christian who is dependent on Socialist systems like state schooling, but neither of those positions of subjection and servitude are preferable, when there are better things to be had.

As this Theonomist article explains (although with a Libertarian slant):

Franklin Graham, school prayer, and godless socialism

Aug 28, 2017 by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Franklin Graham’s outrage over government-school coaches being forbidden to pray on school property and at school functions reveals the deep inner conflict that has inflicted the greatest damage upon conservative Evangelicals in America.

Graham posted Friday blasting a decision by the Ninth Circuit to uphold a government school district’s suspension of a coach for praying at the 50-yard line after every game. He says,
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that coaches can’t pray or make religious gestures on the field after a game. These progressive activist judges have gone too far.
He calls for action:
At next Friday night’s game, on Sept. 1, I think it would be great if football coaches across the country went out on the field wherever they are and prayed. And those there to watch the game stand in prayer with them.
Perhaps nothing gets conservative evangelicals as riled up as messing with “our” schools. Whether school prayer, religious symbols on clothing, Bible reading, or the homosexual agenda, Christians today routinely express their feeling that they are “under attack” in government schools.

Christians less often, however, see the underlying problem. When the government owns the building, property, buses, teaching contracts, administration, books, and virtually everything else about the system, and also taxes local property owners to pay for the system, we have a phrase for that: government ownership of the means of production. We also have a single word for that: Socialism.

Stick with me, now.

The deep inner contradiction among conservatives and evangelicals today is that in so many areas of life, they are the foremost opponents of socialism; yet when it comes to education, we are totally blind to it.

Franklin Graham’s career over the past couple of decades or so exemplifies this conflict. Graham has been among the most vehement critics of “socialism.” Just last fall during the election season he decried the “forces of evil” and their “irresponsible socialism.”

About the same time, he rightfully condemned socialized health care, saying “socialists and atheists are scared to death of the church.” He criticized “Democratic socialists” for wanting government-run programs in health care and welfare where private individuals and the church ought to provide solutions.

Earlier last year, he blasted socialism on Fox News: “Socialism is godless,” he said.

That being the case, why would any Christian desire to hand their children over to it? Who would want their children raised, trained, and educated by a system fully rooted in that which is “irresponsible,” “evil,” “godless,” and “scared to death of the church”?

Yet when it comes to the government education system, Graham is its foremost defender. Just a couple years ago, Graham decried the teaching of “gender fluidity” in government schools. His solution was for Christians to run for school board. While it may sound good to put righteous people in leadership, that will not work if the system is what is corrupt to begin with. This does nothing but legitimize the system the left invented. Baptized socialism is still socialism.

As far back as 2004, Graham spoke on a proposition at the Southern Baptist Convention to pull children out of the socialistic school system. He opposed the move, saying, “I hope Christians will not surrender the public schools. Instead, let’s take them back. Let’s consider them a mission field.

There was no acknowledgment of the “godless” socialism inherent in that system.

Graham probably has not realized that his argument is exactly how the socialist “Christians” around the world, and on the left in America, defend every other socialist program. Imagine how you (or Graham) would react if you heard a liberal saying:
I hope Christians will not surrender public health care. Instead, let’s take it back. Let’s consider it a mission field.

I hope Christians will not surrender on raising the minimum wage to $15/hr. Instead, let’s take it back. Let’s consider it a mission field.

I hope Christians will not surrender food stamps. Instead, let’s take them back. Let’s consider them a mission field.

I hope Christians will not surrender the public housing subsidies. Instead, let’s take them back. Let’s consider them a mission field.
On down the list of socialist welfare programs we could go. Granted, all of these areas—poverty, housing, health care—are mission fields, but we don’t want the government in them! They are not the government’s job! And neither is education.

Now Graham is speaking out because a federal court has inched the bar of “godless” socialism one step further and forbidden a coach from exhibitions of public prayer. He calls for Christian coaches everywhere to defy this ruling and pray.

On the one hand, it’s wonderful that a Christian leader is willing to call for civil disobedience. Bravo! We should ignore, criticize, resist, demonstrate, nullify, and in some cases even fight against unjust laws. So few Christians today believe it’s acceptable to resist unjust laws in general. It’s refreshing to hear one, even if only for such a small thing.

But that’s just it. This really is a “safe” thing to speak up about, isn’t it?

Because on the other hand, the real problem is godless socialism itself: the redistribution of wealth and state control of the educational system in general, and Graham (and millions of other evangelicals and evangelical leaders) not only won’t speak up about that, he defends it.

There is no greater expression of socialism in our culture that the government-run school systems. There is hardly an area in which government ownership and control of the means of production is more entrenched than in education.

Christians like Graham also don’t realize that the moment they try to defend government schooling, that very moment they legitimize every other socialist welfare program that exists, and many others than leftists would like to exist. If it works for education, and Christians defend it, it’s only a matter of time before it will “work” for health care, housing, jobs, transportation, industry, agriculture, and everything else, too. Why not? The Christians already told us they’d defend it once it’s in place.

Leaving your kids in government schools is such a powerful endorsement to socialism in all other areas of life, it far outweighs a direct vote for Bernie Sanders any day. Bernie, Hillary, and Karl Marx have all been laughing for decades as we prove them “right,” not by speaking socialism, but by practicing it.

Christians, you have good options, and the more we pull out of government schools, the better the free market reacts and makes those options even better: home school, private schools, private tutors, online schools.

The only way to defeat socialism is to delegitimize it. This means, we must get out of the system while we can, while we are free to do so, and replace it with that which we truly believe and preach: private, free market solutions.

Socialism is theft. Don’t be a thief. Let him that stole, steal no more (Eph. 4:28).

And as commenters to the article above say:

"If we give the bureaucrats our children, we may as well give them everything else." J. Gresham Machen, 1928.
Christian children in public schools is the elephant in the room issue for christians. They tend to focus on abortion and welfare and taxes, but rarely on public schools. It is because this would put them under such significant responsibility and involvement in their children's personal lives. No "freedom" loving American husband or wife is going to contribute so much time to being so personally involved in the lives of their children. For Americans even Christian Americans this is the ultimate anathema, freedom killing activity.
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Old 01-02-2018, 03:55 PM
Petr Petr is online now
Established member
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 26,026

Gary North has noted how the RCs squandered their anti-public school heritage:

Catholic Education

For over a century, the tax-funded public school system was the primary institution of the American melting pot. The Catholic Church was in second place. But the church's hierarchy regarded the American public schools as Protestant. This was correct socially, but incorrect theologically. The public schools were unofficially Unitarian from the days of Horace Mann until World War I. After World War I, they became increasingly secular, and legally so after 1961.

The church set up parochial schools in order to keep members' children from becoming Protestants. But about the time that the public schools went completely secular, the bishops' support of parochial school system began to wane. When hard-core fundamentalists finally started abandoning the public schools after 1965, the Catholics replaced them.

I can remember Catholic teachers in my public high school in the late 1950's. They were among the best on campus. Every year, the principal, a theologically clueless immigrant from the Midwest to southern California, sent recruiters to the Immaculate Heart College of Los Angeles to hire as many of its young women as he had room for on the faculty. He knew they were dedicated, competent, and ready to work . . . cheap. One of them is still teaching at my old alma mater, 41 years after she arrived, when I was a senior. She has a Ph.D. now. This May, President Clinton presented her with the national Teacher of the Year award. I am sure she deserved it. But there was no rejoicing at Immaculate Heart College.

In 1980, Immaculate Heart College went out of existence. The order of dedicated nuns that had sustained it since 1906 could no longer replace the college's faculty. Liberalism had destroyed the order's recruiting ability. It really was true: when they abandoned their habits, they abandoned their habits. The college became trendy. Then it disappeared. This took about fifteen years.

Also among the Jews, it is those who were determined to build their own independent institutions that have flourished demographically, like the Hasidim. Meir Kahane complained in 1975 about how public schooling encouraged intermarriage: Makes Bernie Run?

Thou shalt melt, thou shalt integrate, thou shalt Americanize thyself and so they raised high the banner of the public school and fought, with a zeal no one knew that they possessed, the one weapon that might have given Bernie knowledge, and a sense of pride and roots. In fear and with hostility, they declared a holy war against the Jewish Day school, the parochial school, the yeshiva. They piously rationalized their struggle on the sacred grounds of separation of church and state but the real reason for their war (and they took the lead among all Americans in fighting the slightest aid to parochial schools) was their fear and consequent hatred of the parochialism and separatism of the yeshiva. The yeshiva threatened them with too much Jewishness! What would the gentile say if Jews were too Jewish, if they looked and behaved too differently, if their profile was not properly low? How did one mix easily with gentiles in the non-kosher country clubs they were so eager to join; how did one assimilate if Jews did not learn to drop the embarrassing customs, habits and old ritual baggage?

The public school! This was the way to equality, to uniformity, to mixing and assimilating. And so, they urged their flock to send Bernie to the public school (and the flock, as eager to mix as the shepherds, needed little urging). Bernie went to public school.

And today as the shepherds run frenziedly about surveying Bernie and asking him, where did you meet Brigitte? He calmly answers: "Why, in the public school, in the public school; in the public school to which you sent me!"
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