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Religion and Mythology Believe that you can believe in beliefs, but only those of your own sect.

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Old 04-14-2006, 12:13 PM
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Exclamation "Tridentine Judaism" - Michael Hoffman on the Judaic infiltration of the Vatican

If I were a Roman Catholic, I'd be pretty shaken by Hoffman's allegations... but as a Protestant I've always felt that the Vatican is a perfect place to learn cynicism.

Tridentine Judaism

by Michael A. Hoffman II

Maundy Thursday, 2006 |

The Pope is supposed to make an announcement about the "legalization" of the Tridentine Mass during this Holy Week.

But look who he has made a cardinal and then appointed to the Ecclesia Dei Commission which oversees the Tridentine Mass: Jean-Pierre Ricard, Archbishop of Bordeaux, or should I say Rabbi Ricard, since he is a Talmud student of Avi Weiss, the vile rabbi who, with a gang of Khazars from New York, jumped the Carmelite nuns at Auschwitz in 1989, and who was accused, by Poland's Cardinal Glemp, of wanting to murder the nuns (they were saved by a handful of burly Polish construction workers).

A few days after Ricard submitted to Weiss in New York, Benedict XVI awarded Ricard a cardinal's hat and then in swift succession, authority over the Latin Mass. You can't trust this bunch as far as you can throw them. They have given up Christ's mission of converting the Judaics and have decided to join them, while continuing to cling to the spectacular Petrine facade, the elaborate props and dazzling costumes, the incensed smoke and mirrors. This pantomime is of infinite value to the Pharisaic system. I recall how concerned certain rabbis were when Senator Joseph Lieberman was running for the Democrat presidential nomination, against John Kerry. If you win, they told Lieberman, you'll blow our cover. Why have an actual Judaic as president, they protested, when we can have a neo-conservative gentile who behaves like a Judaic?

To speak strictly, we have a crypto-rabbi on the Chair of Peter, attired in white (except for his red Santa's helper's hat), complete with pectoral cross (he can pee on it when no one's looking, like Orthodox rabbis are wont to do), Renaissance art works, throngs in St. Peter's Square, encyclicals, Latin Masses and hundreds of millions of followers.

In terms of the chess game, this charade is infinitely superior to having an acknowledged rabbi invade Rome and occupy the Vatican with the help of Israeli commandos. Instead, "the fort is betrayed even of them that should have defended it," as that fisher of men, the bishop of Rochester, declared nearly five centuries ago. But such is the way of the world and woe to those who are respecters of persons, especially exalted clerical persons (Matthew 20:25-26).

Informants tell me that the rabbis now believe that the modern Catholic Church has surpassed even the Zionism of the Fundamentalist Protestant churches, in terms of its usefulness to Judaism, since the latter still seek to convert "the Jews," whereas the former now sit in yeshiva and "learn" from them (I have seen photos of both Cardinal Ricard and the Cardinal of Paris, Jean-Marie Lustiger, engaged in this very act with Rabbi Weiss, even as Pope Benedict "prayed" in the synagogue of Cologne).

According to the rule of "Lex orandi, lex credendi," (signifying "the way we pray indicates the way we believe"), the Catholic Church now believes in Judaism: teaching that a synagogue is a legitimate place of prayer to God, and a yeshiva a legitimate place of learning about God's word, in which case Catholicism is little more than Judaism in a surplice. The Gnostic "Gospel of Judas" is being practiced by the pope and his hierarchy, not simply etched on a piece of dead parchment, but lived as the embodiment of the world's largest religious institution.

The capture of the papacy is a prize beyond the dreams of all but the most ambitious Kabbalists, and it comes close to fulfilling the Reformation identification of Rome with the Antichrist, although the same can be said for a multitude of Protestant ministers today, from Billy and Franklin Graham to Hagee, LaHaye, Missler, Falwell, Robertson, the Assembly of God, the Southern Baptists, Dallas Theological Seminary, ad nauseum.

According to Craig Heimbichner in his book "Blood on the Altar," there is an occult faction that has a fondness for the traditional Catholic rites, including the Tridentine Latin Mass, and which believes these can be manipulated, along lines established by the Theosophist magus C.W. Leadbeater (see for example his writing on the traditional liturgical calendar:

The granting of widespread or even universal revival of the Tridentine Mass, without being accompanied by a sweeping reform --with an iron broom -- of the Hegelian, masonic and Judaic initiates that have seized the Vatican hierarchy and the papacy itself, can be worse than useless. It can actually empower the further slide of Christendom into the lower regions of Dante's inferno.

It appears that a Judaized clerical Mafia wish to use the old Tridentine liturgy as a means for more effectively camouflaging their betrayal of the Gospel of Jesus, to dress up their filth in the stately cadences, gestures and majesty of the ancient liturgy. This would be blasphemy compounded, a remedy worse than the illness.

The three cosmopolitan prongs of the trident of Judaism, in order of importance, are Jerusalem ("Temple Mount"), London ("the City") and Vatican City ("Parrot Court").

Benedict XVI is a gifted player, having flawlessly constructed the next step in the Hegelian edifice, what I call (with apologies to Pius V), Tridentine Judaism.

Copyright 2006 by All Rights Reserved

For further reference:

Blood on the Altar: The Secret History of the World's Most Dangerous Secret Society
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